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  1. It's not that much bigger than the F1 to be honest. If I recall correctly it's actually marginally thinner.
  2. [ROM][4.4.2] MIUI v6-v7

    Which MIUI? Several are mentioned in this thread. Do you mean the one mentioned in the first post? In that case it's kouskous's MIUI 7: http://www.needrom.com/download/miui-v6-twrp/ Just read the instructions for installing the ROM wherever you get it from - e.g. kouskous clearly explains how to flash his MIUI on the needrom post.
  3. [ROM][4.4.2] AOSP by maucat

    I don't understand the issue about Titanium that you're talking about. I don't use Swiftkey so am not sure what you mean there either. For the language issue (I presume you mean the blocks instead of characters?) I guess it's not truly multilanguage or something? You need to explain your issues here and in other threads more clearly if you want people to help.
  4. [ROM] [4.4.2] AOSP Nitro A310 v3 repack

    I have always had to manually configure the APN to get data working on any ROM that I've used. At least check the APN settings to see if they're correct.
  5. [ROM] [4.4.2] AOSP Nitro A310 v3 repack

    For 3G did you configure your internet/APN settings properly?
  6. [ROM][4.4.2] AOSP by maucat

    Never had any problem with this ROM - in particular the problems that you mention.
  7. [ROM][4.4.2] MIUI v6-v7

    Thanks - have you also tried kouskous's MIUI and, if so, how do they compare for you? http://www.needrom.com/download/miui-v6-twrp/ I'm inclined to go with this one based on comments here and the number of downloads/comments on needrom... Can somebody explain the SMS issue on some or all MIUIs on F1 for which there's this 160 upper case char patch? I can't find an explanation of it. And does it only affect the MIUI messaging client or all (e.g. Textra?)?
  8. [ROM][4.4.2] MIUI v6-v7

    Flash which specific ROM? Are you using the correct custom recovery for the ROM in question? Some need TWRP, some need CWM, some need specific versions, some need specific wipes/formats when installing. How are you trying to flash? What happens/goes wrong?
  9. [ROM][4.4.2] MIUI v6-v7

    Just checking in again to see if anybody has any more recent info/comments before I install kouskous's latest 6.2.18. http://www.needrom.com/download/miui-v6-twrp/ Is there a better one that this? Thanks.
  10. Great - good luck. We should get our own thread now...
  11. Oh - seems that there is a hack for that! :-D http://en.miui.com/thread-247545-1-1.html
  12. I chose free shipping/post - and it took a few weeks. No freebies included unfortunately. Maybe check Kimovil for other prices/sellers: http://www.kimovil.com/en/where-to-buy-xiaomi-redmi-note-3-pro However at the time Gearbest were the cheapest seller to take PayPal and I didn't want to pay any other way given my bad experience on the LeTV x600 front.
  13. I had a Mi account from using a MiBand a while back so used it here too. I don't think that it's mandatory but you cannot use additional Xiaomi/Mi services (e.g. cloud etc.) without one. And you need one to request and use the BL unlock. But I think you can discard/disassociate it after that. I'm pretty sure that you can just use a Google account. Yes - the SIM/sdcard tray arrangement is clever but does preclude the use of two SIMs AND sdcard at the same time unfortunately.
  14. After clean fastboot install of Global Stable ROM having added my Google and Mi accounts but not downloaded/installed/upated anything: Available: 24.65GB Total: 26.28GB I can't decide between running China Dev ROM, debloating it and adding Google OR running Global Stable ROM and rooting it as mentioned above... :-|
  15. Finally got my BL unlocked. I had requested BL unlock approval from Xiaomi but never received the confirmation SMS - SMSs from Xiaomi seem hit and miss generally. Anyway I just tried again today with and it worked (http://en.miui.com/thread-202290-1-1.html). I did have to temporarily install China dev ROM via flashboot (http://en.miui.com/thread-235865-1-1.html) to do it. In spite of what some guides say I could not get BL unlock to work on Global stable. I switched back to Global stable when done. Seemingly China dev ROM has root built in. Not sure about global dev but I'll check. If not then I'll have to use the modified boot.img, TWRP, SuperSU approach for (temporary?) root (http://en.miui.com/thread-240531-1-1.html). I'm going to run MIUI 7 global stable or dev (if it has root) for now but want to have TWRP and the option of installing other ROMs if I choose. Apologies for going off topic on this thread but I thought that this info might be of interest to some here. If I can help anybody when they're doing these steps let me know. Edit: so China Developer ROM (flashed via fastboot) does have root option built in but Global Developer does not. So looks like the only option for root on the latter is as mentioned above. I don't know how feasible/stable it would be to run China Developer ROM with built-in root option and install Google separately? BTW looks like Updater/stock recovery upgrade/downgrade between Global stable/developer ROMs or China stable/developer ROMs works OK but the only way to go from Global to China (any ROM) is via fastboot. Hope this info helps somebody. Edit 2: one approach to debloating the China Dev ROM: http://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-3/how-to/redmi-note-3-pro-snapdragon-miui-t3372437

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