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About This File

Send Free SMS messages via GPRS

SMSClient 0.2

What is it?

This software enables the user to send free sms messages via gprs or passthrough connection via activesync. There are 3 parts to the program, the server(GenieServer.jar), the client(SMSClient.jad/jar) and the great http://www.genietexter.co.uk/

How to Use

* First make sure you have Java on your computer, you can get the latest version from:  http://public.planetmirror.com/pub/java-su...i586-p-iftw.exe

* Be sure you can send/receiver a text message with GenieTexter

* Put "GenieServer.jar" in the same folder as "GenieTexter.exe"

* Start up the "GenieServer.jar"

* Install SMSClient on your phone (SMSClient.jad/SMSClient.jar)

* Pick a connection:

* Sync is for when you are connected to your computer via activesync (USB/bluetooth)

* Local is for when you are running in a javaphone emulator (Testing Purposes)

* IP is to connect to your computer over GPRS, just input your ip address in the box provided

* Press 'OK' and accept the security message about connecting

* You can import your contacts from GenieTexter by clicking 'Menu' and 'Get Contacts'

* To add a new contact, click 'Menu' and select 'New Contact'

* Input a the Name and Number and click 'Add'

* To select a contact to text, click 'Menu' and select 'Contacts'

* Highlight a contact and click 'Select'

* Type your message in the Message box

* To send your message, click 'Menu' and then 'Send'


* Status says "Connected to computer, please wait...." forever

- Make sure you are running the server program on your desktop

* It says the connection has timed out

-Make sure your ip address is correct, enable/forward port 2004 on your router if you have one.


* 0.2

- Added ability to import contacts from GenieTexer address book. (Thanks steeev for the idea)


Important Information

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