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About This File

Utilitarian clock, alarm and short timer plugin you will find usefull if you use phone as a watch. It displays time in big readable digits - and uses place on side for everything else.


1. Displays time, date and day of week. You can change date format in home screen XML.

2. Displays system alarm time.

3. Action(click) runs external application to set alarm. By default it is set to Oxios Alarms. To change it to another application (there are some freeware alarms), edit this XML line

<action run-app="/Storage/Program Files/Oxios/Alarms/Alarms.exe"/>

Note: the application must set system alarm, not custom one.

4. Press right once to note a time. Time will be remembered in lower-right corner.

5. Press right and left to set short timer in minutes. Plugin will play sound when timer runs off.

6. Change size, fonts and colors with home screen XML.

CAB installer includes 3 example homescreens - 'ImaClock', 'ImaClock(white)' and 'ImaClock(blue)'. 'ImaClock' naturally looks the best. You can customize one of those homescreens or copy plugin code (it's marked with comment) to your own.


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