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  1. drdtyc

    help with acer liquid mt Urgent

    Short of flashing this Rogers rom, I cannot tell with certainty whether it is a complete or update rom. Having unzipped the downloaded zip file, the size of the Rogers Froyo BIN file is 201MB. In comparison, the size of the official Acer Gingerbread BIN file is 210MB. The second rom has been flashed and is currently running on my Liquid MT. My guess is that the Roger Froyo file is likely to be a complete rom. I also welcome someone who has actually flashed the Rogers Froyo Rom to confirm if it is a complete or update rom.
  2. Acer LM is my first smartphone. It seems the battery needs charging once a day to be on the safe side. In comparison, my previous phone, Nokia C3 using the 2G band, could go uncharged for several days. To preserve the juice in my LM, I can think of turning off Wifi, mobile internet, bluetooth, gps and portable hotspot when any of these is not needed. What else? Please share!
  3. drdtyc

    Newbie questions on upgrading ROM?

    Does S2E work with Acer_4.000.13.EMEA.GEN1_A32G rom? I read from its Google Play page that S2E works only with CyanogenMod7, CyanogenMod9 and CyanogenMod10. Apologies if the above is a stupid newbie question!
  4. drdtyc

    help with acer liquid mt Urgent

    Good news! There is a way to get back to the Stock Rogers Rom. 1. Go to http://www.acer.ca/a...content/drivers 2. Select Smartphones>Liquid>Liquid MT (S120)>Android 2.2 Froyo 3. Click the OS tab 4. Download "1.101.47.PA.Rogers" zip file (129.3Mb). 5. Unzip the zip file to find the acer_ug folder and the instruction in a pdf file. 6. Follow the pdf file to install the rom. So my warranty is re-gained. I have downloaded a copy as a standby in case I need to return the phone to Rogers for warranty.
  5. drdtyc

    help with acer liquid mt Urgent

    Take a look of Posts #5 and #6 of this thread: http://www.modaco.co...-upgrading-rom/ As I said in Post #7 of the same thread, I have not yet flashed with any custom rom. Therefore I cannot tell which one is the best. I would recommend installing Link2SD which would free up the phone memory by moving and linking all your downloaded apps to the SD card.
  6. drdtyc

    help with acer liquid mt Urgent

    Based upon my own experience of trying out various means to install CWM Recovery, I found out that Recovery cannot be installed while my phone is still having the Rogers rom. This means that you will not be able to back up the stock Rogers rom to SD card. Thus, if you ever flash any other rom, your warranty with Rogers will be voided because your phone cannot be de-voided with the stock Rogers rom. Anyway, foregoing the warranty benefit, I have just flashed an Acer European ROM (Gingerbread) to replace my Rogers stock ROM (Froyo) on my Liquid MT purchased less than a week ago. My phone is unlocked and working properly in every aspect. Thus flashing this new rom does not affect anything regarding the rogers phone plan, except the warranty has been voided. IMHO, Gingerbread is so much better than Froyo. For one thing, the notification or status bar always stays at the top of the screen in Gingerbread. It is so much convenient for a user to know where to look for the latest info, be it new email, new facebook message, status of battery, Wifi, data, or usb connection etc etc. There is no way I will go back to Froyo - hence no regret to void the warranty!
  7. drdtyc

    Newbie questions on upgrading ROM?

    Thanks for your suggestions! I wait for awhile before flashing a custom rom as this base Gingerbread rom is still looking fresh to me. Just an update of what I have achieved so far beside flashing Gingerbread to replace Froyo. I have managed to partition the SD card using CWM Recovery and am now using Link2SD to free up space on the phone memory.
  8. drdtyc

    Newbie questions on upgrading ROM?

    A quick update. It seems that Recovery cannot be installed in my acer Liquid MT with the stock Froyo rom for Rogers (Canada). I have read about a similar problem for Acer Liquid with stock Rogers rom. See here: http://code.google.c...ki/howToInstall In fact, I tried the above URL's method to install Recovery, but not successful. In the end, I just went ahead to install from SD card the Acer official Gingerbread ROM Acer_LiquidMT_4.000.13_EMEA-GEN1_03.32.01 for Europe. It unlocks my phone and is much leaner (i.e. more space in the ROM for my chosen apps) than the stock rom with the Rogers junk apps. I can confirm that the Rogers locked Liquid MT for Canada can work properly the EMEA rom for Europe. After this rom upgrade, I can now easily install CWM Recovery and have made a copy of the rom in SD card. I am now happy to explore more custom roms. Which custom gingerbread rom is recommended for being stable and lean allowing me plenty of space to install my chosen apps? Please advise.
  9. drdtyc

    Newbie questions on upgrading ROM?

    Thanks for your advice. I have installed ClockWorkMod Recovery on my Liquid MT. It went through OK, I believe. On the screen of the phone, I can see the three color boxes and the following 2 messages: - Sending "recovery" - Okay - Writing "recovery" - Okay It then reboot. But I am now meeting a showstopper. Whenever I try to boot into the recovery mode - by using the Key combo to power up the Liquid MT or running the ROM Manager app downloaded from Google Play, I can only see the Acer logo on the start up screen and then the MT hangs there. I wait for several minutes in case it is doing something in the background. In the end, I need to take out the battery to reboot. Any alternative suggestion? EDIT: I also tried Vache's RecoveryMT 2.2 and 3.0. Both installed OK with the three color boxes and the two Okay messages on the screen of the phone. Again, when I tried to get into recovery mode, the phone hangs at the start up screen showing Acer logo. Needed to take out the battery to reboot. Please suggest ways for me to try. Thanks! EDIT2: Do I need to clean up and reformat the SD card before I install RecoveryMT? I have not done so.
  10. I have got a new Liquid MT since Nov 6 and like it very much. It is a prepaid Rogers (Canada) phone with Froyo 2.2.2 ROM Having read the various threads here, I am tempted to upgrade the Rom to Gingerbread. My former job was a computer programmer about two decades ago. Hence I am quite confident to follow the upgrading instructions posted in this forum. I have the following questions to ask for your advice: 1. Is it worth the effort to upgrade the Rom from Froyo 2.2.2 to Gingerbread? This is my first smart phone and so far for the first few days of owning it I have only used a small number default apps like Facebook, Gmail and Webbrowser. I use this phone with a PetroCanada pre-paid SIM card for Unlimited Web Browsing (UWB) i.e. restricted to Port 80 and on a slower speed 2G network. Under this UWB plan, Google Map and Youtube are only available using WiFi but not the Rogers telecom data network. (PetroCanada is using the Rogers network - hence I do not need to unlock my phone) 2. Do I need to ROOT the phone before I can backup the stock Rogers Rom? I wish to backup the stock rom so that I can always go back to it if I mess up with any upgrade. 3. Would the European ROMs affect my North American radio reception? My phone has this Bulid Number: Acer_LiquidMetal_1.101.47_PA_ROGERS The European ROM I intend to use is Acer_4.000.13.EMEA.GEN1_A32G I presume EMEA is European radio and PA is Pacific/Asia radio. Rogers uses 2G network and HSPA+ network on the frequencies of 850/1900 MHz. 4. Do I need to install APPS2SD in order to save up memory space on the phone for installing more apps from Google Play? Thanks for you advices!
  11. drdtyc

    SD Download Failed - SW_VER_INVALID

    Download the SD package from Vache using this link: http://vache-android.com/Smartphones/S120/SDs_Acer_LiquidMT_4.000.13_EMEA-GEN1_03.32.01.zip