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This small, but handy application will force maximum screen light to low (dimmed) level while its running, which is much more comfortable to the eyes for indoor environments. Screen off timeout will still apply.

It's intended not for every WM5-smartphone, but for HTC Tornado-based smartphones, and lookalikes. Should work with QTek 8310, QTek 8300, Cingular 2125, Orange C600, etc. It *may* work with non-Tornado-based devices, but no warranties as it uses some Tornado-specific stuff to control light level.

Keep in mind, that it should be "lurking in background" to be in effect. If you will exit from it or unload it via task manager, it will revert light management to default (bright-timeout-dim).

Also keep in mind that you should application-unlock your phone to use it, since it need system-privileged access. Otherwise it will give you an error.

I know that a lot of "full aplication unlock" recipies/apps out there do not fully unlock all needed system access. The simpliest recipie for full unlock (and keeping some security) is:

to HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies

add new value "0000101b": dword = 1

That would set security model to "one-tier" - unsigned applications/components will still ask for confirmation, but after you confirm, they will launch in full-trust access mode, like on WM5 PocketPCs.

This application is freeware, but if you find it useful, you can show your gratitude by donating to author: x-click-but21.gif

* Changelog *

Version 1.02

- Added the command line switch "-t". With this switch if LowLight is already was running, it will be closed and backlight restored to normal. If LowLight was not running this switch will have no effect - so it can be used to flip/flop between dim and normal backlight.

Version 1.01

- Added the command line switch "-m". If you start program with that switch, LowLight will minimize/hide immediately after launch. Still, remember that it have to be actually running in background to keep maximum light level low.

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