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  4. Here i have one with receipt £328
  5. nasrojee

    Poptel P60 - Dual Rear camera and 6GB RAM

    18:9 screen design, i have seen may times on the trendy phones, and now the rugged phone also follow such trend. It’s good.
  6. Last week
  7. Pjohnston68

    Atomic dove

    First time here How does this work please
  8. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S/M3-6Y30/4GB Ram/128GB SSD/12" - £210 Selling a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, it’s in mint condition I just don’t have a box Comes with the official keyboard and Windows 10 Pro is installed and activated. Selling as isnt really used that much. Postage via RMSD Payment via BACS Thanks Mike.
  9. Help, when I type the oem unlock, it;s stuck saying waiting for device, while my devise is plugged in. What can I do?
  10. Color Tap is an exciting game that combines reaction time and your ability to think. The game is about making quick, but also the right choices. Compare yourself to others worldwide in our scoreboard! How to play: ● Tap, tap, tap, but tap the right color. ● If the word has a color, tap the color of the word. ● If the word is grey tap the meaning. ● Reaction time and the ability to think is the key to win. ● Compare your skills on our worldwide scoreboard. Get it on Goolge Play
  11. joeyjoejoe

    Smart Ultra 6 - ROM 6.0.1. with ROOT

    Hello can someone please reupload this file as its been deleted. Thanks.
  12. Hi all I've tried the OnePlus for a few days but still can't seem to settle. Phone is immaculate and only a few days old. I have removed the fitted protector as it seemed to pick up too many fingerprints for my taste. Will send RMSD
  13. rossackay

    Forza 7 & Forza Horizon 4 Digital codes

    Forza Horizon 4 sold, Forza 7 still up for grabs.
  14. ACGroup

    Free Themes Update

    NOVEMBER UPDATE FREE THEMES x6 (PART 12) GOOGLE PLAY: Supernova Blue Supernova Green Supernova Red Supernova Purple Supernova Pink Beautiful Cyan
  15. ACGroup

    Free Themes Update

  16. UnLock Bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    Most of the guys failed to unlock Redmi Note 3 bootloader with official method. Here I have linked both the articles which will very helpful to you in case if you are unable to unlock the bootloader.

    Both methods are very easy to use & explained very well.

  17. The drivers given above didn't work for me. 

    I have tried this Moto G USB Driver https://samtechnology.org/adobe-photoshop-7-0-free-download-full-version-setup/  & this works for me perfectly.


  18. dalyer

    China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Xiaomi Poco/Pocophone F1 gives the OnePlus 6T a run for its money and is significantly cheaper. Just got one but haven't started using it yet.
  19. bobdi

    China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    oneplus 6t is the best phone for today, with the original android launcher and small price. I can't whaite black friday to bay this phone
  20. guitarfreak

    Pixel 3 XL White 64GB SOLD

    Hi All Selling my Pixel 3 XL as I have moved to a 6T for a while and appreciate the value, no point me keeping 2 similar devices.
  21. Happy to offer asking price for this then.
  22. Selling a couple of Xbox digital download codes: Forza 7 - £15 Horizon 4 - SOLD Save yourself even more than the Black Friday Xbox sale! Available for immediately sending once payment is made.
  23. Didn't know there were such offers, in short no.
  24. Has this had the various offers available such as free months of YouTube premium, etc used?
  25. I've using Nike + for my training, before I've used Pebble with their health app
  26. I think it's something with Download manager 4.1.2 app
  27. Bought from Very about 3 months ago. In excellent condition and comes boxed. £570
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