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calcPad - the new Business-Calculator for your Pocket PC!

Keep track of your calculations by simple structures.


calcPad features the possibility to include annotations into a calculation for the sake of clarity.

Its virtual paper tape allows to scroll up and down the calculation to edit it - Correct results will be shown immediately!


Scroll up and down through the virtual paper tape of your calculation and update individual positions or change typos - calcPad corrects the result immediately.


Annotate single positions and summarize your calculation in paragraphs with words and sentences.


Save your recurrent calculations as patterns. Simply change the figures of a saved calculation with current numbers.

Try calcPad for 30 days without any constraints until a commercial license is needed.

Visit www.calcpad.de for further information.

Version 1.6

  • new option: thousand separator

    Version 1.5:

    • calculation of percentage with display option for instant numerical values
    • decimal places adjustable for highest accuracy
    • free selectable indeture for more room for annotations
    • detailed preview for the options (e.g. font size)
    • clicksound
    • selectable menu languages (English, France, German)

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