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  2. ACGroup

    Free Themes Update

  3. IamRahul

    Remove lock screen password?

    The blocking pattern as a way allows us to enter the wrong drawing for five times and the sixth is blocked. If we return to try we get a message that we have to wait 30 seconds. If you still did not get a divine inspiration, we will have to admit that we have forgotten. To do this, click on "Forgot pattern?". Once you do leave us a screen where we enter our data Gmail account. You're allowed to unlock your device using your Google account credentials. 1) After 5 incorrectly drawn patterns the screen will be lock. 2) At the bottom of the lock screen you can click on "Forgot pattern?" 3) Enter your Google account Username and Password. (assume you've signed Google account) 4) Click “Sign In”. 5) It allow you to Draw a NEW unlock pattern. Read more from : Here
  4. Yesterday
  5. Immaculate condition , factory reset 32gb iPad Pro plus accessories iPad Pro 9.7" 32gb Wi-fi/4g Rose Gold (4g EE) Genuine Apple Pencil with Cozy holder Genuine Apple iPad Pro Silicon Case Charcol Grey Genuine Apple iPad Pro Keyboard £300 Device has been reset and ready to setup for the new owner , includes RMSD.
  6. adamchad

    Poptel P60 - Dual Rear camera and 6GB RAM

    POPTEL P60-Multiple Photographing Modes 1. Face-age Photographing 2. Beauty and Cute Plus 3. Smiling Face photographing Source Official Page:
  7. Ismail_Lawomtong

    Apple MacBook Pro or Air, Wanted.

    Still looking for a MacBook laptop.
  8. zydog

    Oh dear, stuck on "Powered by Android"

    Sorry stepping on this post but I have a Verizon QMV7B tablet that is also stops at the "powered by android" screen sits there for 10 seconds or so then looks like it shuts off and powers back on by itself. none of the buttons appear to functioning. holding the power button down for minutes doesn't do anything it just keeps at this loop. tablet slowly started to battery die until it wouldn't charge so bought new battery and stuck in it and that's when it started this loop. I have tried all the button sequences to try to get it to go into any kind of recovery mode but nothing responds. just the stock rom and nothing was messed with. ideas?
  9. Last week
  10. Hi Dani! Can you help me? I don't found Fluffykitkat (CM 11) for an old Huawei G510... Please!!!

  11. nasrojee

    Nomu S50 Pro - Phone specs - Discussion

    thanks for sharing
  12. Thetechfan

    Apple Watch Series 1

    Will take 100
  13. mesti

    Vodafone Smart V8 (VDF 710) - Root / Custom ROMs

    What about cyanogenmod for ZTE V870? Could this work on V8? Has anyone tried this ? https://amp.cusrom.com/custom-rom-zte-v870-cm14-nougat-port-from-s7-edge/
  14. Bowers & Wilkins PX Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - £160 Fully boxed pair of Bowers and Wilkins PX Headphones in Blue/Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07574TYWW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_FbofCbZ8C9YB9 Used handful of times and mint condition. Postage via RMSD Payment via BACS Thanks Mike
  15. guitarfreak

    Dell XPS 15 9570 SOLD

    900 Weekend deal
  16. kevwright

    Pixel 3 Black 64GB ***SOLD***

    Never locked, fully boxed with untouched accs. Condition same as new. Just under two weeks old, only tested in house so as new.64GB£539 Inc RMSD
  17. guitarfreak

    Dell XPS 15 9570 SOLD

    £975 anyone? Lol..
  18. i should say one thing mobdro was recently shutdown and the developers are going to introducing new apps. so find here best alternative app for mobdro. Tvtap pro windows
  19. Hai dear, i really disappointed for saying this recently mobdro was shutdown by the developers due to some issues. now there coming with best alternatives for mobdro app. kinldy follow the below link. titaniumtv.me | cyberflix tv
  20. Smartphone are gradually becoming homogenized, and various mobile phone manufacturers are researching consumer needs and launching various types of models that can reflect their differences. The wide range of mobile phone usage scenarios and the durability of the product itself have also become the breakthrough point for manufacturers to pursue differentiation. For the emergency scenes encountered in the daily life of mobile phones, the IP68 rugged smartphone come to the market. The three-proof mobile phone is characterized by its professional waterproof, dustproof and excellent anti-drop and anti-squeezing properties, which can be used in unusually harsh conditions and special occasions. ioutdoor is an excellent manufacturer specializing in the field of IP68 rugged phones for decades, its products are focused on quality and three-proof performance. In order to meet more customers satisfactions, ioutdoor released their flagship- ioutdoor x, the thinnest IP68 rugged smartphone combined with similar style of Huawei mate 20rs Porsche Design. So beautiful IP 68 rugged smartphone, the tri-proof performance can meet the professional standard? This video will tell you the truth: 1.Cruel Shock-proof test: In this test, we throw the ioutdoor x from any angle, above 1.8 m , and it don’t have any damage to the screen. 2.Professional water-proof test: After testing the anti-drop performance, the waterproof test is now performed. The author has no mercy to throw the phone into the pool. Imagine if your daily phone fall into the water, you will be nervous, but ioutdoor just like the fish swimming in the pool. Take easy! 3. Scratch proof test: ioutdoor x bring the GORNING GORILLA 5 glass, have the great performance not only in the shock-proof but also in the scratch proof. The reviewer directly use the key to slash the screen for many times, and even directly put the screen on the cement board and rub it back and forth. Above, ioutdoor x have great IP68 performance in water-proof, shock proof and scratch proof although it’s beautiful and unique design not meet our rugged phone impression. Beside this, 6GB+128GB big storage, Helio p23, 16MB+8MB dual camera, android 8.1 latest system. It is the new worth buying IP68 rugged smartphone in 2019!
  21. Ismail_Lawomtong

    Apple MacBook Pro or Air, Wanted.

    MacBook Pro or Air wanted year 2015 in Good/Excellent condition don't mind if 15inch or 13inch model. My top budget is £650 delivered, please let me know what you have, thanks.
  22. I have a Galaxy S7 and I can not download it, is this normal?
  23. negan16

    [Free Game] World of Car Mechanic 2018

    it is available in Android only? not under iOS?
  24. negan16

    What is the importance of kotlin language in Android?

    how does it greatly facilitate the development of Android, please?
  25. Thetechfan

    Apple Watch Series 1

    Selling an excellent condition Apple Watch Series 1 in Space Grey. 42mm and has hardly been used as I don't have an iPhone. Comes boxed with charger, also thrown in an orange strap and a 3rd party black milanise loop band. Watch has had a case on to protect and will include Not a single mark on it and again hardly used as not had an iPhone for more than a few days. Looking for £120 delivered
  26. As we know the double 12 is the biggest shopping festival in china as double11. Every Chinese maker worth their salt is preparing some kind of a special promo event or sales for this promotional carnival. So it comes as a no strange that ioutdoor brand is also putting up some sales in advance so let’s take a look at their highlighted Top 3 phones to get from the event on their Aliexpress shop. Under the ioutdoor brand belong also the rugged phone and the first piece is just release few week ago and get hot popular model- ioutdoor x. Here maybe the excited news for ioutdoor x lovers. The phone can offer 5,7-inch HD+ panel, Helio P23 processor, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB of internal storage, Face ID tech, thinnest body and unique motor racing design, IP68 certification or the Android 8.1 Oreo. The retail price 299.99$,and of course a special 12.12 price 227.99 $(it’s the lowest price since it is release). Then comes the ioutdoor T2, which is the strong and special rugged phone as it support walkie-talkie function. It very suitable for outdoor activities and some serious environment,big 4500mAh battery provide 1800h standby and can be used as power bank when your other device batter empty, professional IP68 for water-proof and shock-proof guaranteed. Discount price at 39.99$ down from retail price 59.99$(competitive price in year)
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