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  1. Signal issues on the OSD ...

    Take it back to the store mate, sounds like the GSM radio is broken/knackered.
  2. Downloading, I'll get back to you. -- I'm sorry to say the same error keeps cropping up mate,
  3. It still won't install mate.
  4. Anyone got the stock boot animation? someone forgot to make a backup...
  5. That bootloader...

    Gah! Right... back to the drawing board then. If anyone comes up with any ideas I would be happy to test them.
  6. That bootloader...

    I'm a relative newcomer to fiddling about with Android but a thought occurs. Hardware wise both the San Diego and the Razr i share a processor and gpu, is there any chance that the bootloader could be the same also? I'm led to believe that the Razr i's bootloader has been unlocked, what are the chances of the same script working on the OSD? Long shot I know, but anyone got any ideas?