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  1. ZTE Carl (U-V852, Dreamer) firmware

    Download from http://ztefreddo.blogspot.gr/2013/03/stock-rom-zte-freddo-zte-u-v852.html?m=1
  2. i have install racermod 1.7 to my zte carl and the screen is rotate on the left, and the icon of the app of the screen is cut the letter. The touch screen is very sensitive and i have ghost click. I am sorry i dont have the rom install all over time. With no wifi and bluettoth i have stock rom.
  3. And with my zte carl the rotation of screen is not working like original stock rom! Is on left. And disabled from menu!
  4. i have test to my zte carl and work fine to. Just some bugs and no bluetooth and red and green button no working. :D
  5. Good job, i have the zte carl and nobody has done with this mobile phone with custom roms. Congratulations to mikeioannina for start the roms and the other who helped.