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  1. Micro7 2013-01-30

    this device only have 256mb ram its says on blade checker i think and ask mr pigfish said i can only tpt it by Use image.bin style TPTs
  2. Micro7 2013-01-30

    noob question is your tpt working with chinese blades aswell ?
  3. im having this problem as well did a full system wipe for my blade but the gallery itself is not loading.
  4. i wanna use this so bad but its so slow on chinese blade :(
  5. instagram, facebook, viber and sometimes on browser it keeps on returning back to home screen:D
  6. i used the China Unicom B15 firmware with rom but i got stuck at ftm screen after flashing it it keeps on looping back to ftm after a restart
  7. same here no luck with a new sd card still goin back to cwm :(
  8. i bricked my phone actually and i managed to fix it barely lol and now i have a CWM, wipe everything from there even installed a rom but fail to boot it couz its looping back to CWM over and over.
  9. tried all of this it keeps on booting up to CWM :( any solution im so desperate lol
  10. uhm hi im using this rom and its awesome my question is how to change the lock screen wallpaper for this rom :D