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    Our favourite apps for saving money and getting free stuff

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  5. It's almost the same, with more app compatibility and Live Wallpapers.
  6. This ROM is really good thanks
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  9. Back in February Tesco were informing some Hudl owners that they were aware of a problem and were investigating.This was followed a little later with a set of instructions on how to deal with the problem,but as we now know these instructions did not work for most owners. Following further complaints to Tesco it would seem they now say - -sorry, the tablets have reached the end of their life.This is patently not true as many Hudls are still working away - unless their owner tried a Factory reset.! I am not a lawyer but surely any reasonable person reading the initial response from Tesco would be entitled to conclude that by agreeing there was a problem and issuing instructions for its solution Tesco were admitting it was their responsibility.To now say the tablets are finished and they are no longer responsible is,surely, unacceptable. I am pleased that so many of us have contacted various Consumer Rights organisations and am hoping that perhaps one of their legal experts will consider following this up.
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    Free Themes Update

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  12. Dave the bus

    Hudl 2 connects to wifi but Tesco update server not switched on

    Sorry to say this but everyone who has a hudl will be told its end of life and tesco will not do anything.. I have contacted BBC watchdog and am waiting a reply but tesco will NOT be held responsible to its customers for this disgusting betrayal they have left us with (I have 2 hudl 2"s) I for one will never buy from them again
  13. I do not think Tesco will agree to implement any solution with an ongoing cost to the company.
  14. Indeed, I'm certain that it is fear of ongoing support that they do not want to pay for, perhaps even the likelihood of people associating them forever with failing Hudl's going forward despite any open-sourcing solution they might allow us. Still galling that I can't even use it as a dumb book reader, photo viewer, etc., only because of it being so inextricably linked with the supplier who are abandoning it without warning.
  15. My first thought on receiving my own "Hudl1 is end of life" response from their social media team. What are they doing that takes a blue age to suggest that they want to help, come up with a technical "solution" that doesn't work (for a device that they knew how to maintain for years), to suddenly discover a business decision to ditch customers? Quite apart from the fact that we have been left with bricked devices because of Tesco's doings or omissions, with no prior warning about no longer being able to do factory resets, to essentially walk away in this manner after the past few months of hinting at being helpful is embarrassingly amateurish. I'll be taking it further.
  16. SvenTaow

    Uhans Max 2 User Review

    I've written a couple of reviews on Uhans Max 2. Bought it on GearBest last year and just couldn't but react to the users' earlier discussions. Actually, Makeuseof editors asked me to syndicate my review on their website, but I preferred to write a new one (as a few months passed and I did try a couple of things with it).
  17. Hi again everyone, Yesterday afternoon I did another stint of warning sellers on eBay who are selling their hudls (both 1s and 2s) as fully working, unaware that their buyers will want to return them as faulty due to this issue... However, it looks like I've triggered some red flag on eBay and the number of messages I can send per day has been limited (to 6, it seems, after having sent 35 yesterday) so I wondered if someone else could take over for a bit? Someone on this thread did say earlier that they'd been doing the same. I've just had an online chat with eBay and they couldn't see any reason for my outgoing messages being restricted and promised to get the restriction lifted, but if someone else could warn the slew of new listings that would be good. Thanks!
  18. Dave the bus

    Hudl 2 connects to wifi but Tesco update server not switched on

    I have just come off the phone with tesco about my 2 hudl 2"s that won't connect and have been told its not their problem and they won't do anything about it and it's tough luck go buy a new one... Now both these tablets were working fine before hand and I've had them 2 years from new but sorry to say they don't want to know and say its not there software update so that's it!!!!!! Anyone want a couple of expensive bookends... Dave
  19. It will certainly be interesting to see what Tesco IT's reply To BelAstair's message is....it could be quite revealing. My guess is that they've gone for the 'end of useful life' approach not because they can't generate a solution, but because they've been told by higher management that it isn't acceptable to generate one that commits Tesco to any further support resource in future. I feel sure that's the real sticking point.... If I'm right, they might well be open a compromise in providing a solution that permanently removes any future support commitment. In practice, given that most users won't be capable of the ingenious solutions we've already seen on this forum, this would probably mean their providing an update which removes the requirement to go through Tesco's servers during setup. Provided they issued the necessary instructions for this, and warned everyone with affected HUDLs to run it within a reasonable timeframe, they could then withdraw server support. It would also get them out of a potentially nasty reputational backlash if the broadcast media do start to take an interest. The debacle of the accounting scandal is still relatively fresh in peoples' minds, and they won't want this dredged up again. Let's hope reason prevails...
  20. So does this mean Tesco could turn off the server permanently? Also can someone please tell me how to get rid of box for grocer's quote I decided not to use? It appears in the reply box all the time now.
  21. That sounds great . I take my hat off to you again!
  22. Hello, Micky007. I guess it would be boot-LOS12-mm or boot-CM12-mm-wifi last ones that are built.
  23. BellAlistair

    Hudl 2 connects to wifi but Tesco update server not switched on

    I've emailed Tesco yesterday to suggest the minor change they need to make to their server to make my instructions redundant and ask the reason why they aren't doing it! I've had a response from the front line staff to say it has been passed to the support team so you never know... It all hinges around that one response from the Tesco server that the rest of the instructions are simply enabling us to intercept and change, if we can persuade them to change it at their end then all is well. Back up the thread on the 8th Feb @chrisevilgenius had success for the Hudl 2 using essentially the same method (different implementation) so I think if we can persuade Tesco to make the change to their webserver Then all will be well, Tesco will actually be in their stated position that they are no longer supplying updates but now in the position that their server is effectively saying "no updates available" rather than replying with something that causes older Hudls to get confused and stop. Whether that null is really handled in the software or just causes the code to continue is really neither here nor there just as long as the code continues and lets the setup complete! Will let you know if I get a real reply from Tesco.
  24. Hi Guys, Can I just say that what @BellAlistair has done here is really quite extraordinary. I take my hat off to you, even though I have to be honest and say that it is way above my head. Can I, however, ask a simple question? Would it be possible to now approach the tech guys at Tesco with details of this process, so that they can be shamed into resolving the problem for all of us? Or am I being too simplistic here? Anybody?
  25. Well, if it's the same hardware, do we have the firmware for it? I'm new to Hudl scene
  26. I'd rather do the other thing you said was possible, .i.e. to clone a 5.1 tablet and make all the 4.4.2 ones copies of it instead! That way no workarounds, user accounts, special instructions would be needed. So if anyone can figure out how to clone and can issue instructions, that would be great! (And as I said, I can provide both 5.1 and 4.4.2 hudl2s if necessary for the investigation.)
  27. Ok, so for your case, you need someone to do the same instructions for a Hudl 2 and figure out the right response. I'm sure someone will help soon. And then you need a Windows laptop, and once you've done it once it'll be easy for the other tablets, you just need a Sunday like today to understand the instructions and then bypass the updates, then create a tablet user with instructions on your listings to not Factory Reset!
  28. Thanks Sarkie - even if it was a bit technical, it would have the advantage of being something that would only ever need done to a hudl2 once, even if it was factory reset it would now be safe from the current Tesco issue! The reason I'm asking is that in order to continue to sell hudl2s on eBay I would need a solution that will be invisible to the buyer - a hudl2 working perfectly normally on 5.1. I couldn't sell hudls that come with complicated instructions, complete embargo on ever doing a factory reset, etc... So if at some point you were able to issue step-by-step instructions on how to clone a 5.1 hudl2 onto 4.4.2 hudl2s I would definitely at least try to have a go at it, despite it being technical... Seeing I have 50ish 4.4.2 hudl2s to lose otherwise!
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