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  1. How to Root Huawei G330

    While browsing on anzhi.com, I have found a this recovery software that fix my phone charging problem. my phone goes into recovery mode whenever I charge it while switch off. The installer is in Chinese, but CMW is in English. To install : Switch of fastboot in settings Check USB debugging in developer settings Switch off the phone. Press volume down + power switch for 10+ second until it appear to stop on 'Wo' screen. Connect your USB cable Double click the exe file When a dos window appear just press enter > space bar until your phone restart.
  2. How to Root Huawei G330

    According to the China largest android community forum www.anzhi.com, some talented developer is working on jellybean 4.1 for G330D. Is in alpha stage atm, expected for public test on March/April.
  3. How to Root Huawei G330

    If you bricked your phone, download the official firmware from here. Extract the file and copy the entire dload folder to your SD card. Switch off your phone. Then press up and down + power switch together and force update. Once is done, You may want to re-root the phone with this software. After you root it, download gapps to install google play store.
  4. How to Root Huawei G330

    Thx for chipping in, good tip if you brick your phone. Updated to top page.
  5. How to Root Huawei G330

    To do a factory reset, hold the top volume key on left side of phone and power switch button together for 12 seconds, you should go into recovery mode and do the reset from there. P.S To do this your phone must be switch off.
  6. How to Root Huawei G330

    I don't quite get what is your issue here. What firmware did you try to download? If you on about the factory firmware, all you need to do is, extract the file to a temporary folder. Then copy the entire 'dload' folder to your sd card, and then update the firmware in settings>storage>SD update.
  7. My Emotion UI

    Today I managed to flash my D1 U9500 with EMUI. Pretty awesome imo. Will try to upload the rom and flash method if anyone need it.
  8. How to Root Huawei G330

    #Pardon me...To identify your phone just check on the device ID in phone settings, not MAC.
  9. How to Root Huawei G330

    Go into your router setting, see connected devices if your phone is there. To identify your phone just look at the MAC address on your phone. You might want to try unplugging other devices and do a reset on the router. Power it down for 20 sec and turn it back on etc.
  10. How to Root Huawei G330

    Work straight out of the box own mine. Etotalk use their own custom ROM. If they provide you with the ROM. You could try to flash back to the manufacturer ROM and see if it work. If it still doesn't, then you might have a faulty device. Just curious, why did you hit with the customs clearance? Didn't they declare as gift?
  11. How to Root Huawei G330

    You have to click on the r/w to r/o at top of RE in order to alter any files. Actually there is no option to switch to primary storage with G330D, I have since bought a Huawei D1quad and gave the G330D to my daughter. :) I would have thought you should be able to move any music files on the sd card. My daughter had 4gb of music files all in the 32gb class10 sandisk i bought for her on Christmas.
  12. How to Root Huawei G330

    You can get rid of the Hispace.apk(Huawei App Centre) in SYSTEM/APP folder. Just long press the file and delete. I think the problem of LOST.DIR not just on huawei, if you just google "LOST.DIR" and you know what I mean :P . I use SD card as my primary storage in storage settings so all my music files goes in it.
  13. How to Root Huawei G330

    The only major differences I think is there isn't much support for the G330D in UK atm. With G330 UK version, you get full support from UK Huawei team. Saying that, I did wrote to the UK support team about some GPS positioning issue on the G330D. All they came up was a lame excuse saying the Chinese device only work in China :rolleyes:. At the end I got it working myself. You can get rid of any Chinese Stock Apps easily once rooted. Don't open the Huawei App centre though, otherwise you get bombarded with Chinese apps wanted to update etc. Best get rid of it in SYSTEM/APP folder via RE. I got my device from Ebay, not from China nor HK. They worked out about the same minus the waiting time. The seller in ebay also has a online shop here, postage is slightly cheaper compare to ebay. Hope it helps.
  14. How to Root Huawei G330

    Welcome to the G330 club :) Didn't look into the PhoneFinder feature as it is not important to me. I have not find the time to try any custom rom yet. I pretty happy with the Go Themes atm. Experiment626 seem the person who has tried and experiment few of the custom roms from ROMZJ site I think. I don't think you need to ask for new code once the phone is unlocked for root. I am still a newby on how to flash a rom and restore each individual user apps like Play Store. I suppose is the same as other rooted phones?
  15. Buying a new phone: G300 or G330?

    The G330D has compass, tested with google map. **EDIT : Sorry, no e-compass but it should support e-compass according to etotalk.com, does it mean it support map with compass? Confusing...