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  1. Hi, i flashed this ROM on my wife's phone, and everything works fine except that if she receives a text message whilst on a phone call, the incoming text will drop the call she is on! Anyone else had this problem? she is using chomp SMS as her text messaging app. Thanks in advance
  2. thomasl152

    [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    Hi, is there another download link? The solidfiles one isn't working...
  3. thomasl152

    Question about MAC address

    Thank you very much - editing these two files worked for me and stayed on reboot! I tried other methods to no avail.
  4. thomasl152

    [GB][2.3.7]CyanogenMod 7 Plus

    Thanks very much for this, it's great! Something i have found though is that this CM7 changes my MAC address on my phone and now i can't get access to my Wifi at work because it has MAC address filtering. Does anyone know how I can get my old MAC address back (the one that's on the back of my phone)? EDIT: Sorry for the preemptive post - after doing much searching around, I managed to find a method that worked for me from another post. Someone might be interested in it here, however, given that CM7 changes the MAC address (please note I'm not blaming anyone for it changing!!). From the thread titled 'Question about MAC address' i found: I found similar files in the same directory on my phone (the long file name one had a slightly different name for me) and replaced all occurrences of the wrong MAC address with the right one (the one printed on the back of my phone under the battery), and then rebooted and it worked! Not sure if a reboot was required before it worked but i didn't feel like taking any chances. I have since rebooted again and the fixed address stayed.
  5. GMMP (GoneMad Music Player) can play a random album out of your collection (you hold down the shuffle button and it will select a random album), and it can also be set up to play a random album upon completion of the current playing queue. I'm still looking for an app that will take an existing playlist/queue and shuffle it by album though, the way iTunes does! Hope this helps. If anyone knows of an app that has this shuffle by album feature please let me know! I know there are a some apps out there that will 'shuffle list' or 'shuffle collection' but that is not what i am after. I specifically want it to take a playlist and play it in random album order, keeping songs within an album together in track order, but shuffling the order of the albums in the list. Thanks!
  6. I've tried various unmounting methods for the sd card, and still no luck. I've tried ICS gallery as well and same thing. Interestingly it picks up new photos that i take with the camera and displays them in an album, just none of the existing photos on the sd card! Despite the fact that the new photo just taken on the camera is sitting in the DCIM folder with all the other photos i took using other ROMS... EDIT: Solved for me - i turned the phone off, pulled the SD card, put it back in again and rebooted. At some point in the next half an hour (i wasn't checking) the photos on the SD card showed up in Gallery.
  7. Hi, i just installed CM10R5 and despite several power cycles, Gallery is still not showing any photos at all. When i run Apollo, it is picking up the music on my sd card, so it seems the media scan is running ok?? Has anyone else had this problem where Gallery doesn't seem to work? Going into Gallery->Settings just produces a blank screen rather than any settings too. Thanks!