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  1. 1.4 touchscreen is the best for me it more accurate & sensitive than other i never missed touch even when i used to write sms as quickly
  2. i meant about notification are notification of usb mass storage & usb debugging mode
  3. well i found a little bug,when i conect phone to computer using data cable,notification at status bar still appear (show) when i disconect phone to computer
  4. thats no problem in my freddo,i can open and edit txt on explore
  5. cool... i try 1.5 rotation animation work,screen on-off animation work too about touchscreen,i like this than before btw,thanks my phone like a ferari now...
  6. it's amazing.... good work mike...thanks for the best rom my phone like having a new life now :D
  7. nice tutorial will try later on my free time :P
  8. hi mike, i have installed CM7 carl on freddo accelerometer could work, albeit a little lag signal operator error, I have not tries bluetooth however, thumbs up for you :D this is my logcat logcat.txt
  9. sory mike i try your cm7 20121117 build and i have test on my freddo the result : accelerometer work as you say,and for the trouble is my freddo can't detect network operator (it say eror while searching) it not happen on your previous build sory for my bad english