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  1. mc9662

    How do i root Android 4.4 Kitkat?

    Xposed and gravitybox are great. That give me the little tweaks I like e.g. quick settings drop down, status bar tweaks, power tweaks etc without going cyanogen. I've also put on the adblocking module minminguard and run greenify. I'm running with the non oc faux kernel (and recommended faux settings set with fauxclock) and it's all good. Battery at 74% after 25hr47min. I only really use it as a phone and for email, not really games etc and so that may explain battery use, and i probably have no need to oc...
  2. mc9662

    How do i root Android 4.4 Kitkat?

    This method worked perfectly for me. I had a bl unlocked and superboot rooted motog with JB having done Paul's option 1 root for about a month. Today I reflashed to retail JB by doing the (pinned thread) method to "flash the standard UK ROM". Then got the OTA about an hour later, and then followed the flibblesan post just above to flash CWM and SuperSU. Works great. Also just flashed on the faux kk kernel to see how that goes and installed xposed framework and gravitybox-kk. Couldn't be happier! Happy days...
  3. mc9662

    Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    Same success for me. 3x Tesco 16Gb purchased approx a month ago, all via Tesco Direct and all successfully unlocked with codes from smgreen1969. Codes returned quickly. I did do *#06# in the phone dialler to get it to tell me the imei number rather than go from the box label....
  4. mc9662

    ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    I have a UK (Virgin) Blade 3 running KonstaT's [28.8.] CyanogenMod 10.2 (Android 4.3) - KonstaT, many, many thanks for your efforts on CM! The current Stock ROM for the UK is ro.build.display.id=VIRGIN_P772N10V1.0.0B03, which is what my Blade was running before CM10.2 So the Bxx at the end relates to the hardware firmware revision? If it does, would flashing say, an unbranded stock with a greater version e.g. ICS_P772N10V1.0.0B10 upgrade the radio/modem etc firmware, and then I can flash CM10.2 back and be running more current firmware, or is the radio/modem firmware country specific? Also would flashing another country firmware change the default language on the phone?
  5. I got the same message about the ASOP keyboard closing so I downloaded the Google Keyboard from here and saved it to my SD card http://android.sc/of...e-for-download/ then I went to File Explorer to install the apk, you need to allow non market apps to be able to install in Settings Now you can change the new Google Keyboard to be the default one, and when that's done you can go to Settings> Apps> All> Android Keyboard, and choose to stop and Disable it - that gets rid of the ASOP Keyboard errors Hope that helps....