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FreewarePocketPC.net Library

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TESTING: This is a huge library of Pocket PC freeware provided by our friends at FreewarePocketPC.net!

4,175 files

  1. Free


    NetInfoBox check your all current settings about the enabled network adapters. This means, that when you establish some connection like ActiveSync/WiFi/3G/GPRS/CSD and run NetInfoBox (or by hitting Refresh button if the tool is already is up), you will be able to see everything about this connection like:
    - Status and type of selected adapter
    - MAC address
    - IP address
    - Network mask
    - Primary DNS
    - Primary WINS
    - Speed limit
    - ID of the adapter

    For more information please follow this forum post or check the developer web site



  2. Free

    Full screen dialer

    FSD - Full screen dialer is a large button dialer for easy finger dialing !

    What does it do/not do?

    FSD is a more finger friendly dial pad than the WM default one.
    FSD is skinable.
    FSD does not have any speed dial/redial or anything more complicated than basic number entry.
    FSD is a full screen dialer!
    FSD will run on WM5/6 or WM2003 devices with .NET CF 2.0.
    FSD uses the default dial pad once the call has been started.
    Call/End hardware buttons do not work within FSD!
    Pressing the call button with no number loads iContact
    Pressing the end button with no number quits the app.
    Skinning from anywhere!

    for more information and requestes please visit this forum post



  3. Free

    PocketCM v0.16

    PocketCM is a finger friendly contact application for PDA phone, it will allow you to scroll to you list of contacts, call them and edit them.
    Actually it's the rewrite in native of ContactManager, a .NET version of a finger friendly contact.
    Are you using a VGA device? You'll need to download and install a VGA theme here.
    If you are using a device with a 240px square screen, you'll need the a theme that support this screen size.
    What's different from other contact application:

    It can be used with fingers, no need to get your stylus. Finding contact with your finger is really easy, it's different than other software: if you press you finger on the left or right border of the screen it will allow you to select the letter you're searching for, release the finger, it will show you the contact starting with this letter. Why does it work? Human being cannot point directly to the right letter on a small screen, however human are very precise while moving their finger. So you press the screen, see the feedback, adjust the position to the right letter... and you're done!
    It's animated: the list scroll with your finger in a natural movement, the transition between contact detail and contact list are animated.
    You can set contact as favorites, they will appear in the favorite list, perfect to get a quicklist of contacts under the finger.
    You can edit your contact picture from the software, simply tap on the contact picture.
    You can customize about everything by changing the setting.ini: color, font, background image, etc...

    From ContactManager here's what's new/modified:
    - Native version: this version doesn't use .NET compact framework, it's written in C++.
    - Faster version: I've put some time improving performance, on my device, it goes quite well, tell me about you.
    - Faster display: drawing is also optimized, however, it may have some issue for advanced theming, tell me about it.
    - New fade effect while calling/edit conact/set picture, this offer a better transition between application, tell me what you think.
    - Contact update if added/changed/deleted from other application (including activesync).
    - Memory footprint: No more .NET crap, picture of contact should also take less memory.
    - Ability to remove contact picture.
    - Edit contact now goes to edit page directly.
    - New contact now goes to edit page directly.
    - New theme packaging (a theme in one file instead of many).
    - Letter bar between contact.
    - New setting for non latin alphabet (coming with localization but now it's technically possible).
    - SMS conversation panel: hitting SMS button now goes to an SMS page. It will allow to send an SMS display previous conversation with this contact...
    To close PocketCM Contacts, press for 250 ms to phone button at the bottom right of the screen. To minimize PocketCM Contacts, tap in the upper right corner.
    Update Description:

    - New white and black theme by default.
    - Support both VGA and QVGA (no need for a specific theme).
    - Faster loading (like really faster).
    - Gradient filling for most of the theme (without image, so smoother gradient).
    - Faster switching to landscape/portrait.
    - Lot of bug fixes (mainly because of code merging).
    - Theme are still zip file, but with zip file extension (may change in stable release, depending of feedback).
    - Localization options: the language can be choosen from the option menu.
    - New theme engine: give lot more option to themer/skinner, better performance and more coherency.

    - Edit before call option: press a call button for 250ms, you'll be able to edit the number.
    - If you press a contact for 250ms in the list, you can call the contact directly.
    - SMS optimization, read message faster, doesn't block the device.
    - Support for second and third e-mail address.
    - 40% improved startup time.
    - PocketCM 0.10 support.
    - Fixed for landscape mode..
    - Bug fixes.
    - Lighter executable, about 200Kb less.

    - Fixed an issue with the cab installer.

    - Current index position indicator.
    - Better list scrolling feedback at beginning and end of list.
    - Option menu to choose theme (Theme don't need to be called theme.cmt anymore, they can be called anything.cmt. Put them in the program folder, hold the phone button for a second, choose option, then choose theme, and pick the one you like).
    - SIP setting is persistant and independant of Windows Mobile: You choose the SIP you like (or no sip) and it will be used by PCM no matter what SIP you're using in WM.
    - Staying pressed on a message mark it as read/unread.
    - Fixed PCM looks without theme (it's definitly better with a theme, but is usable).
    - Bug fixes.
    - And yes for some really annoying people (I hope they have some sense of humor), an option to get out of fullscreen.

    - PhonePad to quickly find your contacts.
    - SMS menu, tap an SMS do something:
        o Mark as read/unread.
        o Resend message.
        o Delete message.
        o Delete entire conversation.
    - SIP selection in SMS (coming for Notes), tap on the header of the SMS panel to get a menu:
        o Change/Hide SIP.
        o Delete entire conversation.
        o Change target SMS number.
        o Call a contact number directly.
    - Bug fixes: PocketCM shouldn't hang when receiving messages.
    - Internal change in SIP handling.
    - Ability to run the classic contact application (press the phone button for 250 ms).
    - Fullscreen: PocketCM now takes profit of all the screen space and offer more option easily accessible.
    - Icon panel at bottom with easy access to favorites/SMS/Filter.
    - SMS counter on icon panel.
    - SMS view is sorted by date.
    - SMS counter update correctly when setting read/unread from other apps.
    - Support for custom font in settings.
    - Index for searching across city/company.
    - Improved loading time.
    - Bug fixes.
    - Fixes a regression bug (unable to create contact).
    - SMS character counter.
    - Contact with unread SMS appears on top.
    - Tapping on an SMS change read/unread status.
    - You can create contact when you receive SMS from an unknown contact.
    - PocketCM handle incoming SMS: bring the window to top and highlight the contact (Note that it doesn't affect the way the message is stored, standard messaging application is still responsible for storing the SMS, also a soft-reset may be required for it to work).
    - Contact caching: will load contact from cache, so a lot faster (note that obviously the first start ever is still slow).
    - Update touch theme with background.
    - Transparent Edit boxes for note and SMS.
    - New setting to allow more number to be recognized as SMS number.
    - Bug fixes.
    - CAB: Uninstall should set WM default contact manager as contact manager.
    - Add support for note, tap on the contact detail information, to go to notes.
    - Tap on the contact picture to go to the contact menu.
    - Bug fixes (contact add/deletion, unicode, etc...).
    - Performance enhancement.
    - Keyboard search: type a letter and it filter the contact containing what you type.
    - Support for transparent SMS conversation.
    - More settings.
    - Bug fixes: SMS threading.
    - Other bug fixes.
    - Version fixes: crash when filtering contact while loading, SMS sending, SMS threading, finger sliding, category listing, separator transparency.
    - Category support.
    - Delete support.
    - New contact from scratch support.
    - Bug fix: unicode SMS, SMS sending, D-pad crash, etc...
    - Better D-PAD handling.
    - Performance enhancements.
    - Contact icon (thank DADy).
    - Fix regression bug with favorite introduced with 0.7.
    - No more keyboard (you can now get a real soft-input panel here).
    - Added mail button, you can now send mail directly from the contact screen.
    - Fixed refresh bug for VGA device.
    - Fixed animation bug for favorite screen.
    - Other minor bug fixes.
    - Support for unicode config file (index letter should be localizable now).
    - Bug fixes in theme and support for background image.
    - New Touch v2 theme by default, old one can be found in theme section.
    - Various smaller bug fixes.
    - New setting for scrolling animation duration.
    - New transition effect for favorite.
    - Cab installer.
    - Complete rewrite of the application from scratch. Better design.
    - Major loading and performance improvment in most part.
    - SMS panel: see your previous conversation, send message.
    - New transition effect: fade to black and flip.
    - Localization support with localized index.
    - Memory footprint improvment.
    - New theme packaging: one single file to distribute your theme.
    - SIP test: keyboard that suggest word based on letter position, try it!.
    - Better landscape mode support.
    - Better VGA support.
    - Contact list is updated if added/removed/changed from other source (ActiveSync for instance).1



  4. Free

    SSContact v1.1.3

    More support and updates at this forum post



  5. Free



    TouchLaunch is simple application launcher, which scans startmenu shortcuts, and list them alphabetically. This is very early alpha and my first program release.


    -finger friendly scroll function
    -quick alphabet shortcuts, either letterbar on screen edge, or abcgrid(similar to iContact )
    -you can use todays' background image as this launcher's background
    -supports custom icons ( 46 included in cab )
    -you can categorize shortcuts in unlimited number of categories
    -finger gestures to move through categories,left and right sweeps changes category



  6. Free


    VAXED is a good known PalmOS old blocks game that has roots in Puzznic. THis is a port for Windows Mobile with is quite interesting !

    for more information and updates please visit the project web site



  7. Free

    PocketToolman v2.0

    PocketToolman is a freeware tray utility for Windows Mobile 6

    [*]Suspend - allows you to power-off the Pocket PC without having to press the Power button. You can also add the Suspend icon in the tray for easy access

    [*]Soft Reset - performs soft reset.

    [*]Settings - quick access to Control Panel applets.

    [*]ScreenOff - switches off the screen. You can create a shortcut to invoke ScreenOff. Great for binding to a hardware button to easy access

    [*]Lock Device - allows you to lock the Pocket PC when it's running. Using the same system password for unlocking.

    [*]Stay Alive [Power] - allows you to temporarily stop your Pocket PC from auto power-off.

    [*]Battery Meter - displays the battery life percentage in the systray

    [*]Disconnect - Disconnects current RAS connection

    [*]PIN Lock - Invoke the PIN prompt. *You must have the PIN prompt enabled for this to work.

    [*]Add Bluetooth icon in tray for easily power on/off Bluetooth. *Supports Microsoft Bluetooth Stack ONLY

    [*]Add WiFi icon in tray for easily power on/off WiFi

    [*]Disable SMS 'Message delivered" popup

    [*]Disable HTC screen off after a call has been connected

    [*]Enable/Disable window animation

    [*]Enable/Disable menu animation

    [*]Enable/Disable sliding keyboard to wake up phone

    [*]Increase System Font Cache

    [*]Increase File System Cache

    [*]Increase File System Filter Cache

    [*]Enable GPS Photo for HTC TyTN II

    [*]Disable camera default 90-degrees clockwise rotation

    [*]Hides contacts on SIM card - On my TyTN II, after a soft-reset, the flag is restored to show contacts on SIM card. With PT, if you set it to run at Startup, what PT does is apply the setting during execution, then applies again after roughly a minute after soft-reset to ensure SIM contacts are set to hide.

    [*]Enable/Disable SMS Delivery Report

    [*]Enable/Disable Flight Mode

    [*]Data Connections - Allows you to disable data connection entries to stop them from connecting automatically. You can also set data connection to be AlwaysOn

    [*]Use one line to show date in Today Date plugin if possible

    [*]Make reminders show only once

    [*]Enable/Disable Lunar Calendar

    [*]Change 4-way pad behavior in PIE

    [*]Enable/Disable ClearType in PIE

    [*]Enable/Disable running scripts in PIE

    [*]Enable/Disable running ActiveX controls in PIE

    [*]Enable/Disable ClearType in Landscape mode

    [*]Show EDGE network icon instead of GPRS



  8. Free

    QDz v0.0.6-w

    QDz is a free contact application that sorts your contacts alphabetically and categorise them into several tabs.
    You can use it to find your contact quickly and send an SMS or call the contact conveniently with this intuitive user interface.
    - Phone call.
    - Mail (SMS, Outlook E-mail, Hotmail, MMS, POP3).
    - Camera.
    Update Description:
    - Add 'Copy to Clipboard'.
    - Add show company name option.
    - Add hide QDz after call/mail option.
    - Add move to prior/next tab UP/DOWN key option.
    - Bug fix.
    - Add contact loading dialog.
    - Add simple/picture contact list mode.
    - Add category filter.
    - Hide window after calling/sending.
    - Add default contact picture option.
    - Add external mailer application option.
    - One-click contact opening and call or sms inside contact.
    - Make the exit button really exit.
    - Fixed some bugs.



  9. Free

    RJV SMS Scheduler for PPC

    A free SMS Scheduler for PPC.SMS Scheduler for PPC Features:

    * Unlimited number of scheduled SMS
    * Unlimited recipients (individual contacts and groups)
    * Send to Group facilty (scheduled or outright)
    * Program doesn't run in the background
    * Schedule resumes even when screen is OFF or after doing a soft reset
    * Notification for each sent message
    * Supports landscape (QVGA) screen mode
    * Best of all it's FREE!!!



  10. Free

    MView v1.1

    MView is a simple molecular imaging software for Pocket PC 2002/2003. With MView you can for FREE edit and view your *.xyz, *.PDF and crystalographic *.bul, *.sur files.
    The version 1.0 can show up to 199 atoms with diffrent view modes (balls, sticks and scaled ball sticks) stereo or mono view. Additionally you can find extra options in OPTION menu like perspective efect or simple randering (still under construction).
    If you are familiar with crystlography than for *.bul files you can find interesitng option REPETITION in x, y and z direction (OPTIONS MENU).
    In this just 1.0 version simple editing of atoms is added but you can only select and delete selected atoms.



  11. Free

    Meditation Timer v3.3.0

    Meditation Timer uses an optical signal, a bell or a wood block to control the duration of your meditation.
    It includes a progress bar, auto-dimmer, medition logbook (MS Excel compatible csv-file) and several texts for inspiration and rezitation.
    Update Description:
    - Includes a 2nd bell, a detailed report, customizable list of texts, additional intervall timer, metronom for recitation.
    - Incudes Mediation Log and is Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible.



  12. Free

    toosten flight mode V2.1

    Small free Tool for Phone edition pocket deactivates PC, which switch the equipment into the flight mode, i.e. the phonedevice.

    "toosten flight mode V2.exe" change mode
    "toosten flight mode V2.exe /fm=on" flight mode
    "toosten flight mode V2.exe /fm=off" aktivate sim



  13. Free

    Eric Carr of KISS Theme - FREE

    Free Eric Carr, from KISS, Theme



  14. Free

    Cell MP3 v1.0

    CellMP3 allows you to control the playing of your MP3 collection from any web enabled device including Cell Phones, PDAs, Laptops, etc. It basically turns these devices into remote controls for your MP3s. The remote control will have all the standard capabilities of any good MP3 player.
    Impress your friends by changing your music with just a touch of your cell phone OR connect your computer's soundcard to outdoor speakers and control your music FROM OUTSIDE during your next BBQ.
    Please go to the url below to get more information and documentation about this software.

    Currently Not Available



  15. Free


    A classic gomoku game. The object is to place 5 X's in a straight line before the computer can. If you do, you win!

    Home page: www.soft4ppc.com
    Support: [email protected]



  16. Free

    Mobipocket CONTROL-EMUL8R Plugin

    Use the TiltCONTROLto control Mobipocket. With the Mobipocket CONTROL-EMUL8R Plugin you can use the motion of your Pocket PC to flip the pages of a book in Mobipocket.

    What is the CONTROL-EMUL8R Software?
    CONTROL-EMUL8Ris a program that runs on your Pocket PC, which allows you to controlany application on your mobile computing device by tilting it in your hand.
    The CONTROL-EMUL8Rsoftware uses theTiltCONTROLdevice to emulate either the stylus and the touch-pad, or the D-Pad to controlany application. To control an application all  you need to do is install the CONTROL-EMUL8RPlugin for the application that you want to use the TiltCONTROL to control. Then launch the application that you want to use, and plug the TiltCONTROL in. If there is no CONTROL-EMUL8RPlugin available for the application you want to use, you can either create your own using the Plugin Creator, or contact us at ECERTech.com, and we will look into creating a CONTROL-EMUL8RPlugin specifically for the application that you are using.
    Visit the CONTROL-EMUL8RPlugins section to view the latest available Plugins.
    What is the TiltCONTROL?
    The TiltCONTROL is a small device that attaches to a Windows Mobile Device such as a Pocket PC or SmartPhone. The TiltCONTROL is able to detect the precise angle that the Mobile Device is being held at, and send this information to the attached Pocket PC or SmartPhone.
    By plugging the TiltCONTROL into any supported device you can control any application or game on your Pocket PC or SmartPhone by simply tilting the device from left to right or up and down. Use it to play games, scroll up and down the pages of documents or web pages, or flip the pages of an electronic book with the flick of a wrist.
    In addition to being able to control applications with motion, the following applications are also available, which allow you to do even more with the TiltCONTROL:

    TiltMOUSE. A program whichturns your Windows Mobile Device into awireless mouse, which can be used in mid air, for your Personal Computer.
    TiltDISPLAY for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.An application that usesthe TiltCONTROL to determine what orientation the screen of your Pocket PC should be in, and instantly changes from portrait to landscape as you rotate the device.
    V-TECH Vehicle Performance calculator. An application that uses the TiltCONTROL to measure the acceleration of your vehicle, and from this can calculate the performance characteristics of your vehicle such as 1/4 Mile performance, and display Horsepower and Torque curves.
    TiltLEVEL. A  program which runs on your Windows Mobile Device and and uses the TiltCONTROL to measure then graphically display the current angle that the PDA is being held at .
    Pocket Pedometer. An application that uses the TiltCONTROLto calculate the number of steps the user of the Pocket PC or SmartPhone has taken.



  17. Free

    Diamond/Pro Tweak

    Advanced tweaking application for your HTC Touch Diamond/Pro

    This tool allows you to simply apply all the important Diamond tweaks.

    FOr more information and updates please visit the developer web site



  18. Free

    Bluetooth Toggle

    Toggle your bluetooth on and off with just one click. Just copy the application file on your device and place it in /Windows/SmartMenu/Programs then when you click it once it will turn the bluetooth on and after clicking it again it will switch it off thats it, nice and easy saves time and clicks.



  19. Free


    NullKeyboard is a keyboard utility which disable the screen keyboard so it wont mess up the things while you don't need it for example when browsing an Exel table sheet.

    You may need to restart your device in order to use it !



  20. Free

    HTC Action

    Access your phones main features with just one finger tap on the screen. New SMS, New Task, New Appointment etc. are now easy to access with the new HTC Action. You can assign this little application to one of your hardware keys and have all those options on one click.



  21. Free

    PIM Backup v2.2

    - speed dials
    - tasks

    - added escape character in text, so the parsing of csv text works in all cases.

    CAUTION, a bad parsing can still appear for backups made in earlier versions.

    - added binary backups for fastness and reliability. (A tool will be provided in the future to allow to convert text backups to binary backups and vice-versa).

    - schedule problem fixed.

    - added UNC folders names for default folders (inbox, outbox, sent items, drafts, deleted items) in messages, so the restore could be done on a device having another language.

    - fixed the problem of messages stored in folders at the same level as Inbox

    - creation of temporary backup files can be either in memory or in the backup destination folder.

    The exe contained in the zip file, should be copied and launched on the pocket pc, and not on a pc.



  22. Free

    Halloween theme

    Halloween theme skin for your Today screen made by MyLostBlog, available for VGA and QVGA

    For more information please visit the MyLostBlog web site



  23. Free

    BlackFlip v0.5

    The rules of the game are really very simple : there are black and white tiles which need to be flipped so that each row is either all white or all black... Different lines can even have different colors. Yes, as simple as that !But the twist is that you can only do a single path, which can't overlap with itself. To draw that path, simple click on the puzzle, and move around. You can backtrack at anytime. To validate the path, simply click on the destination point and it'll flip all the tiles !

    The grey border around is a neutral zone : no flipping on it, and it's not involved in the color check. So you can move on that one as if you were moving in and out of the puzzle. Doesn't sound like much, but using the grey tiles effectively is the key to solving the hardest puzzles.

    The games main feature is it's incredibly hi number of puzzles : more than 6000 !!! These range from very easy (0 stars, solvable in a few seconds) to very hard (5 stars, only solvable in a few minutes and by advanced players)...

    This early release is pretty crappy, misses a few graphics, and doesn't actually have more features than that. But all the puzzles are available/solvable, and your progress is saved.

    If you like puzzle games, this is a must-have ! If you don't like puzzle games... Well... Just give it a try, it's a matter of seconds before you learn how it works and see the potential of the beast. Just don't play directly on the harder puzzles...

    TODO-list for the next versions :

    - Better general interface
    - Sorted menu (by author, difficulty, etc...)
    - Winning/losing animations
    - In-game level creator
    - Level generator with difficulty settings (not as fun as real levels, and... well, just finish the 6000 levels first...)
    - Etc...

    ALL the credit for the game idea goes to Mitchell Corp. for creating the original Polarium game (for Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance). If you like this game, considering buying one of those versions, the author definitely deserves the money !Blackflip PocketPC is a port from the flash version by [F]laboratorium.org. All the credit for the graphics and the levels go to them and all the users who contributed to making/sharing all these puzzles. The game will be updated regularly to have up-to-date versions with the latest levels !

    Have fun !



  24. Free

    PocketCM Keyboard v0.11 RC3

    It offers a visible feedback of the key currently pressed, you can imagine that your finger is on the keyboard... and now you can easily see what key is pressed.
    You can move your finger, the key will change, release it, the key will be triggered (so it's the opposite of a physical keyboard: the actual action is when you release the key, not when you push it).
    For VGA Support, please download a VGA skin, for instance here. Unzip the file of this zip archive in the PocketCM Keyboard directory (program filespcmkeyboard for most of us).
    Why another keyboard for Windows Mobile? Because:
    - It can be used with fingers.
    - It suggest word based on letter position.
    - It trigger the key when your remove your finger from the screen, not when you press it.
    - It can be customized.
    - It's a standard Windows Mobile SIP, so to use it you have to select it as the input method, therefore it can be used in (almost) any application.

    Other reasons includes:

    Customizable layout: as you can see the layout is "azerty" for the screenshot, by default PocketCM Keyboard comes with a QWERTY layout. Creating your own is just a question of editing a text file.
    Accent recognition and suggestion: the keyboard know accentued letter... so for instance, the french word for summer is "été", if I type 'e', 't', 'e', the keyboard will suggest "été". No need to go to a sub/hidden keyboard doing some accentued letters.
    Once you get used to it, you can grab it with two hand and type with the thumb... goes pretty well.

    Missing/planned feature:
    - Landscape mode: most landscpae device already have a KB. Do you need landscape support?
    - Keyboard color customization.
    - Better suggestion button.
    - Ability to create keys that enter more text (for instance a ;-) smiley key.
    Uninstall the keyboard manually:
    Since v0.4 it shouldn't be useful to do it manually, however, here is the procedure if it doesn't work as expected.
    After removing the cab, there may still be an entry in the keyboard list. To get rid of it, using your favorite registry editor.
    Remove the key (and subkey):
    Update Description:

    v0.11 RC3 (27-10-2007):
    - Bug fixes for VGA support.
    - Performance improvement.
    - Feedback windows appear after a short delay (or after sliding the finger), allow faster typing.
    - Keyboard position should be more coherent.
    - No more fade animation for symbol pad (faster typing, for just a little less eye candy).
    - Bug fixes for symbol pad.

    v0.10 RC2 (25-10-2007):
    This is another bug fixes release, the objective is to get a stable version before starting adding big new feature. However, some nice stuff are there.
    - Performance improvement while typing SMS and mail.
    - Better landscape support: the key are larger.
    - Better handling of switching from landscape to portrait.
    - Update layout.
    >> German Layout (thanks Krille).
    >> Polish Layout (thanks Mr Groch).
    >> Portuguese (thanks kalavera).
    - Bug fixes.

    - Fix bug with suggestion in Excel.
    - Fix bug with symbol pad on ',' key.

    - Speed improvement: you should be able to type really fast.
    - Memory optimization.
    - Bug fixes for layout containing [].
    - New default french (français) layout.

    - Bug fixes:
        >> Suggestion box disappear if leaving input box.
        >> Better suggestion handling.
        >> Typing fast after autocorrection doesn't make wrong suggestion anymore.
        >> Layout issue with "" fix.
        >> Symbol pad now appear near the symbol letter if they don't fill the screen width.
        >> Using arrow key break suggestion.
        >> Tapping on "add word" then moving the finger out will not add to dictionary anymore.
        >> Key notation using [#...] now support larger letter.
        >> Fixed setting saving, now setting layout then skin won't drop layout setting change.
        >> Switching to landscape now redraw the keyboard correctly.
        >> Other minor bugfixes.
    - Speed improvment.
    - New keyboard icon, however please give feedback about the future icon.
    - Option screen now allows you to choose the current dictionary.
    - New dictionary file name: the extension has to be "dict", not "txt" (note that custom word, remains in word.txt).
    - Support for key trigger more than one letter (for instance, choosing the "..." key will simulate three typing of '.').
    - Feedback is also show for symbol keys.
    - Suggestion shouldn't be shown for password.
    - 0.7 is also a bug fixes release:
        >> Fixed memory leak.
        >> Fixed some issue related to theme and dictionary loading.
        >> Symbol pad sometimes appear above the window.
    - It is a bug fixes release:
        >> Fixed crash when tapping on some part of the keyboard.
        >> Feedback disappeared after moving out of the kb.
        >> Memory leak with suggestion.
        >> Suggestion with letter from symbol pad were buggy.
        >> Keyboard disappeared after moving out from symbol pad without selecting a letter.
        >> Symbol pad was only available on special characters.
        >> Some timer weren't killed properly, possible battery drain.
    - Multiple symbol pad can be defined on any key.
    - Build-in copy/cut/paste (press enter key for 250ms).
    - Automatic back space repeat.
    - Double tap on shift key to lock.
    - Customizable symbol pad (available on any key trough settings).
    - Customizable image on every key (through settings).
    - More key available for layout: tab, esc, home, end, etc...
    - Feedback window now is always centered.
    - Bug fixes (row number, etc...) and optimization.
    - Option dialog (deactivate autocompletion, choose layout and skin).
    - New skin: "Dream".
    - Speed optimization.
    - Better support for more row: now the number of row is determined by the layout, you can even have different number of row for each layout.
    - Better localization support.
    - Suggestion box positioning improvment.
    - Bug fixes.
    - Clean uninstall: uninstalling the keyboard should cleanly remove the keyboard from the list.
    - Fixed issue with skinning (not able to load images) and enable Windows Mobile suggestion in messaging app.
    - Performance optimization.
    - Bug fixes.
    - Skin support.
    - More settings.
    - Ability to disable auto-correction.
    - Suggestion box is placed near the caret.
    - Suggestion box color (can be customized).
        >> Green: I'm gonna replace your text with that.
        >> Blue: your word seems correct, tap here for alternative.
        >> Red: I don't know your word or any near word, is it a new one?
    - Suggestion can be undone: after fixing your text, a button with your previous text appear, tap on it to go back.
    - Shift key (can't be locked yet, it's coming).
    - Tap and hold symbol key for 500ms and quick symbol will appear, choose your symbol and release (perfect to quickly tap a ? or ! without switching keyboards).
    - Performance improvment.
    - Bug fixes.
    - Better default english dictionary (and smaller).
    - Support for VGA devices.



  25. Free


    PocketReperion is Windows Mobile Software that brings you instant live GPS Tracking in Google Earth, Virtual Earth and Google Maps.
    The client can upload your GPS positions to our server every 10 seconds or more. You can configure the minimal distance that you should move before an update is sent. The client is also capable of storing the positions offline, so you can upload them at a later time when you have a cheap internet connection. Updates are really small, 100 bytes on average.

    You can upload audio, video, and pictures to your live Google Earth track from your PDA, so people can watch the action in Google Earh "tv channels"Free i-SMS (1024 characters), waypoint/buddy navigation, geo-fencing, email alert, PDA maps, GPS tracking, GeoBlogging.. the ultimate enterntainment tool for connected PDA's

    - GPS Realtime tracking from your PDA
    - upload GPS position, audio, video, pictures
    - results live in Google Earth,Virtual Earth
    - KML composer (create specific Geo-Blogs)
    - send/receive 1024 character free i-SMS
    - set geofences, get alerts
    - offline logging possible
    - many more features



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