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    Eglence Zamanı

    Sıkılmadan oyun oynuyabiliceksiniz hemde hiç internetinizden yemeden

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    CamGAG fake cam girl system

    CamGAG is an advanced fake webcam system that display a person into a video but you can control the model from the video to do different things and it looks so real that your webcam partner thinks they're talking to a real person. We have models that can perform 200 commands, from wave, touch nose, cover eyes until to a complete adult nude show.
    We have many models to chose from at www.camgag.com



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    Menu Image

    This is just a little app that will let you set an image as your menu background. There is no installation. Just unzip and put it anywhere on your smartphone. Be careful, It will change settings in your registry when adding an Image. (Specificaly: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Shell/Rai/:MSStart) I have tested it quite a few times and seems to work perfectly. The Images have to be JPG's and have to be in "My Pictures" or "Application Data/Home".




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    make ur LED Funny

    little description about software is that,

    when some body rings u or u have rcvd a msg , the led blinks fast

    Note by Gorskar: Not tested.



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    SmartTouch Mobile (Smartphone)

    SmartTouch mobile apps gives you FREE, fast, easy access to Facebook, Google, Amazon and other favorites, all through texting. No data plan required. Our simple scroll-and-click text messaging system shortcuts the cost and hassle of data plans so you can get what you want, when you want. Download over-the-air right to your phone at www.smarttouchmobileinc.com!

    SmartTouch Mobile works for Windows Mobile 6.0 (non-touchscreen) in the USA.
    For Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional (touchscreen) in the USA, download here:



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    Impress your friends, and perhaps yourself, with your indepth knowledge of London cockney rhyming slang!

    This utility allows you to enter a phrase, and convert it into rhyming slang. Ideal for those trips to London, where you want to disguise your tourist like ways!

    You'd be a muppet not to have a butchers hook at this utility for your dog and bone...!



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    Smurf - Bluetooth Logger

    Smurf is a Bluetooth Logging program for MS Smartphone, it scans at a set interval and retrieves a list of all the bluetooth devices your device can see. It can also automatically BlueJack devices based on simple rules. It has been created because I wanted to see how many bluetooth devices there are out there and if any of them had interesting names, with the intention of sending a message to those with interesting names. Great for pubs, trains and other enclosed spaces. Why smurf? well, they are blue...

    Current features
    Automatically detecting Bluetooth devices in your vicinity
    Logging who it has seen
    Alerting to devices found by sound and/or vibrate
    Identify the manufacturer that owns the Bluetooth MAC (from list of 10,000!)
    BlueJack devices automatically

    for more info and latest versions check: gatefold.co.uk/smurf



  8. Free

    Mobile CricketCast for Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003/2005

    Mobile CricketCast delivers live coverage of every international match on your phone.Ball-by-ball text commentary, scorecards and match data are pushed to your phone in real-time.

    Never miss the action while on the move! Follow Cricket games anywhere, anytime! Catch the latest score! Get live text commentary from Cricinfo pushed to your phone with every ball.

    Optimized for Cricket: CricketCast significantly minimizes over-the-air traffic and data usage on your phone. CricketCast uses differential updates and sends compressed data on every ball, unlike WAP Browser page refreshes

    Easy to use: No buttons to press! Get continuous streaming coverage. Get everything you need with convenient mini-scorecards, and streaming tickers

    Neat visual effects: Vibrating visual and audio indicators for events such as OUT, FOUR and SIX
    Available on over 450 phones: Catch the live action from Java/J2ME phones, RIM Blackberry, Windows Pocket PC PDA, Windows Smartphone, and Palm Treo Devices


    From your Smartphone: Visit plusmo.com/c to download over the air

    From PC: Register at plusmo.com/cricket to receive an email with an install link.

    Please send feedback to [email protected]

    - Sudheer



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    TesCourses permet de faire ta liste de courses sur votre smartphone.
    Je n'ai pas trouvé un soft qui me convenait. Je l'ai donc fait à mon goût.
    Je vous en fais profiter.
    PS: J'ai aussi fais une version PC pour saisir plus rapidement toutes la liste de coures. Vous pouvez le télécharger depuis mon site: http://tescourses.free.fr

    With this application, you make your shopping list on your smartphone.
    I didn't find software that complained me. So I develop it.
    I also develop this software for a PC. For me, it's easier to create my shopping liste on a PC, to copy it on my smartphone and to use it.
    You download it on my portal: http://tescourses.free.fr



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    Use your Bluetooth headset to listen to MP3's with Windows Media player. VB.NET Source code included!



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