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  1. Christos.K added a post in a topic Launcher & keyboard replacement   

    I installed clockworkmod recovery, made a factory reset and all the apps that I turned into system apps but the perfect keyboard app still works fine. Good thing I still had a copy of the touchpal apk on my sdcard.
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  2. Christos.K added a post in a topic Launcher & keyboard replacement   

    Ok, for whoever is still interested in modding this device, what I finally did is: I deleted all of the old system apps I could replace, downloaded all the updates of the system files that remained like new play store etc, downloaded a new, better keyboard for tablets and the app called "apps2rom". All the system updates are now part of the system rom, including ES Explorer replacing the old one, Google play music which replaced the old player, MX player, and the new keyboard with crappy swipe gone. I've also replaced the stock launcher with holo launcher and it works great! I've not flashed a new rom and neither have I flashed a new overclocked kernel, though I'm wanting to flash the tj style overclocked one, but even at the stock 600mhz my quadrand score is 507.

    My only concern now is that even before I did that, whenever I tried booting in recovery mode the phone just froze till I hit reset. Any ideas on that? If I do get in recovery mode and do a factory reset, will the new apps disappear even now that they became system apps?

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  3. Christos.K added a post in a topic Launcher & keyboard replacement   

    I've found a replacement keyboard called touchpal and deleted useless Swype so the launcher is the main problem now. Would deleting the original launcher create problems if holo has been set as default?
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  4. Christos.K added a topic in Commtiva N700 / Spice Mi700 / ViewSonic ViewPad 7 / Camangi FM600 -   

    Launcher & keyboard replacement
    So I've managed to get my tablet back, rooted it, cleaned some bloatware, but now i'm looking to replace my launcher with holo launcher i found on the app store and googles keyboard as swipe is the worst one around both on accuracy, dictionary and text prediction. I have already set holo launcher as the default one but i am wondering whether i can get rid of the stock one altogether and put holo in its place without loading a new rom if possible. Also what can i do about the keyboard, i'm completely new in modding.

    Thanks in advance.
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