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  2. I'm using the stock ROM but I'm also getting the same problem whenever just 40% it turns down.firstly my flashlight turn down Secondly my button stopped working now my battery stopping at 40% during shuts down at 40%
  3. Thank you so much man, it worked. I´ve got a backup of Tasker now.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi, one game that never made it to release, the Motorola MPX200 messed the plans a bit as it did not have a directional pad movement.
  6. : ) Hello all the old folks on here. Benzo
  7. No longer for sale. Still selling the s8
  8. Last week
  9. Bought in Spain on holiday, sim free unlocked.128gb dual sim.Still has the original film on rear and some part of the bezel. Also original screen protector still on.2 pin fast charger unused this can be swapped for a UK chargerUsb cable unusedHead phones unusedComes with 2 cases, one is a genuine samsung silicone with microfibre lining. £450 inc postage Will consider a trade for a newer iphone
  10. Selling like new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in Grey All accessories unused and phone still has factory screen protector on and been in a case so mint condition. Looking for £850 delivered
  11. Yes. In my country xiaomi is very popular now, i also have xiaomi
  12. Earlier
  13. I prefer default weather apps, they're the best.
  14. Xiaomi develop the best china's smartphones.
  15. I find this application really interesting and useful for trucks carrying goods.
  16. I didn't know this kind of apps existed, thanks for sharing it with us.
  17. I totally agree, the color of the case makes people want to buy it more.
  18. I don't anymore, but I want one now lol.
  19. Guys did you ever get android working on this with the unlocked bootloader, basically I'm trying to just remove all the Tesco crap from the tablet and to have root, but I'm a newb with this stuff?
  20. Got tired after seeing seeing corona corona every where. Now I will be watching these https://www.purevpn.com/blog/comedy-tv-shows-on-hulu/.
  21. Your search for an alternative to Hexnode MDM ends here.

    A clutter-free device management platform that is loved by customers. Experience the simplest way to manage your devices, publish apps and ensure the security of your device and data.

  22. Selling a like new Xiaomi Mix 3 5G in Blue. Unlocked and only been used a few days with a screen protector and case on. Great phone for 5G and has been used for a few days on Three 5G where I got 1.4Gbps speed in London. Selling as situation has changed so no need for it and can't be bothered to return to Xiaomi especially as they charge £699 at the moment for this so someone will get a bargain. Looking for £275 delivered
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