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  1. SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY BACK TO MY POST ASAP!!! ITS IMPORTANT!! So basically i downloaded ram expander by roehsoft and i need help with swapping memory seeing as its my first time doing it and i havent used tpt helper and im still on the stock 200mb partition, i have a 8gb sdhc memory card but theres only 1gb space left, how much should i swap? someone do a step to step method for me if you are actually bothered :unsure:
  2. My camera app seems to be missing O.o Also PLEASE tilal, add a qualcomm plugin so games run better and smoother :(
  3. If anyone is really dying to have that swipe style keyboard then just download swiftkey flow beta
  4. Can someone help me disable the three buttons backlight on the bottom of the phone, screen filter doesn't seem to do the trick
  5. Also seeing as dolby digital doesnt work on ics or jb maybe you could find a way of adding beats modifications to the sound on this rom so the sound is more better
  6. Tilal could you PLEASE try to add a qualcomm plugin in the next update on this rom because seeing as chainfire 3d does not work with android 4.2 -_- then maybe you could try to add it so games run better e.g: street fighter 4 (white background issue) :D
  7. Will it still work with the stock 200mb partition seeing as i havent changed anything because i had a lot of trouble with getting tpt helper to work -_-
  8. If anyone is trying to get the camera led to work then i might be able to help you a little bit... Before i installed tilals cfx2 i was on the stock gingerbread 2.3.5 and i downloaded this app for my led and it worked!! :D but it only made the led flash every second but atleast it gained access to my led, right? so maybe whoever is trying to make the led work could use this apps libs? or whatever it is (im a newbie xD) soo yeah here you go heres the link https://play.google....kZsYXNoTEVEIl0.
  9. send me a link to that exact thread for partitioning zte skate?
  10. I have the same problem and i havent changed my system partition because i dont know how to lool im a newbie....
  11. Could u do us all a favour and do a step to step method on how to change our system partiation and dont send us to the tpt helper on the play store as ive tried it but i failed to because it was so mind boggling lol thanks :)
  12. THERES NO GOOGLE PLAY STORE.APK on tilals new gapps package!!!!.....just pointing this out, tilal please add the play store so i flash it again, thanks :)
  13. I flashed this rom right now and i flashed the gapps after and after i rebooted i dont have play store??????????? whats going on tilal