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Just a bit of a collage of Mac OsX backgrounds & icons etc gleaned from the web, and resized for smartphones, with a bit of mac style shadowing on some of the text!! 8)

2 xml versions will install with the CAB file, both use the same layout, but version B has the default calendar plugin, while the main version uses the scrolling appointments plugin by sullivanpt (available HERE). Also uses RJshortcuts plugin (available HERE), DrFonz's smartmonitor plugin (available HERE), Oxios tasks plugin (available HERE), and the media player plugin (available HERE).

This version is currently for C500/e200 only, as it uses the e200 Orange plugin quite extensively for the side scrolling shortcut tabs in the middle, and the weblinks.

I have attatched an Xbar skin to match the theme, and I'm currently working on an SMS-Notify skin too, which I'll add once I get it sorted!

I think thats it really - as usual just install all the necessary <a href=http://www.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=714><a href=http://www.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=714>plugins</a></a>, then install the CAB file, and it should be fine.

Enjoy! ;)

** EDIT: I have released a version of this theme for non-orange phones/2002 devices. The CAB file is in the 1st post of the discussion thread! ;)


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