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  1. happy with 911 build .. all working fine
  2. It happened to me too , did that ,not working .. then flashed 914 and still on it
  3. looking like i'm the only one have a problem with VOIP app like viber,line .. ?! the problem started from 912 and still in 914 .. (update daily to find the fix :( (wipped , reseted , clearend ..).. now i cant run 915 and returned to 914 ) also i noticed voice recorder isn't working.. any help here ? battery is wonderfull , also the camera is fast thanks in advance
  4. I still have VOIP problem in 913 any help
  5. It happened to me first time I tried to upgrade, then I played and tried "fix permission" and the setup worked great
  6. i have a problem in voip audio :( was working in 10/9 build and not working in the build released in 11/9 .. AND today too 12/9 .. also after trying vopi like viber and no sound (hear or recieve) i must restart my phone to can make normal calls and unlock the mic but in general i like your work .. smooth and fast . great work
  7. any chance to fix random rebot ? my mobile in cm9 from r1 to r7 still in the same problem tnaks in advance
  8. طيب ممكن حد يشرحلى ايه مصلحة #الفلول فى اللى بيحصل ؟ #مصر #مرسي #اخوان

  9. sorry .. replied for the error in installing cwm .. do the 3 steps root http://huaweig300.co...00-root-windows then bootloader http://huaweig300.co...tloader-windows then cwm http://huaweig300.co...ockwork-windows guaranteed ! connect your phone and run the applications: first then second then third
  10. still happening to me too
  11. updated to the last version (manualy) faild to do it OTA i think it's more stable , great work
  12. thanks mate. .. but my menu key (the left touch key) working but no lighting in it .. after upgrading
  13. Closed Sell 0.01 Lots $AUDUSD 1.04655 for +14.7 pips, total for today +29.8 pips