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  1. Smart Ultra 7 Concept

    wouldadd atleastanother£100tothepricetag anditmightbepossible.Alotofthosefeaturesarepremiumfeaturesfoundinflagships,somethingthatyouwon'tbefindingonabudgetdevice likeasmart ultra.Howeverithasbeenspeculatedthatasmartultra7mighthaveasnapdragon650processorwhichisslightlymorepowerfulthanasnapdragon808whichmightbefeasible forabudgetphone.
  2. despite trying that method my phone doesn't even turn on when that method is used. Pressing the combination of buttons doesn't make it run the update.app file.
  3. how can i use the dload method if the phone won't boot into upgrade mode?
  4. Not booting

  5. I installed chainfire 3d and rebooted but now my blade doesn't boot up. btw the rom i'm using is konstat cm10 unofficial.
  6. i can't find it.... has the developer options and performance been relocated?
  7. i recently installed the cm-10.1-20130306-KonstaKANG-blade.zip rom and it seems to work fine (i think). but when i try to click the playstore it just closes. i was thinking to boot into recovery to flash the gapps but i noticed that this version doesn't have the reboot into recovery option when i click reboot. can anyone help? anyway great rom thanks for all your work konstat!
  8. Zte Blade help

    Thanks :D
  9. Zte Blade help

    also for konstat's jelly bean rom would i do the tpt, flash the rom, do wipes then install gapps?
  10. Zte Blade help

    it says use gen 1 style tpt, so i'm guessing its gen1 to gen2?
  11. Zte Blade help

    if you installed swedish spring you must have already done a tpt?
  12. Zte Blade help

    would there be a chance of bricking my phone if i do the wrong one? also are the kernels for the rom included in the rom?
  13. Zte Blade help

    also have you got clockworkmod recovery installed?

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