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  1. Any use?  Use Google/Chrome translate. https://www.androidpt.com/topic/57647-tutorial-vodafone-smart-4-turbo-kitkat/ Edit: oh - scratch that - wrong model I think. I got that link here in case it helps at all: https://www.androidpt.com/topic/58150-vodafone-smart-4g-coolpad-8860u-ota-updates-servidor-testes-yulongcoolpad/
  2. Other links about the same issue but no obvious solution as far as I can see... http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/372543-coolpad-f1-8297w-review-info-software-custom-roms/?do=findComment&comment=2242333 http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/372543-coolpad-f1-8297w-review-info-software-custom-roms/?do=findComment&comment=2242477  
  3. You say that you flash the stock CPB after substituting the default recovery with a custom CWM/TWRP first? Have you tried flashing the stock CPB as-is - i.e. without substituting the default recovery with a custom CWM/TWRP?
  4. You mean with some ROMs you get this "privacy protection password" message but on others you do not? I really don't understand that. Sorry...
  5. Can you get into CWM/TWRP recovery to format all partitions before reflashing?
  6. Has been for a while... 
  7. Does this work for all phones? I don't know if it does or what the risks are if it goes wrong!  http://droidchina.com/forum/Thread-Tutorial-Tutorial-How-to-swap-internal-sdcard0-by-sdcard1-and-what-gains-do-we-get-of-it I know it's not quite the same but have you also considered using link2sd? http://www.link2sd.info/
  8. Thanks again for your assistance. Much appreciated. Am tempted to move to move to (or at least try) Amoi but I might wait for your feedback on CM. Cheers! 
  9. Thanks for your feedback Jpower73. Just on the issue of backing up apps/data from one ROM to restore on another (e.g. maucat AOSP to Amoi or CM12) is ZIPme a workable solution or would you or others recommend some other approach? I've never been too clear on the best way to do this and the gotchas that arise. Also - have you used/tested CM12 enough to give any feedback and rank it in comparison to Amoi? Thanks a lot.
  10. Thanks Jpower73 - the Google/Chrome translation of your post is still difficult to understand. Can you clarify here if there are any "gotchas" with installing/using this ROM? Also do you know which 4.4 gapps variant from opengapps.org is most suitable? Thanks a lot.
  11. Probably a dumb question but ... I'm still on maucat's AOSP but would like to try the Amoi ROM based on what I've read here. Is this a good strategy: TWRP backup of my current setup ZIPme backup of my (non system) apps and data TWRP install of Amoi (is TWRP OK or does it require CWM?) Install gapps Freeze/delete any unnecessary Chinese crap Restore ZIPme backup of apps/data Anything else? I'm particular I'm wondering if steps 2/6 will work OK or is there a better/safer way to backup/restore existing apps/data? Or is that always subject to risk? Thanks for any advice.
  12. As described here I guess? http://www.movilesdualsim.com/tema/wifi-debil-letv-x600-solucion-hardware-guia-fotos-nuevas.109056/
  13. Presume you've seen this already? http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/rom-letv-x600-ultimate-aosp-rom-t3217135 Edit: oh - just noticed - no IR remote. Sorry! 
  14. Do you know if they're a reliable seller?
  15. Thanks a lot for all the input on this phone dakok! 

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