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  1. Jb progess update....(sigh)

    LoL I doubt your 3gs would get this update.....:P
  2. No hope for jelly bean?

    You cannot carries yours *big screen * with you always ! I feel there is no worth on discussing about your descission on swapping your osd with some funny gadgets :P. Have fun with your gadgets. Hope you enjoy them better than your's osd that Orange **gave you ** :P
  3. No hope for jelly bean?

    I understand you made your descission and wont be able to take back your step of losing your osd that Orange **gave** you ( :P).But Do you really overjoyed with it ? One of my friend owned 3GS (Although she is a kind of apple fan but their are certain constraint which didnt allowed her buying more latest version of iphone ) and she is suffering alot as it being outdated it cannot afford to play hd(720p and above) videos and also all new games like temple run2 and subway surfer hangs alot. And Suppose your a kinda nerd(no offence just an assumption dont take it personnel) who doesnt enjoys watching movies or playing game what makes it feel good ? and about your thinkpad i had just seen its specs. and i was kinda shock. So i dont think to comment on that .. :D Anyways enjoy your life with this gadgets and keep growing..(y) Good Luck.. :D
  4. No hope for jelly bean?

    I am Glad you are happy with your deal. But dear, do realise that you got this stuff in exchange of your osd that Orange **gave** you ..:P .The seller must have realised that osd outweighs combined stuff that he/she gave you. I hope you dont get bored with your **new** outdated gadgets and enjoy them ..:P.
  5. glossywhite

    I usually comment less in this forums( <_< ).But one think always make me force to visit this forum (apart from seeing some news regarding development and updates abt osd and xolo) is your comments . You are such a funny guys that almost every post of your post made me laugh ;).The way you taunt and give some sort eg or comparision is really so funny.I have some friends like you who made the atmosphere ecstatic just by the way of their communication. Really gonna miss you man . I hope you do keep posting and active in the future too. God Bless you and Have a nice life ahead ... :D
  6. Mobile Update

    The website you mentioned is not trust worthy. As it direct to the source (at the bottom of that Page) and no where written on that website that x900 will never recieve jb update. I had contacted xolo care several times over telephone and email they never say that x900 will not receive jb update. I remember in their official twitter account they mentioned xolo will get the jb. It's that they don't have the exact or tentative date of launch of jb(may be they don't want to share the date as it would irritate them(by customers) if they won't be able to provide update on the mentioned date (may be experienced gained from ics update ;p )
  7. Mobile Update

    acc. Xolo care this update is for network boost or stability which is usually Complaint by the use . plus nfc features of x900 is improved.
  8. 37Mb update now available... hmmmm

    Although Xolo never deny for jb on x900. Its very harsh to say that x900 will never recieve jb update.. ;p Even their new mobile x1000 hadn't received jb till the date. so have some more patience and don't cry.. :P
  9. Xolo JB probably by March 10!!!!!!!

    Lol this official might resign before 10th march.......;)
  10. Just leave a comment their that you agree with it. And if want something else mention their.
  11. Moderator or admin, I request you to pin this thread at the top. And please do support us.
  12. Xolo JB

    I have a question, who made this bootloader in Xolo x900? Is it intel or xolo? Whom should we contact to unlock it? Can intel help us in unlocking it in any way?
  13. San Diego down to £99.99 plus £10 top up online

    Even if they don't provide future updates than they should at least unlock the bootloader.. I think xolo will unlock it in future.
  14. Xolo JB

    I never said that it's an official confirmation of jb update. But the person he is talking about searched about him and found him working at xolo. Anyways, I just need the xolo camera improvement with this jb update otherwise I am quite satisfied with ics. And don't forget about the project butter butter. :P
  15. Xolo JB

    Go to Facebook type Intel Xolo x900 You will see the Page. Just glare on the comments by the user. You can see the source..