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  1. Bloody hell. I think the Nexus 4 has really changed the pricing game we'll be seeing from now on with top end Android devices... Now China are going to drop prices as low as possible with the clones. Excellent! I'm at that point where every potential purchase is going to be eclipsed by new hardware within months if not weeks of purchasing, mobile development is moving so fast. As soon as the clones move towards N4 pricing, though, I'm put off and think "I might aswell buy an N4". I think an Nexus 4 will be my next purchase this year.
  2. Fair point, updated title accordingly! Thus far no reboots since installing this last night although they were rare for me anyway. Glad to hear some positive responses from others.
  3. Once it's flashed it'll be there for good unless you change it yourself. It won't affect anything with your rom or recovery. @ jsevi83 It'll only get tested if people on here are willing to try it en masse ;) I've had no ill effects so there's no harm in trying. You can always flash the old bootloader if for any reason this one causes problems.
  4. Just watch what it says, if it's along the lines of "writing to whatever successfully" then it's worked. If it says "Permission denied" then it didn't.
  5. It's a bootloader issue, nothing to do with the rom. A fix was released today, see this -
  6. I'll be reporting my findings this week - I've installed the new bootloader without issue. Everything good!
  7. That just means you don't have a signal. This is a reworked custom bootloader which has nothing to do with the OS. AFAIK everybody with the custom bootloader (i.e. everyone not on stock) has reboot issues to some degree. On some roms I found it'd reboot sometimes when switching between 2g/3g (low 3g signal), under 10.1 it rebooted randomly while driving the other day. This could potentially fix everybody's reboot problems. Hats off to Dazz.
  8. Cheers mate, that got it! I'd just flashed CM9 from fresh and forgotten to enable it... All sorted! Now to see how the new bootloader performs! :)
  9. Dazz has released a new modified bootloader which claims to have fixed the 3G reboot issue on our G300. He posted the work in the CM9 thread but it might get overlooked by others so I thought a new thread would go down well. "Update: an issue people frequently encountered for quite some time (3G reboots) was located in the unlocked bootloader images. This has been fixed. If you are having these issues, run the bootloader unlocking script here again. Read: https://docs.google....Kq10K_-aeM/edit Download: http://g300.thebrona...926-root-bl.zip Dazz does it again. :) EDIT: If you're getting "Permissions denied", do this - Settings >>> 'Developer Options' => 'Root access' => 'Apps and ADB'. Thanks to fiah84. Post your results here - has it fixed 3G reboots for you? Massive thanks (as usual) to top G300 dev Dazz.
  10. Also getting Permission Denied with the new bootloader. I've got debugging enabled. Edit :: I started a new thread about the bootloader as not to clog this one -
  11. Confirmed: Encrypted WiFi tethering is working in R8. Currently connected through WPA2.
  12. Hmm, I guess that means I should update my last post - it's flashable via 2030 baseband but the network won't work! So will this mean a downgrade to GB via the IMEI method in order to have this rom working fully? Can you confirm tethering (USB & WiFi) is working?
  13. The Chinese thread is about 100 pages long, what are they discussing that we don't know about? Network definitely isn't fixed, I tried it myself. The rom however was very, very responsive - the sort of thing you'd expect from 2.3. But without network working it's useless!
  14. Thanks. I tried it last night and here are my findings - 1. You can flash it on 2030 baseband 2. It installs and boots very fast 3. I can't get a phone signal, manual search for networks returns an error I quickly went back to CM10.1 as without use of the phone part of Android the G300 becomes rather... less useful. A mod needs to merge all these CM7 threads.
  15. I've noticed that more than a couple of widgets across the homescreens causes quite a bit of keyboard lag (especially with Swiftkey and Kii) in, for example, Whatsapp. I don't know if this is a universal Android issue but as soon as I remove the widgets, leaving just Tunein, there's no more lag. Ignore this message if it's a standard Droid thing. Maybe I'll try another launcher but Trebuchet seems to do most of what the likes of Holo and Nova can do now. :)