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  1. I've changed my mind, I like this ROM cause of many things: 1) 3rd camera works great (Instagram, Barcode etc.) 2) The ROM is smooth (but as I said - after a few weeks it's getting slower - but why?!) 3) The interface, design is awesome and I love it (especially the notification bar - 2 fingers, hehe) But here's a couple things I hate as hell: - often (read 5 times a day) I have to reboot the phone cause of signal - I think the "butter project" can be better than that one I'd be grateful if you could fix it buddy!
  2. Unfortunately I have to return to CM10. CM10.1 looks really awesome, but after a few weeks it's getting slower etc. I prefer reliability. Keep up good works, I'll try the next version of this ROM, hope it will be better.
  3. When I installed it, it worked awesome. But now (it's just a week ago) it's getting slower and I don't know why. It looks like it hasn't seen a project butter yet, gets laggy.. what's wrong?
  4. Often (twice a day) a have to reboot the phone cause of signal. It's really annoying. And sometimes happens that I receive SMS a day later. That's not so good to. Please fix it.
  5. I have to say "AWESOME WORK" buddy! It's very good, quick and smooth as well. Here's just a one problem - could you repair the speed in camera? It takes a long time..
  6. GREAT WORK! Could you repair the camera speed? It's very slow :(
  7. Thanks Dazzozo, awesome work and a better ROM. The only thing I miss is the 3rd camera (like Barcode, Instagram, G.Goggles etc.), but I believe and hope you will fix it as soon as possible! btw) I used the previous version before that one, so I downloaded the latest and tried to install it, but in CWM it went wrong (just a warning pic.), so I had to wipe and reflash the phone. Anything similar hasn't happened yet.
  8. Light Flow doesn't work on my phone. I tried to manage the colors etc., but nothing happens (( maybe i did something wrong, but i dont know what hehe
  9. i've found some bugs since yesterday - notification LED doesn't work - notification bar sometimes freezes (can't pull down) i'd be grateful if you could fix it. this is the best rom i've ever used, keep work on Dazzozo! thank you :)
  10. I upgraded it via CM updates, but gapps and sync with google didnt work. then I did wipe cache / data, flash ROM and JBgapps and everything's working fine. I just found some bugs as well - LED notifications doesn't work, could you fix it please? big up, so smooth, brilliant job dazzozo!