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  1. Why none of B1 and B2 download links not working? Is it only me?
  2. Replacement battery

    Crazy crazy androids and even crazier Li-ion batteries. :P
  3. Can anyone tell me optimum setting under Settings->Performance and Settings-> Developer Options for gaming? I am trying to play Subway Surfer but its lagging tremendously.
  4. [JB] [4.3.1] CyanogenMod 10.2 [ROM]

    Any build without 3.4 kernel. I use 19 October 2013 build and wifi hotspot works.
  5. If you mean lack of space on /system, try deleting some ringtones that you don't use from /system/media. I don't know if this is a dumb solution but it has pretty much worked for me everytime.
  6. Change to ART? No. I changed to ART once and some apps stopped working. Facebook was one of them. So I reverted to Dalvik and I'm on Dalvik ever since.
  7. I had installed the ROM after full wipes: wipe data factory reset, wipe /cache, /data, /cust, /system. Also had cleared dalvik cache. I have installed link2SD yesterday and linked all apps downloaded from play store to SD card. Now phone feels bit faster though.
  8. I am on dalvik. The lags are making me mad.
  9. Anyone else experiencing severe lags after 2-3 days of usage? The phone becomes almost unusable after a while. When someone calls, phone rings but the display doesn't turn up untill like 5-6 seconds. Also apps like whatsapp, facebook and twitter lag heavily and are unscrollable. I tried clearing cache and stuff but to no avail. :(
  10. Replacement battery

    I agree. Li-ion batteries are all different. Some act normal, some act crazy. And these tips were from different sites. A tip that worked for someone didn't work for someone else. I myself doubt how long I can go on with some of the tips. Like switching off phone while charging and not charging by USB. :P These are very very impractical ways to charge your battery. <_<
  11. Replacement battery

    There are hundreds of sites, blogs, etc. on Lithium ion batteries, how to maintain them etc. And almost all have something different to say from the other. Its all controversial. :angry2: And lithium ion batteries are crazy. Some people say they need "calibration", while some say calibration is bulls**t. Some people handle them with utmost care and yet they get crappy backups while some people treat their batteries like crap but get awesome backups. :blink:
  12. Browser lags in default browser are gone in latest nightly. Webview fixed. Thanks, Dazz. :D
  13. [ICS] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9.1 [ROM]

    Does anyone have the nightly where the external SD card was primary? Thanks!
  14. need urgent help

    There is no way you can install 4.0 apps on 2.3, Unless they have been back-ported by someone I guess. Upgrading to 4.0 is a better option, as already suggested.
  15. Are you using the official Gmail app from play store or the email app that comes with CM? And as far as running out of memory is concerned, you can try using link2sd and move app data to SD card.