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  1. Same problem here. When i did a update with Cyogen update, my phone works for few hours but today morning was shutdowned and didnt work boot or something no response after try to switch it up.. PC don´t register him as device.. Sorry for my bad English..
  2. i trying again the force update for now, any experience with applying warranty on unlocked or relocked bootloader ?
  3. Hi, is any way to get bootloader status to "locked" ? when i relock it, bootloader status was "relocked" not "locked", may occure some trobules when i need to apply 2year waranty ? i have a troubles with micro USB connec, sometimes it can´t connect phone to PC or something like this. BB: 2020 orig update.APP: B935
  4. I must did all wipes (Cache, Dalvik cache, Factory reset, Format system etc..) and install rom or i can only wipe cache and isntall rom (data and apps are not deleted..)
  5. Degurney: i mean no, lock bootloader with stock RECOVERY working only on STOCK based roms, this rom working on cyanogenmod 10.1. when you install stock bootloader on CM you stuck you´re phone on bootlogo. correct me if I wrote something wrong.