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  1. After constant problems with wifi crashes even after OTA update to R2 I almost gave up on CM. I'm SOOOOOOO glad I didn't!!! I did a clean install of R2 and all wifi crashing has gone away. ROM is super fast and smooth, feels like a new phone! For info of others iPlayer and Netflix not working for me, but I can live with that. Thanks developers, you are years ahead of what Huawei and Vodafone can manage to do with all their people and money!!
  2. Text glitch just appeared on my phone too with r2
  3. Am I the only person still getting wifi crash problems after using ota update to r2? Almost every time I turn wifi on or move in or out of wifi range it hangs completely and needs battery pull? I was using the Chinese Huawei b926 before flashing CM9. Any ideas anyone? PS love everything else about the rom!