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  1. finished Drowning Rose by Marika Cobbold http://t.co/fgfGMguo #Kindle

  2. Have Google changed mobile phone pricing forever?

    Would you be going in for the 8gig version Paul?
  3. So... which Nexus(') are you buying?

    Haha. Yes, it was a general rant. Not really against Google. :-)
  4. So... which Nexus(') are you buying?

    349 / 1.6 = 220 220*1.2 = 264 So yes, about ok. But in general hate how products are priced in the UK due to the VAT.
  5. So... which Nexus(') are you buying?

    Nexus 4 16gb. Extremely pissed with the UK pricing though. x-(
  6. SO much news from Google. I think I'll go mad reading the tech websites today.