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  1. You need to follow the instructions here: http://www.link2sd.info/faq
  2. It's possible that the ROM overwrite your IMEI(s) and you need to restore your original(s) using a backup or some other means - both of which are covered elsewhere if I recall correctly. Are you also sure that the ROM supports the networks/frequencies in your area (e.g. WCDMA versus TD-SCDMA)? Edit: on the IMEI issue is this (below) of any use? I know that my Coolpad F1 original box contains a label with at least the main IMEI on it. I had also written down the second one just in case. And backed up with Mobileuncle Tools.  
  3. [ROM] [4.4.2] Emotion UI 2.3 & 3.0 (Huawei UI)

    You need to root, install a custom recovery (ClockWorkMod/CWM or TWRP) and then use the custom recovery to install the custom ROM via the zip file. If you don't understand any of that then you need to familiarise yourself with the various steps - generally and specifically how they apply to this particular phone. Don't attempt it unless you understand what you're doing.
  4. MIUI internal storage almost full overnight

    Yeah - bit confusing alright... I always find the Anrdoid storage layouts and reporting confusing to be honest. Have you tried clearing all app caches just in case that's an issue? There are lots of tools for doing this in a single button push. Would using a terminal and tools like df, du etc. help at all I wonder?
  5. MIUI internal storage almost full overnight

    Maybe use something like DiskUsage to see what's using the storage? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.diskusage And/or maybe this might help? http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/124570/missing-space-on-internal-storage  Edit: just ran Storage Analyser on mine and it shows  Total: 5.68GB Used: 2.85GB Free: 2.83GB Publicly accessible: 447MB Inaccessible: 2.4GB Looking at DiskUsage 447MB correlates to "media" files and 2.4GB correlates to apps.
  6. Yellow tint on edge of screen

    Unfortunately the original (or second original ) China phone thread here seems to have died a death recently: http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/374599-china-phone-discussion-part-2/?page=9 I don't know if the Lenovo K3 Note is still a good buy at around US$150 or getting a bit long in the tooth (relatively speaking) at this stage? http://www.gsmarena.com/lenovo_k3_note-7147.php  I'm not really up to speed with new/imminent devices/SoCs/processors and handsets to be honest...  Maybe MediaTek X20 Helio decacore phones (with 3-4 GB RAM) will be the next big thing...?  http://www.engadget.com/2015/05/12/mediatek-helio-x20-deca-core-mobile-chip/ Maybe worth checking latest trends on Gizchia, Telekineza and the like? http://www.gizchina.com/ https://www.telekineza.com/
  7. [ROM][4.4.2] MIUI v6-v7

    Can't see any option in GravityBox to change the statusbar font size but maybe other tweaks to hide/remove items might help.
  8. I used some of the ROMs from here a long time ago when I had a U8160: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2156451
  9. The Hynix problem was never fully understood but seemed to be related to a specific kernel version/build that was doing the rounds at one stage. I don't think that this ROM has the problem kernel. If your eMMC is not Hynix then it's a moot point anyway.
  10. I presume they mean CWM = ClockWorkMod custom recovery?
  11. [ROM] [4.4.2] AOSP Nitro A310 v3 repack

    It's annoying the way that the Modaco site update broke so many links... 
  12. [ROM] [4.4.2] AOSP Nitro A310 v3 repack

    Links in the first post got screwed up (and now link back to the first post!) when Modaco was updated a while back. From manually trawling through the thread I think that this is 77chedu's most recent mod/repack:
  13. What exactly do you mean by "sleeping"?
  14. 1% in 8 hours means a potential month on standby. There's no way you're getting that????? No offence but you're not really being clear about what exactly you did and what you mean by deep sleep here.

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