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CeleTask 1.7!

I. Introduction

CeleTask is a powerful task management tool for Smartphone.

II. Feature

1. Task Management: Include terminate task, switch task, and view window properties.

2. Process Management: Include terminate process, and view process sproperties.

3. View power status: Include left time, voltage, current, temperature, and so on.

4. View storage status: Include global memory, object store, and flash card information.

5. Create "Close All Task" shortcut on Start Menu. With Speed Dial, you call close all task by one touch

6. Replace right button on home screen, so you can launch CeleTask quickly.

7. All of above, Only 31 KB!

III. Hot Key

1. * Close All

2. # Toogle Task/Process View

3. Action Goto

4. Left Power

5. Right Storage

6. Back Exit

7. Num Goto Item

IV. Notes

1. When you close task, CeleTask will send WM_CLOSE message to target window, to close task safely. If the target window is no response to WM_CLOSE, CeleTask will close the task forcibly.

2. When you close process, CeleTask will NOT give any warning. Be sure that you want to terminate process before you do that.

3. Some information about power status are not exact on some machine.

4. Select Help -> Show System App, you can view all system task and process.

5. After create or remove shortcut, you may need to restart system.

V. Histroy

Please see Chinese Readme for more histroy information.

VI. Contacts

Any problem or opinion, contact me, please.

QQ: 123018

MSN: [email protected]

Mail: [email protected]j.com

Web: HTTP://WWW.Yonsm.NET

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