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Pocket PC Phone Edition Software

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  1. Free

    SmartTouch Mobile (Pocket PC)

    SmartTouch mobile apps gives you FREE, fast, easy access to Facebook, Google, Amazon and other favorites, all through texting. No data plan required. Our simple scroll-and-click text messaging system shortcuts the cost and hassle of data plans so you can get what you want, when you want. Download over-the-air right to your phone at www.smarttouchmobileinc.com!
    SmartTouch Mobile is for Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional (touchscreen) users in the USA.



  2. Free

    Elecont Quick Desktop

    Elecont Quick Desktop adds to Today screen useful features: Phone Calls, SMS, Applications and Task Management.



  3. Free

    MobiBlogr - A Free RSS Reader & Blog Client

    Read what you like and blog what you think, enjoy all your favorites and share them with your friends!
    RSS Reader and blog client all in one software on your mobile phone.
    Checking weather, headlines and local news, MobiBlogr makes the software for your daily life.



  4. Free

    Kaiser Notifications

    Kaiser Notifications (for HTC Tytn II*)
    Version 2.02

    * This should also work on the HTC Touch Cruise, please let me know if you try it and it works okay. Works with Windows Mobile 6.1 and the .NET compact frame 2.0 or 3.5.

    Version 2.02 - Fixes an error relating to date time parsing when using certain cooked ROMs. If you do not have this problem no need to upgrade.

    Whats new in version 2.0?

    Audio and vibrate reminder alerts for new items

    Version 2 now allows you to add audio and vibrate reminder alerts for unread items. Most mobile phones do this and I started to miss this on the Kaiser. Mobile phones will intermitently beep/vibrate if you have new items but haven't seen them, whereas Windows Mobile generally sounds once when the item arrives but gives no additional sounds after that and leaves it to a flashing LED to get your attention. With this version your Kaiser will play a wav file of your choice and/or vibrate every so many minutes for new items.

    To avoid battery drain and annoying those around you in your absence, the phone will increase the time span between reminders, the default is: Item arrives, phone alerts as normal. If after 5 minutes you haven't read the message, it will play the selected wav file and/or vibrate. If the message still goes unread it will then alert again after waiting for 10 minutes, then it will alert after a wait of 15 minutes, then 20 minutes, all the way up to 60 minutes, where it will then alert every hour. These settings are configurable.

    Off schedule

    You can now set a period where the Kaiser Notification program should not interupt you, typically this would be used for overnight. LEDs stop flashing, and no alerts are played for unread items. You can also select to turn the mobile phone off during this period which is great for saving battery power and knowing you are not going to be woken by a ringing phone.

    What's fixed?

    When roaming onto networks the LED will now flash normally.

    What's still broken?

    I've had no joy finding out how to flash the LED amber. You may still select amber as an option, however it will flash green. Hopefully I will get to the bottom of this soon.

    As per a few requests I have not been able to adjust the flash rates for the LED, or have them light static while charging.

    Installation Instructions

    The program must be installed on 'Device' to work, it currently does not work if installed on storage card.

    1) Copy the cab file to the device and run it. Install to device and not a storage card. If you have the first version it will be removed automatically.
    2) From Programs click the new icon for 'Kaiser Notfication Setup'.
    3) On first running the setup program the LEDs will automatically be set to the pre-defined defaults, change as required. Set up a schedule and reminder alerts as required.

    A link is placed in the Windows/Startup folder during install that will ensure the tiny program that controls the LEDs is loaded automatically when the Kaiser is soft reset or turned off and back on.


    Use Remove Programs to uninstall. After uninstall a soft reset is necessary to get the LEDs flashing as per the original HTC settings.

    Other Information

    Once this program is installed the LED will not light steady during a charge. This functionality will of course be restored after uninstalling.

    Wi-Fi isn't indicated with this program as the device needs to be on to have Wi-Fi enabled anyway so you can see the connectoin status on the display.

    Scheduling Mobile Phone to Turn On

    (Update: On Windows Mobile 6.1 ROMs with Radio version this is no longer an issue) If you set a schedule and select to turn the mobile phone on at the end of the scheduled period, please note the Kaiser will come fully on before timing out and going back to standby. This behaviour I can not change and is triggered by the radio chip. Please be careful if using this as option as when the phone turns on it could be subject to accidental button presses, and of course I can not be responsible for any charges you may incur if the phone accidently dials out.

    Alert/vibrate reminders

    The alert/vibrate reminder is silenced as soon as you read one or more unread items. You do not need to read all unread items to silence the alert/vibrate reminder. The idea of the reminder is to get you back to look at your phone for new items that have arrived but you have missed, once you read a single item the reminders are cancelled as it has done it's job of getting your attention. Should any new items arrive afterwards, the alerts will start again.

    Sound files

    You may select any wav file for the alert sound. Only wav files that are in the Windows folder are supported. You may of course add a wav to the Windows folder to use your own sound.

    Any problems let me know in the support forum. Enjoy.



  5. Free

    CFFileBrowser - beta

    A small file browser for the pda. Supports some picture-files (not yet thumbnails) and easy file/dir operations.
    .net Compact Framework 2.0 needed (download)
    Just pick out the executable file you'll need for your device and run it.



  6. Free

    mDigger Reader for Pocket PC

    A new version of mDigger Reader. has just been released! mDigger Reader is the powerful little program for smart phones, Pocket PC’s, PDA’s, Tablet PC’s, etc., that lets users read, organize, share, save and update all news, information and pictures delivered to their mobile devices from the free Internet information service, mDigger. mDigger Reader provides users with a great channel browsing and mobile information sharing experience. In addition its standard features such as:

    Desktop –free synchronization
    Offline (or online) reading with images included
    Article thumbnails with quick drill down to full text
    Ability to organize channels into groups

    Image and text sharing (ability to save channel images and text between applications on your device or send and share externally to others)
    New image preview section
    Additional context menu in channel read mode
    Optimized interface for channel browsing
    Now also supports new devices running on Windows Mobile 6.0
    Added support for 3G Smartphones
    Totally new server synchronization protocol. More reliable, incredibly fast & proxy transparent.
    mDigger Reader can be downloaded for free directly from the mDigger website at: http://www.mdigger.com/download.aspx.

    mDigger Service is a Internet service that provides users with the capability to conveniently access a vast assortment of Web resources from their mobile devices. The Service transforms traditional Internet-based content into a format that is tailored for a user's specific device, resulting in a rich and mobile-friendly Web experience.

    Users can sign up for free at http://www.mdigger.com . The service offers a demo account for users who want to try it out before registering. Demo login is [email protected] and password: demo.

    mDigger supports a broad range of content and offers over 1,200 channels in its easy-to-search catalog and is actively accepting requests for new channels in its forum at http://forum.mdigger.com

    Please try it out and let us know what you think!

    Quarta Mobile Team



  7. Free

    Mobile CricketCast for Windows Mobile PocketPC

    Mobile CricketCast delivers live coverage of every international match on your phone.Ball-by-ball text commentary, scorecards and match data are pushed to your phone in real-time.

    Never miss the action while on the move! Follow Cricket games anywhere, anytime! Catch the latest score! Get live text commentary from Cricinfo pushed to your phone with every ball.

    Optimized for Cricket: CricketCast significantly minimizes over-the-air traffic and data usage on your phone. CricketCast uses differential updates and sends compressed data on every ball, unlike WAP Browser page refreshes

    Easy to use: No buttons to press! Get continuous streaming coverage. Get everything you need with convenient mini-scorecards, and streaming tickers

    Neat visual effects: Vibrating visual and audio indicators for events such as OUT, FOUR and SIX
    Available on over 450 phones: Catch the live action from Java/J2ME phones, RIM Blackberry, Windows Pocket PC PDA, Windows Smartphone, and Palm Treo Devices


    From your PDA: Visit plusmo.com/c to download over the air

    From PC: Register at plusmo.com/cricket to receive an email with an install link

    Please send feedback to [email protected]

    - Sudheer



  8. Free

    Elecont Weather for PocketPC and Smartphone (Demo)

    Elecont Weather

    Elecont Weather is Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone weather forecast software.Full six-day weather forecast
    available for more than 51,000 locations. Weather forecast is displaying directly on Home/Today screen with multiple
    animated skins. Elecont Weather optimized for different display sizes and has several weather forecast layouts.

    Localized to 9 languages including English, French, Italiano, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.

    Key features
    Full six day forecast for day and night, current temp, air pressure, ultraviolet index, humidity and wind info
    Global weather for 51,000+ locations Check location...
    Animated forecast on Home and Today screen
    Skin support with animated HQ-icons
    Multiple forecast layouts for small and big screens (including mini 1 line layout)
    Compatible with Windows Mobile themes
    Adjustable size and position on screen
    Free full-functional 3-day trial version. Free updates.
    Localized to 10 languages
    Receive 25% off your online order at http://www.elecont.com

    Learn more, download and purchase Elecont Weather only for $10,95 at http://www.elecont.com

    Download free trial version CAB http://www.elecont.com/pocket/ElecontWeather_c.ARMv4.CAB
    Download free trial version EXE http://www.elecont.com/pocket/ElecontWeather.exe



  9. Free

    TrafficEdge (Windows Pocket PC)

    View Critical Traffic Information Real-time with over 8,000 Traffic Camera Images and Traffic Maps. Check Traffic status at home, work or even when on the road. There is no monthly subscription fee or recurring costs.<br><br>

    With TrafficEdge you will always know the right way home. TrafficEdge gives you easy to understand traffic camera images and traffic maps in real-time* so you can steer clear of traffic spots. Get TrafficEdge at a one time cost of USD 9.99.<br>

    TrafficEdge is now available for Windows Smartphone, Windows Pocket PC, BlackBerry, Symbian and Palm OS<br>

    Try TrafficEdge free for 14 days. Download the trial version today<br><br>

    <b>TrafficEdge is nominated twice by Pocket PC Magazine for Best Software Award</b><br><br>
    <img src="http://www.edgeq.com/Resources/Images/2006-BSANominee_PPC.gif"><br>
    <B>TrafficEdge</B> is Pocket PC magazine
    <B>Best Software Award 2006</B> nominee <br><br>
    <img src="http://www.edgeq.com/Resources/Images/PocketPCNominee.gif"><br>
    <B>TrafficEdge</B> was Pocket PC magazine
    <B>Best Software Award 2005</B> nominee<br><br>
    <b>Key Features</b>
    <LI>Real-Time access to over 8,000 updated traffic cameras & maps worldwide
    <LI>Customizable list of cameras for most frequently used roads. Favorite cameras are always just a click away
    <LI>Status bar to display download status of camera images
    <LI>Improved user interface
    <LI>History saves most frequently used Cameras and Maps
    <LI>No more expensive monthly subscription costs. Pay one time charge of US $9.99 to download TrafficEdge and get unlimited access to Traffic Cameras and Maps
    <LI>Auto-Refresh allows you to refresh camera images automatically every 1 to 20 minutes
    <LI>Keypad shortcuts make it convenient to zoom in and zoom out images, reset view, and jump to different parts of images
    <LI>Automatic Camera Updates ensure your TrafficEdge has the most up-to-date list of Traffic Cameras and Maps. You can also run manual updates to get the updated list of Traffic Cameras and Maps
    <LI>TrafficEdge incorporates server driven Service Oriented Architecture keeps maps updated so you will always have the latest traffic camera images every time you view/refresh* a camera image <br><br>

    *Availability of cameras depends on a number of factors including Internet availability, communications networks, and computer equipment. The camera images are published automatically from Department of Transportation (DOT) camera websites and hence cannot be guaranteed as to accuracy or timeliness. <br><br>

    <b>Major locations available</b><br><br>
    <b>US Locations:</b><br>
    <li>Montgomery County, Maryland
    <li>New Jersey
    <li>New York
    <li>North Carolina
    <li>Washington DC

    <b>Other Worldwide locations</b>:
    <li>New Zealand

    We are constantly adding new cities and traffic maps. Please e-mail us if you know any cameras or traffic maps online that we have missed.<br><br>

    <b>Try and Buy!</b> Fully functional 14-day trial allows you to evaluate TrafficEdge before you buy registration key from Handango.com<br><br>

    <b>Want to buy the registered version?</b> No need to reinstall TrafficEdge. You can convert your trial version to registered version. Buy the registration key from your Windows Pocket PC using the <b>Buy-Now - Web</b> option or use the <b>Request Registration</b> option to send the Buy Now link to your mailbox<br><br>

    Prerequisites: <br>
    GPRS/Internet connectivity to use TrafficEdge<br>
    Windows Compact Framework (Only for Windows Mobile 5.0)<br>
    Download: http://www.edgeq.com/builds/NETCFv2.wm.arm...r><br>

    <b>TrafficEdge is also available for the following devices</b><br>
    -Windows Mobile 6.0 based Smartphone<br>
    -Blackberry <br>
    -Nokia Symbian <br>
    -Palm OS<br><br>



  10. Free


    A app that turns your pocket pc a iphone.

    Its like you have all your ppc an iphone when you use it.

    Its really cooooooool.



  11. Free

    ContactMP3 v.1.1

    Simply set ringtone in MP3 format to contacts and categories.
    You can save the links to your .mp3 files:
    1. In seldom ising field Email3 in Contact.
    2. To the file in program directory.
    After HardReset you can restore information .

    Program is tested on Windows Mobile 5.0
    and requireв .Net Compact Framework 2.0



  12. Free

    calcPad 1.6

    calcPad - the new Business-Calculator for your Pocket PC!

    Keep track of your calculations by simple structures.

    calcPad features the possibility to include annotations into a calculation for the sake of clarity.
    Its virtual paper tape allows to scroll up and down the calculation to edit it - Correct results will be shown immediately!


    Scroll up and down through the virtual paper tape of your calculation and update individual positions or change typos - calcPad corrects the result immediately.


    Annotate single positions and summarize your calculation in paragraphs with words and sentences.


    Save your recurrent calculations as patterns. Simply change the figures of a saved calculation with current numbers.

    Try calcPad for 30 days without any constraints until a commercial license is needed.

    Visit www.calcpad.de for further information.

    Version 1.6
    new option: thousand separator

    Version 1.5:
    calculation of percentage with display option for instant numerical values
    decimal places adjustable for highest accuracy
    free selectable indeture for more room for annotations
    detailed preview for the options (e.g. font size)
    selectable menu languages (English, France, German)



  13. Free

    GPRS Connection Manager (PocketPC Phone Edition)

    Hi Guys,

    Since my upgrade to WM6 and start using Windows Live Messenger, I got very annoyed by the weird behaviour of starting GPRS Connections even while connected through my local WiFi-router. Sooo scooping around the Internet, I found some usefull and un-usefull tips (such as removing the whole damn settings).

    Since I am blessed with E-Ten's M700 ConnectionManager for enabling/disabling ALL connections EXCEPT GPRS connectivity, I started to roll-my-own little tool in order to simplify things a bit more :D . This tool simply modifies the Connection 'Enable' registrykey as explained on (http://www.pocketpc-live.com/collection-of-registry-tweaks-for-your-pocket-pc.html), nothing more nothing less and most of all it works for me.

    Current features:
    * Enable/Disable GPRS Connections

    Coming-up features:
    * Stop current active GPRS session
    * Remember selected connection

    (PS: I just wrote this tool in a couple of hours, because I realy got fed-up... The tool works perfectly for me, and should also for you. Needless to say I cannot hold any responsibility of the registry settings on your phone.)

    .OpenNETCF Version 1.4 (download http://www.opennetcf.org/download.asp?prod...iceFramework14)



  14. Free


    On-the-fly encryption of sensitive data stored on Windows Mobile phones and its media cards. Creates an encrypted volume that looks and feels like a Windows Mobile storage card. Data written to this card is transparently encrypted with AES 256-bit algorithm. SecuBox prevents data theft even if the phone is lost or stolen.

    SecuBox 1.5 main features:
    Strong AES 256 bit encryption
    Encryption key backup
    Auto-unmount on device sleep
    Auto-unmount after a certain period of storage inactivity
    DOD Wiping
    Command line support
    Integration with Windows Mobile File Explorer
    "Recently Mounted List"
    Ability to choose third party file explorer
    Support for ARM, MIPS, SH3, SH4, X86 processor types
    "Strengthen Encryption Key" option
    4Gb SecuBox storages are now supported
    Pocket PC version

    Smartphone version

    Trial version download>>>>



  15. Free


    Take note that this is an edition for ASUS P525 smartphone
    Important - if you had version 1.0* installed, you need to remove it manually before installing a newer one

    This software will replace the built-in T9 phone keypad input method with a new one.
    Basically, this is a variation of the "letterwise" input method - instruction in one sentence is:
    Hit the key with the letter you want, if it doesn't come up, hit Next("0+") until it does.

    This first version does not do true predictive input yet, but its planned for future versions. Currently it's just a variation of "multitap" with important feature that it works almost in every application where soft keyboard works. Own P525's T9 works only in some apps (most notably it isnt working in Internet Explorer page input fields or Opera).

    Also you can add own keypad languages/layouts - just edit kbddef.txt file. Make sure its properly formatted (empty lines count), and the file ends with empty line too. You may need to do soft reset to activate new layouts if you've edited the kbddef.txt.

    Also it does not use IME, so you can turn standard "IME word completion" back on via "ASUS T9 utility".

    Take note that custom input works only when its icon in "active" (highlighted) state. This is because some applications expect keypad in "numeric" mode instead of text mode, if so - you can activate PTap by long pressing "*"(or tapping in input method icon via stylus) and deactivate it by long pressing "*" and choosing "Deactivate" from menu or tapping on icon via stylus.
    Most often you dont need to worry about it, since most applications automatically activate input icon when you enter text entering controls and deactivate it when you leave them.


    Version 1.1:
    - added the symbols panel. It can be called via long press of # (then it will auto-hide after symbol is entered), or via menu (then it will not auto-hide and you can enter several symbols). Symbols can be entered by choosing them via joystick or by typing their code. To show/hide symbol codes, press # when symbol panel is shown.



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