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  1. YORK1233

    [ROM] Styx (CM6; updated 2012 05 25)

    Hey twrock the rom has been doing well so far i just have small problems ive found users on this forum boasting about having 100 apps running on their pulses i had 20 and it ran out of space and became unusable e.g- i couldn't receive messages . is there something im doing wrong? did i configure apps2sd properly? Also the web browsing experience on this phone honestly sucks. the browsers all lag constantly and if i switch programs the webpages are not stored in memory . so i have to start over.(which is a pain when i have multiple windows open) the only browser that is runs smooth and fast is opera mini but it fc's alot im about to wipe and start from beginning again and configure everything properly which may help the storage problem. but is there anyway to fix the slow browsing? its putting me off buying data for the phone as it would go to waste. edit - also touchpal is quite slow , is there a reason why most roms use it above stock android?> how can i install stock android keyboard back ? as i think its been removed from styx?
  2. YORK1233

    [ROM] Styx (CM6; updated 2012 05 25)

    Hey styx the rom is going good very fast and running smoothly , just to clarify ,the cyanogenmod settings for allowing movement of applications doesnt matter right? im running a2sd if i move an app to the sd card through the manage applications menu it has no affect on the available space on sd card and phone storage so im guessing not side note- im also running setcpu how how can you guys get stable
  3. YORK1233

    [ROM] Styx (CM6; updated 2012 05 25)

    thanks alot twrock you give fast responses:) i resolved the mass storage problem by going into recovery and mounting the sd card the touch screen ,another person mentioned the same probelm but i can live with it it is a very fast rom thanks alot also i read that you will get a new phone soon , are you going to keep developing the pulse ? i dont think youd get much if you sold it now lol
  4. YORK1233

    [ROM] Styx (CM6; updated 2012 05 25)

    Im new to the pulse scene , just as it seems to be dying :( lol ive tried your rom as it is up to date but once booted there is only a small chance the touch screen will work also the usb mass storage in the recovery and in the rom does not work once ive installed the rom so to flash back to 2.1 stock i had to use a card reader Ive tried the flb mod and it seems to be the best but i cannot seem to find apps e.g youtube , have they been discontinued? whats the best rom do you think twrock? i would give yours a try but i need mass storage and the touch is unreliable as i have to boot 5 times in order for it to work.