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GTA: San Andreas

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About This File


- Cab installer compatible with both Smartphone 2002 and 2003 (New!)

- Smartphone 2003 cab installer for SD card installation

- Utilises the RJTime plugin from RemyJ's Smartphone Site

- Standard plugins used: icon bar, all day event, calendar, sms count, missed calls, profile

- 2 different layouts: analogue clock and digital clock

- 9 backgrounds per layout

- Custom startup and shutdown screens (New!)

- All system screens customised (New!)

Plugin(s) Required

- RJTime


After I saw a request for this, I decided to actually make the home screen I had been considering since GTA:SA came out.

I designed the graphics using artwork available on the web and put it all together using GIMP 2. I used RemyJ's RJTime plugin to display the digital and analogue clocks as well as giving more control of the way that the date displays. The RJTime plugin is linked to the Tasks application as an action.

I added the all day event, calendar and sms count plugins to give a good amount of information without going into overload. The final plugin in the normal view is the profile plugin.

I mentioned above that this home screen also shows the missed call plugin. The way that I achieved that was to have the missed calls replace the profile when is becomes active (i.e. when a call is missed) and have the profile reappear once the call history has been viewed.

There are downloads for main storage installation which supports Smartphone 2002 and 2003 as well as a version for which installs on the SD card which is compatible with Smartphone 2003 (Mounted Volume). I have tested both versions on my unlocked MPx200 running 2003.


Version 2.0 of the home screen now includes the following updates:

- Custom startup and shutdown screens replacing both MS and Carrier screens

- Replacement for all Windows default system screens

- Single 2002/2003 download for main storage installation

- Some other minor fixes and color changes

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