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  1. nimic added a topic in Other Devices   

    ROM/PORT/4.2.1 LEWA OS V6 for Syreni-50QHD
    Fully working port android 4.2.1.
    I didn't modified the model name in build.prop, it shows the model of device from whick i ported the rom. But model name can be modified with any root explorer and build.prop editor.
    Credits to Funn1 [] for the ROM.
    Ported by me.
    Doesn't contain : Play store and keyboard, download and install them from there :
    Install via CWM recovery.
    Disable quick boot in accessibility options if phone doesn't turn on after you turn off.

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  2. nimic added a topic in Other Devices   

    FIRMWARE 4.2.1 rooted & tweaked for Szenio Syreni 50QHD
    Hello, this is a Clock work mod backup of stock ROM/firmware of the phone ALPS/ Szenio Syreni 50QHD (mine is mt6589 , others seen to have mt6582M..i don't know whats up with this but this company seem that they messed up with these phones.)
    First of all, it is very fast, smooth and responsible, more free ram, better battery life
    Build.prop tweaks including disabled bootanimation for faster boot, memory and battery savings
    V6 Supercharger script by zeppelinrox
    Deleted useless system apps for more free ram memory
    Other tweaks and optimizations
    Applications included:
    Smanager (script manager, for v6 supercharger, supercharger is already set up with best settings, auto load up on boot)
    Manage android autastarts to disable apps from auto starting on boot, more free ram memory, faster boot
    Root explorer
    Lucky patcher
    Xposed framework
    Viper4android FX (better sould) (already set for power saving from driver, you can reinstall driver and select whick quality you want)
    Xprivacy (duh)
    Clean master and some others needed considered by me of having them on everty phone, must have rooted apps.
    Google play store patched to not auto update itself, its on version v3.x, this version is better than new and its faster and use less memory.
    DO A CWM BACKUP OF YOUR CURRENT FIRMWARE / STOCK ROM in case something goes wrong or its not working, do a backup and keep it to restore later if this will not work on your phone...but it should work.
    Just download and extract the zip to sd card or internal storage and go into cwm recovery and press restore or restore from internal memory.
    Download :
    If you are not already rooted you will be able to root phone easily via Mtk droid tools.
    How to install CWM recovery if you don't have any custom recovery installed see this tutorial :
    If you need MTK USB drivers download them from here :

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  3. nimic added a post in a topic Retiring ZTE Skate   

    Congratulations, very good to see you used skate 2 years... have fun with your s3.
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  4. nimic added a post in a topic Skate battery life   

    Try Battery Calibration , download it from google play, after charging 100% click battery calibration
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  5. nimic added a post in a topic Hi guys i need your opinions   

    What program or how i will be able to make a backup of ROM and how i will restore? thx
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  6. nimic added a post in a topic I dropped my OMC into water   

    Hi guys i heard that the phone can be fixed, at a center, a guy almost fixed the phone , i gave my phone to my brother cause i will get a new one and my brother took the phone to someone can fix it and said that it can fix it so this is great, if someone pass through this situation just try to took the phone to a phone-fixing center and you have a chance. (sorry for my en.)
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  7. nimic added a post in a topic Skate battery life   

    Ported cm10 roms doen't have good battery life cause it is using the cpu more cause of the software and the jelly bean, you just can modify cpu settings and set max 806mhz or governor, this phone was made for gingerbread , this phone is not optimized for jb - cmroms are based on jelly bean, sorry but you can't do much things, you just can disable some features in options that are using more battery and it will make phone faster when you change all the settings to performance and not image quality and a lot of services enabled in options.
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  8. nimic added a post in a topic Hi guys i need your opinions   

    @gbosh the price of the phone is great only 200£ euros + 2 years warranty, i also heard about Mediatek processors like mt6589 or 6582m that are cooler and didn't produce much heat and also are using less energy than others like qualcomm.
    Also the phone is not like in that picture , the size is different and have a different theme in launcher but is similar to touchwiz
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  9. nimic added a post in a topic Hi guys i need your opinions   

    First thank you for the answer, i think it has the processor: MTK6582m and not the MTK6589
    I know it is not a popular phone i found information only in spanish language, and yes it really looks like touchwiz but i can change the launcher and maybe the look but doesn't matter when everything works good, i don't know if i can root it or i can enable that option if i have Developer'  in options menu, i saw this on a phone.
    I am sure that no one will make a custom Rom for this phone and this is not a good thing, without root i will lose a lot of things at least underclocking the cpu.
    My father said me that phone have 1900 mah battery (shows on the box) and not 2200 how the site shows that information but this is not a big lose i don't have phone now i need to wait more than one week to receive it so i don't know much things about this smartphone.
    And about Xposed modules, what is this? Xposed framework? but this needs root rights ? at least to be firmware updates for it.
    I will ask more when i will find everything from phone when i will receive it hope i will get a little help.
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  10. nimic added a topic in ZTE Skate -   

    Hi guys i need your opinions
    First i want to thank to all Developers (THANKS TO ALL DEVS not just some of them) who made AWESOME ROMS for my old phone ZTE Skate, i really appreciate all the great stuff i used on the phone, now i moved on a new device cause my Orange Monte Carlo /ZTE Skate i dropped in water and it's dead, i got now this phone :
    Do you think it is a good phone? it is made in Spain i found that is similar to Aquaris 5.7
    Every opinion is important to me.
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  11. nimic added a post in a topic [ROM][ZTE Skate] H3 Holo (Dolby Audio + Linaro optimized kernel + frandom + ROW I/O scheduler)   

    Sorry mate but the Nova Launcher doesn't work on gingerbread 2.3, it requires at least 4.0.4 or jelly bean to run it, i tested it with a 4.2.2 build of CECO.
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  12. nimic added a post in a topic [ROM][ZTE Skate] H3 Holo (Dolby Audio + Linaro optimized kernel + frandom + ROW I/O scheduler)   

    I have used version 2.3.4 of youtube, fastest version ever and smooth ui.
    i uploaded to my 4shared account if you want to download it:
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  13. nimic added a post in a topic I dropped my OMC into water   

    Yes, but now i have a chance to get a new phone, a powerful phone, my father will find me a good phone, doesn't care it's cpu clock speed / i need just to be armv7 and to have good battery life, anything else doesn't matter.
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  14. nimic added a post in a topic I dropped my OMC into water   

    Well, now my phone is officially dead, i have tried to open it today, vibrates, the red button backlight is on but the phone won't who anything on the screen and it shuts down after 10 seconds, it is done, my Skate is off, now i have no phone and i am sad because of my mistake, hope i will get another phone, i just hope.
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  15. nimic added a post in a topic I dropped my OMC into water   

    Well i dropped my phone with battery on so in this chase, the phone got too much reasons to die, i leave the phone to dry up until tomorrow night, if the phone won't power on i hope that my father will buy me a new smartphone, he got a great phone  with quad core and 5 inch. Thank you very much for the answers.
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