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  1. Unable to Uninstall apps

    I have this too, I just reinstalled the Nexus+ 009 rom that's on XDA and am now finding the exact same things you mentioned happening.
  2. Sorry for the similar post everybody buy my facebook is linked to twitter and I am involved in the twitter storm to get publicity for what the Japanese are doing to Dolphins in Taiji #tweet4dolphins

  3. Yes I have now sold my nexus 4 and am using the moto g as my main phone. I feel like now I have a great phone apart from the fact that I can't rely on the camera to take a decent shot. It's either out of focus or blurred most of the time. A friend has my old galaxy s2 and doesn't have this problem! I'm now on 4.4.2 with AOSP camera app and can't see any real improvement.
  4. I don't know..I wish mine was smooth! From my memory the Moto g camera is a little better then the Moto g's but the baby photo taken by the g300 looks a lot better then the Moto g's shots.
  5. a few questions befor i buy a moto g

    Rootcloak doesn't work with Barclays mobile banking though apparently.. :(
  6. I just played a video file from the Moto G back on my mac using the quicktime player and yes it does indeed look less choppy then through the phone player. On comparing it to the same footage taken with the Nexus 4 it does still look jittery (from choppy to jittery!) in comparison with more noise, less detail and loads of blur if the camera is moved too quickly. I'm not going to post the footage as our kitchen is a mess and my wife will kill me lol.
  7. Yes that g300 shot does look way better! But yeah the general consensus has always been that the Nexus 4's camera is average or just about acceptable so I guess that's why people may compare top budget phones like the MOTO G to it. My wife is still using a G300 also so maybe I should have tested that too.....but i'm literally just messing about on the couch on new years day..! I may post some comparison vids to show the 'choppines' I mentioned..
  8. OK so..realising that I have been going on a bit I decided to put my money where my mouth is and do some very quick indoor test shots seeing as I now have the standard google camera app on both phones. I literally just picked each phone up, pointed it and took a quick shot as you would expect to normally. Please excuse the state of my living room but at least it gives lots of detail to test the cameras..! Moto G shot 1 Nexus 4 shot 1 Moto G shot 2 Nexus 4 shot 2 As you can see the Moto G shots are less noisy but have no detail and just look kind of smooth and blurred. Also the white balance is way off on the moto g on shot 2. This as I say is just a quick test but it represents the sort of thing I have been finding with the camera. I really hope it can be improved in the future with an update but I suspect it may be the limitations of the camera hardware. My ancient old 4MP casio camera was better though but maybe I am expecting too much of a budget phone camera. I do actually think that my old galaxy s2 had a better camera then the Moto G AND the Nexus 4 and in fact if you just took a galaxy s2 and gave it a slightly bigger and better screen (have you looked at one of those over saturated things lately!) then that would be a fantastic budget phone these days, a duel core cpu is still plenty for most people. Bugger I've gone on again lol.
  9. Yeah the nexus 4 camera is average but it still provides nice enough quality for me to use it to film youtube video's for my wife's business. There is no way that I could use the choppy Moto G camera and I don't think it was that smart to cut that particular corner to keep the costs down. I would rather have a slower processor and at least an average camera with decent resolution and respectable video recording capability. More people take photo's and video's then play power hungry games... In softly lit conditions at our family christmas the iphones cleaned up, the nexus 4 hung on and the Moto G struggled to get a clean shot at all as it would blur if you or the subject moved a tiny bit so I wasn't impressed. It seems to be Motorola's weak point as I have heard big complaints about the Moto x's camera also and I don't think their camera app helps, I have downloaded the standard android one now and I think it may work a bit better.. The only things I like better on the Moto G are the battery life, the display has better blacks and colours, the build quality is impressive with the waterproofing, the built in speaker is decent quality and sometimes it's nice to use a truly one handed device. That's an amazing list for a budget phone but other then that the Nexus 4 is still better in every way. I use both now so that I have the Nexus 4 rooted with custom rom etc and the Moto G standard so that it works with my banking and it can take over when my nexus 4's battery packs in halfway through the day.. Now if I had a phone that could compete with my SLR then I wouldn't have to lug that about....
  10. I have a Nexus 4 and a Moto G and I find the Nexus 4 camera to be far superior to the Moto G. It takes better photo's (better low light, less blurry/sharper, quicker shots, respectable 8MP resolution) and the video quality is in another league to the stop frame animation that is the Moto G video! I love my little Moto G but let's be honest, the camera is rubbish! I can only get decent images in good light and even then, detail is non existent. If the camera was any good I would have sold the Nexus 4 on by now. It's actually the video quality that really lets it down for me though. It's a shame as it's such great phone in every other way.
  11. Ok that's the second guy I've seen today blow drying his feet in the changing rooms at the gym..What gives!