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TESTING: This is a huge library of Smartphone freeware provided by our friends at Smartphone-Freeware.com!

492 files

  1. Free

    Shadow of Legend v0.3.0.0

    Shadow of Legend is the world's first 2D mmorpg that realizes the simultaneous game play and interaction for both PC and mobile devices in the same world.

    Shadow of Legend is the world's first High-Performance, Cross-Platform 2D MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) targeting mobile devices. Players assume the roles of world heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest across the vast world of Agnes. Shadow of Legend allows thousands of players, whether they are on their PC or on their mobile device, to simultaneously interact with each other in the same world. Whether the players adventure together or battle one another for power and glory, the players can expect all the best features of an MMORPG to play seamlessly in the palm of their hand. Free to download and free to play.



  2. Free

    Women's Latest Cosmetic Surgery (WMV) 1

    Find out what is the latest cosmetic surgery for women. You will be surprised!



  3. Free

    PocketTV Classic (free) - MPEG Movie Player


    Go to www.pockettv.com/encoding.html to find the best tools for making your own MPEGs!
    If you have a website with great MPEG's for PocketTV, let us know!
    Update Description: Added support for WM5, WM6 and QVGA. Fixed fullscreen problem on Qtek 8010. Added support for SPV C500. Major performance improvement when video is scaled. Added fullscreen scaling. Fixed nag-screen issue. Improved support for Motorola MPx200 and Samsung i600. Can now save and email JPEG images from the movie. Added support for Smartphone 2003. Solved installation problem on Mitac Mio 8380. Fixed registration problem on the Arabic i-Mate Smartphone. Fixed problem when incoming call arrives while playing in Fullscreen mode.



  4. Free

    US Supreme Court Pocket Directory Smartphone Database

    Get to know the US Supreme Court Justices...
    Town Compass® presents the US Supreme Court Pocket Directory™ Database.
    The United States Supreme Court is the highest court in the US, and may exercise the power of judicial review and the power to declare federal or state laws (and actions of federal and state executives) unconstitutional. The decisions of the Supreme Court may not be appealed to any other body in the US. The US Supreme Court Pocket Directory Database includes information on previous and current Supreme Court Justices.
    The Database contains:
    Updated 1/31/06, now includes newest confirmed appointment Associate Justice Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr.
    US Supreme Court, including the current 9 Justices, each with: Photo
    Term of Service
    Presidential Appointment

    Supreme Court Contact Info, including Public Information Office, Visitor Information Line, and Opinion Announcements
    Supreme Court History, including all 17 Chief Justices listed alphabetically and chronologically as well as all 98 Associate Justices listed alphabetically and chronologically, each with:

    Term of Service
    Presidential Appointment

    Use the US Supreme Court Pocket Directory™ Database to learn more about some of the most important legal minds in US history!



  5. Free

    IMSMS v1.0.300

    IMSMS is an Instant Messaging SMS chat application. It is essentially an Instant Messaging tool that simulates threading of incoming and outgoing SMS messages on your Smartphone and PPC Windows Mobile device. What it does is simulate Instant Messaging using SMS. It was originally designed for the HTC 620/Tmobile Dash (a wonderful design of a phone btw!) and is fast and easy to use! Here are a few highlights of what IMSMS can do (see online tutorial for more features)

    You must archive and DELETE ALL YOUR CHAT LOGS when installing the performance enhanced version of IMSMS - any verson BEFORE (Version 1.0.210) ONLY - Any version AFTER 1.0.210 you do not need to perform this procedure

    * Smartphone Edition (Windows Mobile 6):
    Download Smartphone Version 1.0.300 *skins support
    - TMobile Dash, Moto Q, and others users

    *** Motorola Q9h ONLY SMARTPHONE(Windows Mobile 6):
    Download Moto Q9h Edition Version 1.0.300 *skins support

    *** Motorola Q ONLY SMARTPHONE (Windows Mobile 5):
    Download Moto Q Edition Version 1.0.300 *skins support


    ** POCKET PC PRO EDITION ONLY (Windows Mobile 6):
    Download PPC PRO Version 1.0.300 *skins support



  6. Free

    TUBE 2 Engine for Smartphone OS

    Save hours by automatically having the quickest routes to hand, with all the details you need including line changes, platform directions and accurate journey times.

    No more confusion on your trips, route details include, direction of travel, end of line, towards information, and number of stops in each segment.

    Select advanced journey options such as quickest journey, fewest stops, avoid lines and quickly display return journey details.

    This is the free Tube 2 engine for Smartphone OS, all the maps for Tube 2 can be viewed or purchased using the link below.

    Intuitive Routing

    New point and select intuitive interface enables quick graphical selections of points of interest.

    Navigation Window

    Navigational thumbnail window ensures that you can find your way around any map with ease.

    Complete Route Planning

    Simple and informative route planning provides you with everything you need to plan a journey.
    You can select advanced journey options such as quickest journey, fewest stops & avoid lines.

    Inter Map Links

    On Pro versions you can select a station and use the link button to jump to that location on the street map.

    New Enhanced Animation

    Route indicator now displays the colour code of the line your travelling on.

    Hi-Res / QVGA Windows Mobile 5.0 devices supported.
    List full details of the routes and see the journey come alive with a superb animated display of the journey tracking around the system map.

    Route indicator now displays the colour code of the line your travelling on.New point and select intuitive interface enables quick graphical selections of points of interest.

    Faster map load and auto-load last map option. Preferences are now stored per map so when re-opening a map your last position, start and end stations etc are all restored.

    Get the big picture and see exactly where you are in the thumbnail map navigation window.

    Enhanced information feature, including quick pop-up information & expanded search options.

    Hundreds of places of interest easily searched by categories such as, Sights of Interest, Theatres, Parks, Shops and Markets, and Museums, all showing closest station available.

    Storage card install, Hi-Res / QVGA & landscape devices all supported.

    Quick Zoom In/Out feature.

    Maps are available for many of the worlds cities and many more are in development.

    Free 3 day demos of each of the maps are available.




  7. Free

    SmartToolkit 1.00-RC07

    SmartToolkit adds some sweet functions to your device, as well as a beautiful interface.

    A new Start Menu, which is more XP / Vista like is added, as well as a Clipboard function that allows you to Cut/Copy/Paste, activate 2P (Double Press) functionality as well as using the numeric keypad to navigate (acting like your D-Pad).

    A automatic keylock is included, with a great screensaver function that allows you to display analog clock or digital clock when the keys are locked. Also possible are shortcuts to STK functions (but also any program), which can be defined within the STK settings.

    The biggest update of SmartToolkit Interface with SmartToolkit RC07.

    RC07 Release is User Interface base release, this release is the first SmartToolkitversion which support the full skinning. Read the Skin Development Manual for moreinformation about how to create your own SmartToolkit Skins.

    Release File Type: CAB Installer
    Release File Packages:
    1. SmartToolkit Main Program
    2. White Phone (Skins)
    3. Lowercase-English for RC07 (Languages)
    4. Crystal Clear (Icon Set)
    5. Sample Plugin (Plugins)
    6. SmartToolkit Manual (Documentations)
    7. Changelog (Documentations)
    8. Language Development Note (Documentations)
    9. Plugins Development Manual (Documentations)
    10.Skins Development Manual (Documentations)

    How to Install:
    Copy file into your phone, and run the SmartToolkit-SP.cab to Install the SmartToolkit RC07.

    How to use the SmartToolkit:
    There is high quality SmartToolkit manual in forums, you can download it about 5MB. Or ead the phone HTML version in Start Menu -> SmartToolkit -> SmartToolkit Manual

    What's New:
    * Add Skins
    * Add 12 hours format for tray clock
    * Fix the keylock
    * Fix the joggr
    * Fix default skin coloring for WM2003
    * Enchance the Interface.
    * Port the popup menu into system menu (explorer)
    * Add image alignment in plugins script
    * Fix plugins getparam



  8. Free

    MINO Smart international call for Smart phone

    You can place a international call at dramatically lowest rate by Using MINO. Register on http://www.minowireless.com and Get 30 FREE minutes. Calling rate are from 2.2 cents for 40+ countries, 1.1 cents for calling between MINO users.



  9. Free

    TBexport contacts CSV

    Export WM6 contacts to comma separated file (csv). This application allows you to quickly export contacts from WM6 into a comma separated file (csv). This file can be used to easily import contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird 2 without modification or field matching. Provided as-is. Or used for any other .CSV reader !



  10. Free


    A very simple stopwatch with one timer. The product is free, and the source code is also available free of charge (see help file).



  11. Free

    VistaHide Battery Indicator

    A fullscreen gradient bar battery indicator that will stay behind any customized today theme. With it light weighted code and 12kb of memory this is the smallest battery indicator ever !



  12. Free

    QuickLauncher XPStation

    http://www.quicklaunchers.com/products/QuickLauncherXPS.jpg width="700" height="1000">



  13. Free


    Smartphone Homescreen Plugin to represent calendar entries at the today screen. It loads an XML file with predefined settings which could be configured manually too. For more information on the configuration options please visit the developer web site



  14. Free

    JOCA 3.01

    JOCA ist ein mit TV, Radio und Print Medien synchonisiertes Programm welches den Zugriff auf diverse Dienste und Services in einer sehr schA



  15. Free

    Pocket Hasami v1.0

    Pocket Hasami is a new freeware board game for your Smartphone.

    Hasami Shogi is a famous Japanese chess variant where you move your pieces like a rook in chess, and you capture one or more of your opponent



  16. Free


    http://www.galacticsphere.com/galacticsphere_desc.jpg width="700" height="1000">



  17. Free

    SmartToolkit v1.00 RC05

    SmartToolkit is all in one Windows Mobile Smartphone's tools application, with a lot of features like Start Menu, Clipboard, Plugins, My Schedules, and others usefull features.

    With it's rewrited code SmartToolkit performing dramatically fast in performance and stability of the program.

    I think anything in this version is new! User interfaceS. NEW features. NEW performance. more easy to use.

    More customizable. also support skin and multi language. multi animation. remap the hotkey. auto keylock with various screen saver. new plugins andthe plugin can be developed with only text editor. also language files easy to editoh and also newest feature is schedules. desk bar . desk menu. new clipboard functions new double press. newexplorer menu now is like windows vista. explorer support numeric, navigate, and search mode.

    just download and have a nice try.



  18. Free

    ALL-Explorer SPE Lite 2.6.10

    Explore ALL of your Smartphone.. For Free!
    Unleash the power of the Smartphone 2002 or 2003 OS by using ALL-locations' ALL-explorer SPE Lite. With ALL-explorer SPE Lite, you can take a look inside and see everything it has to offer. Manage the files and folders on your Smartphone just like you do on your desktop PC, anywhere, anytime.

    ALL-explorer SPE was the first available file explorer for Smartphone, and nowALL-Explorer SPE Lite is the first freeware file explorer for Smartphone that is even signed!This means it will run on every Smartphone, even if your Smartphone is software locked!

    The functionality of ALL-explorer SPE Lite includes: View Filesystem Cut, Copy and Paste Files Create Folders Delete Files Create shortcuts Single Click jump to a file based on first Character

    This software is not compatible with the Windows Mobile 5 operating system.



  19. Free

    Alarm Info today screen plugin

    Alarm Info is designed to give you the ability to see the system alarm status on the homescreen.  Being a standard homescreen plugin, you are able to scroll to it, click on it, and then set the alarm to the time desired.  The alarm information is all that is entered, so it is a fast and easy process to set the alarm.  Instructions on how to install the plugin are provided with the plugin.

    WM5 version included in zip file Uses theme colors to display alarm Quick and easy alarm setting by simply clicking on plugin Control of text and spacing provided in plugin setup



  20. Free

    ALL-Calculator Lite 1.1.0

    Enhance your Smartphone with this free calculator now!

    Ever tried to calculate the square root of 2 on your Smartphone? Now you can with ALL-Calculator Lite! Using ALL-Calculator Lite, it is not necessary anymore to take a separate calculator with you, just change your Smartphone into a calculator by using ALL-Calculator Lite!

    ALL-Calculator Lite can be used on every Smartphone 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone.

    This software is not compatible with the Windows Mobile 5 operating system.



  21. Free

    3D Menu

    3D Menu makes the default menu of your smartphone into neat looking 3D one.

    After the 3d menu is installed you have to take out the batery from the phone for 30 seconds as the phone will not boot for some reason ( why i do not know ) but by removing the battery the problem is solved and the phone will boot up normally , you will also have the homescreen which will give you the option to switch from 2d to 3d but if you do not like that the switch application can be found in the menu under applications ( in the 3d menu )

    3d menu ( an automated version which you copy and the phone will install it automaticly ) simply copy the extracted 2577 folder to your sd card and reboot the phone or remove and reinsert the sd card for it to install.



  22. Free

    Dealexec Shopping Assistant 2.0

    Stuck in a long meeting? Alone on a boat? Riding a train for days? Addicted to deal shopping? Dealexec Shopping Assistant Is your first choice.
    This is important. We strongly suggest you get a reasonable data plan, since every sync might take up to 100K. Most of the wireless carriers have unlimited smartphone data plans within $20-25 range. Author of this software cannot be considered liable for any of the data charges related or not to the usage of the software provided.
    Dealexec Shopping Assistant is built on success of Ben's Pocket Bargains and uses proven RSS 1/2 technology to deliver deal information straight to your phone. Thus, being stuck in a long meeting you can check the new deals out. Four popular deal channels are used - Ben's Bargains, Techbargains, Fatwallet Deals and Slickdeals.
    Install the app on your mobile unit, start it up, select "Menu:Sync", and all the various items from the most popular shopping channels will get loaded onto your device. Hitting the "Action" menu will open a browser window for the corresponding channel item up.



  23. Free

    File Explorer v1.0

    With the File Explorer application you can browse through the contents of your system, and even copy, cut, paste, and delete files, just like the explorer in desktop Windows!

    Additional Information: Do not install this program if your device already has a File Explorer pre-installed, as it may cause the original version to not work correctly once this one has been removed. This is for SmartPhones that have no File Explorer.



  24. Free

    SplashBlog for Smartphone 2.01

    SplashBlog lets you instantly publish photos from your camera phone to an online photo blog to share with others. SplashBlog includes everything you need to share your photos, including software for your wireless device an online photoblog account at splashblog.com. Just install the FREE software on your PDA or smartphone, create your free splashblog.com account and start photoblogging!

    Capture an image on your camera phone

    Edit the details and publish to your online photoblog
    Subscribe to others' blogs and view comments in the gallery
    Add photos from an external memory card
    Your photos are synchronized with the photoblog server, where they can be viewed in any web browser on a PC. In addition, handheld users can subscribe to your photoblog and view your photos on their handheld with SplashBlog.



  25. Free

    Elixir Blackjack/MotoQ Theme

    Its a theme for any 320*240 Phones. It will run on Windows Mobile 5. I did not try it on WM6 yet. To install it unzip the files. Then copy it to yours phone's Mobile Device>Application Data>Home directory. Then go to Setting>Display>Home Screen and change it to Elixir, Elixir2 or Elixir3.

    Elixir or eternal life started as a website design concept but never got around doing it so i decided to make it into skins/themes. I did this one and wallpaper and Meizu skin.



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