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    DukWite is a very challenging puzzle game. You are a little green dude, and your mission is to complete all of the twelve levels in the game. To beat each level you must reach the door, but this is not as easy since the door is not always in a convenient place. There are obstacles in the way such as bricks that are non-moveable and blocks that are moveable, which you can use to your advantage. You have the ability to pick up and put down one block at a time, and then can climb up and down the blocks and bricks in order to reach the door. His movement is limited to one space at a time however, and he can only climb up and to the left or right in one diagonal space. You must use the blocks to get over columns of bricks, and to build staircases to reach other sets of blocks that will be necessary in your goal of reaching the door in each level. The levels become increasingly harder and more complex to solve, and you will need to use strategy and experimentation with your placement of the blocks in order to solve a level. This fun and entertaining game will keep you addicted and playing until you have beaten all the levels!

    :arrow: not less than 12 levels increasingly harder
    :arrow: a addicting music
    :arrow: originals graphics
    :arrow: in English and French
    :arrow: all Smartphornes compatible
    :arrow: FREEWARE



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