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  1. the guy who made this aint even giving us a slither of info.. what a asshole :[
  2. @domenico lamberti, you can see the cwm logo at the botom which must prove its legimitecy
  3. this is exting news...
  4. recentley i was browsing on a faceboook group and i came across this, a picture of cwm on the xolo x900.. could osmeone confirm this and does this mean we can finally get custom ROMS :D
  5. when i got mine it came preloaded with orange ICS
  6. read this man
  7. yes u can, i have played MC3. MC4 and NOVA 3, all work effortlessyly
  8. thats alright fibblesan
  9. thank u so much man, a big help to me, +1 to you :D
  10. no it isnt but i have a copy shud i psate it there and try again?
  11. so do i put in the sandiego tmp folder before try to fix brick?
  12. says error device not found
  13. ah yes that how do u use it because when i tried power+camera it didnt come up with anything so i tried power+volume buttons and it bought me to a droidboot screen. what to do from there
  14. please please i dont understand any of this stuff i need to fix it quickly when i do the camera button it still boots into loop and it says device not found on AIO san diego tools
  15. what tool? because i did it the manual way

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