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Download QVGA related homescreens in here!

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  1. Free


    4 COLORS AVAILABLE! With matching color schemes!

    Homescreen inspired by Dr. Gonzo's NEW GUAVA (named after) ROM
    for the VOX! Two colors available. The Homescreen uses the HTC-
    Home plug-in (the trimmed down cab, thank you Greg) and Smart-
    monitor. Both included.

    The BAT and SIG icons "drains" (empties) as well as showing the
    current status in percent, and when you "highlight" the battery/
    memory/signal line on the homescreen, the status changes to show
    space (%) left on the mSD-card and local storage.

    Install the two .cabs and copy everything else to the Home-DIR.

    DR. MARTIN GONZO, for your awesome VOX Rom! New Guava. Love it!
    - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=353037
    SGREGORY, for the HTCHome plug-in! :D
    - http://forum.xda-developers.com/

    The shown taskbar is Smarttoolkit, latest build (Awesome! Which after
    updating to ROM v.1.27 (ARA) runs perfect on the VOX!) using Gonzo's
    New Guava skin!!



  2. Free

    DrBlow5imple Theme

    Hello again my friends!!

    I am pleased to present my first CAB homescreen installer for QVGA phones!! I have tested it thoroughly on my WM2003 C550 & it has been successful every time! However, clearly I cannot be held responsible for anything slighlty unpleasant that may result from installing cab files!
    As far as I know it will install fine on WM5 devices, but the xml may need to be edited to show the correct image paths - if anyone is game enough to test it I will create a seperate cab for WM5 if this one doesn't work!

    All the phones screens are skinned, including start menu, contacts, info, error, alert, volume, dial screens etc. The theme is based on the most beautiful 5imple windowblinds theme by DanilloOc. Full credit for the original graphics goes to him, & many thanks for his kind permission in reproducing them (see readme.txt in installed folder). You can see more of his work HERE.

    You will need to install facade, smartmonitor & calendar plugins ...
    smartmonitor - http://www.ferrandez.plus.com/SmartMonitor/
    calendar - http://www.modaco.com/index.php?download=397
    As usual I recommend installing the plugins first, then the homescreen cab & install everything to the phone not storage card (they're only tiny files!).

    The cab will install 2 xml files -
    DrBlow5imple.home.xml - is for phones that have the ORANGE shortcuts plugin
    DrBlow5impleB.home.xml - is for all other QVGA devices
    The default is to install the orange version, so if you do not have that plugin then you will need to manually change the homescreen to the B version after installation.
    Everyone will need to reboot in order to load the start menu background (& maybe a few others!)

    Any problems then let me know. Enjoy!



  3. Free


    Here is my first homescreen for the C550, for those who like their screens functional! :D It is applicable only to the C550 at the moment as it uses the Orange shortcut plugin and is QVGA (obv), however I'll be working on versions for other devices soon enough.
    This is also my first screen to feature the most excellent Facade from SBSH (can't possibly recommend the & their products highly enough! :D ). This plugin is still in beta stage & as progresses, so will this screen. To take part in the beta & download the latest version, go HERE, and look for the smartphone forum. You'll need to register (free) for the beta (free), but you won't regret it - if you are not familiar with SBSH then get familiar! You're smartphone will love you for it! :D

    The orange plugin along the top features messages, profile, alldayevent, missed calls, and an IE link to hotmail (or whatever website you want of you edit the xml). It also features RJ Time and SmartMonitor.
    As I will be updating this screen in the near future, for now it's just a case of copying the files to your phone via activesync, so install the plugins, then unzip the zip and copy the xml file & folder into Storage\Application Data\Home.

    Any problems or comments then post 'em! ;)

    The graphics in this screen are based on & inspired by the excellent work & beautiful website of the Smart GV smartphone development company. Go check out their fab (& mostly free) products. The graphics have been reworked & reproduced with the kind permission of Emmanuel! :D

    'nuff plugs! ;)




  4. Free

    Bruce Lee QVGA Homescreen

    My Very First QVGA Homescreen - Bruce Lee.

    Contains No Extra Plugins.

    Created in Notepad, Tested on a C550.

    Thanks to W4llys Tutorial.

    Please see Readme in Zip Archive.

    Matt Chan :D



  5. Free

    Orange V2

    This is a modified homescreen available from http://smartphone.kleinweder.ch/downloads/showone.php?id=130 and requires the following plugins:

    - Smartmonitor
    - RJ Shortcuts
    - HiAlarm

    Unzip the contents of the archive and copy everything into \Storage\Application Data\Home on your moby. Select Start - Settings - Home Screen and change the Home screen layout and Background image to Orange V2.



  6. Free

    "Endless Ultimate" multiple homescreens

    "ENDLESS ULTIMATE" multiple combination homescreen

    Following on from my "Endless" homescreen, this new homescreen uses the "PhoneAlarm" plugin to replace the iconbar and deliver one packed with functionality:-

    - Activate/De-Activate Wifi
    - Turn on/off Phone Sounds
    - SMS Alerts/Load SMS Inbox
    - Missed Call Alert/Load Missed Calls list
    - Voicemail Alert/Call Voicemail
    - Email Alert/Load Email Inbox
    (All Alerts have a repeat functionality so you'll never miss that important Message)

    - Switch Profiles (with automatic Profile Switch functionality)
    - Switch Tasks or Close unwanted programs
    - Activate/De-Activate GPRS connection
    - Activate/De-Activate Bluetooth
    (Bluetooth Headset Icon will be displayed in front of Bluetooth icon if a BT headset is in use)

    For more info on phoneAlarm visit http://www.pocketmax.net/phoneAlarmSP.html

    For VOX users, this works well with the Portrait/Landscape Switching.

    As with my previous "Endless" homescreen, I've included 5 different homescreens:-

    - EndlessUltimate: (Default) - which contains the large SmartMonitor icons
    - EndlessUltimate: (Fizz) - requires Fizz Weather plugin and uses smaller SmartMonitor icons
    - EndlessUltimate: (Live) - requires Windows Live and uses smaller SmartMonitor icons
    - EndlessUltimate: (Facade) - requires Facade, and can be fully customized within "Facade settings"
    - EndlessUltimate: (Custom) - contains all the above plugins so you can edit/remove/change order if you wish

    and 3 color schemes:-

    - Endless: Dark Blue
    - Endless: Light Blue
    - Endless: Purple Color

    Also included is a number of different background images (320x320 pixel size) that can be used with the homescreen.

    All the above can be used together to create an "endless" amount of different homescreen combinations

    Installation instructions:-

    1. Unzip EndlessUltimate.zip to your PC
    2. Copy cab files to \Storage Card\My Documents on your device via ActiveSync
    3. Open "File Explorer" on your device
    4. Install "PhoneAlarm" plugin to your phone (not Storage Card)
    (trial version v1.10.1 - 30 day free trial before registration is required
    Visit http://www.pocketmax.net/phoneAlarmSP.html for later versions
    5. Install "SmartMonitor.cab" plugin to your device
    6. Install "EndlessUltimate.cab" homescreen pack to your device
    7. Extract "EndlessBackgrounds.zip" on your PC, then copy background images to "\Storage Card\My Documents" or "\My Documents" on your device
    8. Select required homescreen from Start > Settings > Homescreen
    9. Select the required "Iconbar" skin from Start > PhoneAlarm Settings > Display Settings



    Disclaimer: This homescreen has been designed and tested on an SPV E650 (HTC VOX) and should work with any Windows Mobile 5 or 6 QVGA Smartphone.

    I'm afraid I will not accept liability for any problems that arise from installing this homescreen on your device.
    You install this homescreen at your own risk.

    Version History:

    EndlessUltimateV0.45a.CAB - Fixed missing "Light Blue Icon bar" background
    EndlessUltimateV0.45b.CAB - Included a transparent "Clear" iconbar (The display currently distorts on the last 80 pixels on the VOX Landscape switch)
    EndlessUltimateV0.45c.CAB - For VOX Landscape users, the Signal, Battery and Memory Icons now replace the text



  7. Free

    "Endless" Multiple homescreens

    "Endless" QVGA by paholman

    I created this homescreen as I like to change my backgrounds frequently without too much fuss, and not having to completely re-write the XML each time.

    With this homescreen, the combinations are "endless". You can use your own backgrounds, or color schemes and keep the plugin layout.

    Note: The "Windows" live search bar will not display unless Windows Live is installed on your device.

    I've also included extra XML layouts for : Fizz Weather (need FizzWeather), Windows live (for those fortunate enough to have this), and a custom one should you wish to change the order of the plugins.

    You will need to install the following plugins which are included in this pack:-

    - SmartMonitor - Also available from http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...hl=SmartMonitor
    - CommCEntric - VIX users - use the version in this zip file

    Installation instructions:

    - Unzip Endless.zip to your PC into a temp folder
    - Copy all 3 cab files to a folder on your device
    - Open "Explorer" on the device, and install the following:-

    - CommCEntric.cab
    - SmartMonitor.ARM.cab
    - EndlessHomescreen.cab

    I hope you like it

    For more info on the combinations, refer to the "Endless" Homescreen topic to see other examples, download extra color schemes etc

    For more information on the excellent CommCEntric, see http://web.gemini.dynalias.net/default.asp?c=index_ek_cc.xml

    Disclaimer: This homescreen has been designed and tested on an SPV E650 (HTC VOX) and should work with any Windows Mobile 5 or 6 QVGA Smartphone.

    I'm afraid I will not accept liability for any problems that arise from installing this homescreen on your device.
    You install this homescreen at your own risk.

    UPDATE 25/09/2007: Another CommCEntric plugin is now included in this zip file, which SHOULD fix the VOX screen rotation problem.
    Alternatively, download it from here: http://www.smartphone-freeware.com/download-commcentric.html



  8. Free

    Flag of Puerto Rico

    :D A non-animated Puerto Rican Flag home screen. Nothing fancy.



  9. Free


    So I finally found a homescreen that somewhat mimics the Samsung i600 "cardwheel".
    Can someone please modify it to incorporate Facade, Fizz Weather, PhoneAlarm, etc?!!!!



  10. Free

    SHINE-2 "VOX"

    As promished! this is the "FINAL" version of my Shine theme. Works on VOX!! (and there might be a little suprise included, for you fliup-screen users!) :D

    Uses the Madbeetle Analog Clock plugin, and Smartmonitor!

    I recommend using SmartToolkit alongside this theme, as you might find the iconbar icons (visible when "menuing" and when the screensaver is on) useful!




  11. Free

    VOX_WMP Homescreen 1.01

    VOX_WMP Homescreen by paholman v1.01

    This homescreen has been designed and tested on an SPV E650 (HTC VOX) only so I do not know if it will work with other WM6 Mobile smartphones.

    I'm afraid I will not accept liability for any problems that arise from installing this homescreen on your device.
    You install this homescreen at your own risk.

    1.01 Update: Moved WMP Plugin to the bottom

    You will need the following plugins:-

    - SmartMonitor - Download from here
    - Skype - Download from here
    - VOX WMP Media Plugin - Download from here
    - FizzWeather - Download/Purchase from here
    - Efficasoft GPRS Monitor (Special version v3.51w) - Download/Purchase from here

    Installation instructions:

    - Unzip WMP_VOX.zip to your PC into a temp folder
    - Copy the entire VOX_WMP folder to Application DataHome on your device via ActiveSync
    - Copy VOX_WMP.home.xml to Application DataHome on your device via ActiveSync
    - Copy Application DataHomeVOX_WMPmpt_skin_l.xml to your Windows folder via ActiveSync
    (this resolves an alignment problem with the "play icon" in landscape mode)

    If you do not want to use the FizzWeather, Skype or GPRS Monitor Plugins, then you can edit VOX_WMP.home.xml and remove the references to those plugins.

    Also available from here: http://www.modaco.com/VOX-WMP-Homescreen-t256744.html

    I hope you like it :D)



  12. Free

    SHINE v1.0

    240x320 Portrait. Next version will work on multi-orientation VOX! :D

    Be aware that this Homescreen uses SMARTMONITOR and MadBeetle ANALOG CLOCK (www.madbeetle.com) Plugins!



  13. Free

    w411y - Icons

    Installation instructions can be found at http://www.w411y.tk



  14. Free

    Facade-ish (QVGA) in 4 colour schemes


    I have modified the QVGA kl1wdr-Orange-ish homescreen available from http://smartphone.kleinweder.ch/downloads/showone.php?id=130 to use on my SPV C550

    The 5 internet shortcuts are:

    1. Google search for mobile
    2. Google local for mobile
    3. Froogle for mobile (UK, but you can easily change it to US)
    4. Skweezer (reformat and compress websites for mobile)
    5. Wikipedia for mobile

    I think I took the graphics for those icons from Gant. I also included a few additional internet icons, which could be suitable for other websites. Also, just in case it is not obvious, the message counters are for sms, mms, email.

    1. Unzip the attached file, and copy the whole content to \Storage\Application Data\Home\ on your phone.

    2. Pick a colour under the \Storage\Application Data\Home\Facade\ directory, and copy the files to the folder above.

    3. When you select the Facade-ish homescreen, select the relevant colour scheme for best effect (Default colour scheme will also work with all backgrounds)

    Have a look at the xml code for the homescreen, there is quite a lot of customisation you can make here. For example: changing the shortcuts, including a shortcut to automatically launch your outlook inbox; or use other plugins instead of the profile plugin (CellProfileSwitcher, HILAlarm).



  15. Free

    Strtrk v1.2 - Qtek 8500, Dopod S300, Smartflip

    My first QVGA homescreen.

    I have made this specially for the Smartflip with the help of W4lly's guide.

    Please let me know if you like it and if you have any sugestions.

    Version history:
    v1.2 - removed bluetooth icon (doesn't work on wm5), improved blue colour (better phone match)
    v1.1 - imporoved clock layout
    added bluetooth and gprs off icons
    v1.0 - original



  16. Free

    simple photo n task home screen

    just read bout the tutorial in this website on how to create home screen, this is my first try

    this theme is not originally created by me

    all credits go to creator of "rope touch home screen" for the LCD plugin display
    and "HTC touch(blue)" for the smart monitor icons and layout

    i just added oxios task plugin and a few editing and copy pasting and testing
    you can change the photos simply by copy pasting to the LCD pics.png

    ps: all created using paint and acd see. ((dunno how to use adobe photoshop))
    any one can teach me how to make gradients??



  17. Free

    My Photo

    Ok I wanted to put a photo on my homescreen but still wanted its to look nice so this is what i came up with.

    In the zip there is,

    Blank photo background,
    Baby photo background,
    Photoshop File (.psd) so you can add your photo,
    .PNG File with the black of the photo cut out for people who don't use photoshop.

    No PlugIns required, tested on a C550.




  18. Free

    Ecko Theme

    Here's a theme I created based on my favorite clothing line: Ecko! The theme includes the XML layout, a homescreen wallpaper, and several other screens (start menu, volume, warning, etc). You'll have to use a registry editor to setup the other screens, though. I don't feel comfortable with CAB files! Sorry...

    This theme makes use of the following plugins:
    Facace 1.2
    Smart Monitor
    The photo contacts will require you to create 40x40 images of your contacts. It doesn't matter where you put them on your phone, but you'll have to edit the XML file accordingly.

    Unzip these files to the Application DataHome directory on your phone and enjoy!



  19. Free

    Blue Alienware

    A homescreen image (Alienware), colour scheme file (mainly Dark Blue) and homescreen file (similar to the default Orange homescreen) for your SPV C550 Smartphone.



  20. Free

    w411y - Icons2

    1) Click download on selected homescreen and save file
    2) Unpack the download using WinRar
    3) Connect device to computer and open up Active Sync. Click 'Explore' and go to 'Storage\Application Data\Home'
    4) Copy and paste *.home.xml and *.jpg from the unpacked download to 'Storage\Application Data\Home'
    5) On device go to Start-Settings-Homescreen and select the homescreen, ensuring that background image and colour scheme are set to default.



  21. Free

    Invader Santa Zim

    Simple home screen featuring the famous alien invader in full Santa gear. Hooo-Hooo-Hooo!!!!

    The picture was taken from here: http://www.roomwithamoose.com/

    If you want sound files, (in WAV format) you should go here: http://www.siberkat.com/zimdex.html
    You may have to convert them to MP3 on certain phone models.

    Happy Holidays...of DOOOM!!!!!!!!! :D

    12/13/2007 update: The appointment notice was "slightly off". I corrected it. Now enjoy the Merry Ho-Ho's homescreen of DOOOMM!!!!



  22. Free

    Ghost Rider

    This is my favorite Ghost rider pic, Yea, Im a big fan



  23. Free

    New Balls

    Its my first Homescreen that I designed with Photoshop and with the MadBeetle's homescreen builder.

    There is however a problem with it... In the builder, the Startmenu, Alert and Dialogue Colour Schemes appears greyish (the way I want it) but on the smartphone it displays as the default Bliss Blue...

    If someone could fix that, and re-upload, I'd be really great! (I don't know very much about XML so I can't troubleshoot the problem)



  24. Free

    w411y - TMC

    Unpack and copy contents over to Storage\Application Data\Home

    Requires Smart Monitor and RJ Time



  25. Free


    This is my first EVER homescreen... Let me know what you think... Its Mugen from Samurai Champloo..



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