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  1. Cyanogenmod 7.2 Kang for Optimus L3

    hecatae could you add this facebook group There will try to solve the bugs of the cm9 and cm7 https://www.facebook.com/groups/105855446245850/
  2. character theme Xperia Retrieved some applications such as: Maps, Street View File manager Gmail LG Home added: Xperia launcher Download http://ultraconnect.blogspot.com.br/2012/12/rom-e400-xperia-stockrom-by-manoelc.html
  3. features: Apex Launcher / Retired Trebuchet Edited By PedroH UI System Retired alguns sons GAPPS já even Several tweak by Tutos14 1GHz Overclock Kernel by irberserk OI File Manager added Play Music / Retired Apollo Wallpaper for resizing or Apex Launcher gives tamanho fabric USB Armazenamento pasting Na based dust NIGHTLY do dia 09/12 bugs: São os na found mesmos Official NIGHTLY Instalação 1 - Restart to a recuperação 2 - Wipe data / factory reset | wipe cache partition 3 - Mounts and storage 4 - Format system | mont USB storage 5 - Place rom memory no seu cartão 6 - Install zip from sdcard | chose zip from sdcard | 9-Aspire # V1 # By Manoel.C.zip 7 - Reboot system now 8 - VA system configuração em | Armazenamento | Botão menu (Aquele quadrado) 9 - Conexão do computer USB Device check Armazenamento 10 - Internal Armazenamento configuração check Use 11 - Restart at já rom or is ready to use download http://goo.gl/x6EIA
  4. Cyanogenmod 7.2 Kang for Optimus L3

    some update?
  5. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    then install so that it but when I restart it goes back to version 5
  6. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    CM10 would be good for our device :D :)
  7. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    which improvements of this recovery??
  8. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    the camera guy is giving force closure but otherwise it is a good rom I was wondering how to fix up the unlock screen that is bigger? I know that the file you have to modify is in the framework-res but which file within it?
  9. Cyanogenmod 7.2 Kang for Optimus L3

    here is also not start caught on lg logo :(
  10. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    which the improvements?
  11. Cyanogenmod 7.2 Kang for Optimus L3

    I'll be here vai that works :D
  12. Cyanogenmod 7.2 Kang for Optimus L3

    this is the right person to help you great developer of p350 and p500 talks to him
  13. Cyanogenmod 7.2 Kang for Optimus L3

    some success at startup?
  14. [ROM] LG Optimus L5 port to L3 (WIP)

    how to make a flash file with the firmware v10d Brazil suport tweak to add?
  15. Overclock kernel built using PlayfulGod's changes

    I can overclock to 1.2 GHZ? serves for official CM9? sorry my english ... I'm using google translator