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  1. Post you home screen piciture :D

    thanks :) will try if i have time :D
  2. Post you home screen piciture :D

    would you mind sending a link? :D
  3. Post you home screen piciture :D

    maan, i love this lockscreen :D how this is possible to work?
  4. Post you home screen piciture :D

    SF Launcher beta + UCCW Google Now skin
  5. i don't remember where did i find the launcher and the weather widget, just look for it on xda, and here is the theme
  6. you can theme almost fully your skate like an s3. just google it, and also use cm10 touchwiz theme from play. i use paranoidjelly(1)
  7. Must have apps

    mini info, avast!, jelly bean keyboard pro, SD maid, netcounter and of course titanium backup i think these are the apps that i install first after flashing roms and use every day :D
  8. Zte Skate Optimum Setups

    mine is just like this :D
  9. just found it, and it's pretty cool! :D http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1330150
  10. i don't know if anybody have already talked about this, but my phone can't auto-detect locations (I have 3 weather widgets, and none of them can't detect current location), altought the "Location access" option is enabled. can you help? :rolleyes: :D EDIT: ok, somehow it started working :)
  11. Post you home screen piciture :D

    thanks! :) on 940 MHz it's quite smooth
  12. Post you home screen piciture :D

    Launcher 8 (cfx3 06/01) (yeah, i photoshopped it from 2 pictures :D)
  13. hmmm... goomanager said this morning that "there is an update for the rom"... it's funny because i'm using cfx3 :D
  14. Post you home screen piciture :D az the second sentence says it: WORKS ONLY ON ICS ROMS! :D

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