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  1. sure, i understand what you say.. some issues with a rom are normal.. but i understand, my girlfriend become crazy if sometimes phone reboots or similar.. but she wants jelly bean on her phone so i put this rom on it ! :D sometimes the phone reboots in a random way and sometimes loses the signal.. now i set it only on 2g and it seems going well.. this evening i'll try to reflash with a full wipe and taking a backup only of some apps and not for all the settings .. also i saw a video on youtube about this rom and in the video it looks veryveryvery well !
  2. i'm reading this topic since the first page... it will take me some time because i'm working and doing other things.. maybe someone could write the main bugs of this rom in a single topic .. that's all ! readine maybe 2or 3 pages than doing other things is not the best way for understand if this rom has some problems.. i flashed it yesterday.. it works fine. sometimes seems to be slow and lose signal and some reboot.. i'm not using because i have a zopo zp 950+, the huawei is my girlfriend's phone. this evening i'll try the phone.
  3. Some feedback about this rom ? i want to flash in my girlfriend phone because has some bug and reboot ... i want a stable rom with useful tweaks and feature ! :D thanks for the answers ! i'm also reading the pages of this topic ..
  4. ZOPO ZP950+

    hi , i own a zopo zp 950+ with 4gb rom.. with root and ,for now , the 4.1.2 fw , 4.2.1 it's also available but i prefer the first one. i think is a great device, with great battery life, a huge screen with high brightness ( and better colors in 4.2.1) 3g works well in italy, and it could be set in many frequencies to use only the frequencies of your operator. i bought it at www.zopomobileshop.it in italy for less tha 280 euro with flip cover and a second battery !
  5. Am i the only one with problems with proximity sensor?it works but when i receive a call the screen turn off then it doesn't doesn't turn on when i end it.. Can i disable it?
  6. Wow, looks good... Only a question.. Why ee have to do the last step cleaning data of experia home? :D
  7. Attenzione #motociclisti alla rotonda della questura di #varese c'è sabbia e sporco x terra! Occhio a non stendervi che non è mai piacevole

  8. Hi, how can i optimize the use of ram? Cm10r4... Ps thanks for the rom :D Awesome
  9. Buono e giusto? Chi lo dice sa di esserlo? Il madaaaaaaaaiiiii #miconsenta #serviziopubblico

  10. Hi everyone.. With nova launcher prime if i hide status bar and show only when i need With a gesture, It doesn't freeze! I use battery hd widget and i set a gesture that show notification bar... Using also the appena "notification pro" the status bar become useless! All that without thicking Overlay hw... I Hope to be usefull :D Thanks dazzozo for this rom... Awesome :D
  11. no news about this rom ? i just flash it on my g300..
  12. "@Corriereit: #Berlusconi: "Io non ho ambizioni politiche, sono entrato in politica per necessità del Paese" http://t.co/7UARkFns" ahahahaa