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"Endless Ultimate" multiple homescreens

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About This File

"ENDLESS ULTIMATE" multiple combination homescreen

Following on from my "Endless" homescreen, this new homescreen uses the "PhoneAlarm" plugin to replace the iconbar and deliver one packed with functionality:-

- Activate/De-Activate Wifi

- Turn on/off Phone Sounds

- SMS Alerts/Load SMS Inbox

- Missed Call Alert/Load Missed Calls list

- Voicemail Alert/Call Voicemail

- Email Alert/Load Email Inbox

(All Alerts have a repeat functionality so you'll never miss that important Message)

- Switch Profiles (with automatic Profile Switch functionality)

- Switch Tasks or Close unwanted programs

- Activate/De-Activate GPRS connection

- Activate/De-Activate Bluetooth

(Bluetooth Headset Icon will be displayed in front of Bluetooth icon if a BT headset is in use)

For more info on phoneAlarm visit http://www.pocketmax.net/phoneAlarmSP.html

For VOX users, this works well with the Portrait/Landscape Switching.

As with my previous "Endless" homescreen, I've included 5 different homescreens:-

- EndlessUltimate: (Default) - which contains the large SmartMonitor icons

- EndlessUltimate: (Fizz) - requires Fizz Weather plugin and uses smaller SmartMonitor icons

- EndlessUltimate: (Live) - requires Windows Live and uses smaller SmartMonitor icons

- EndlessUltimate: (Facade) - requires Facade, and can be fully customized within "Facade settings"

- EndlessUltimate: (Custom) - contains all the above plugins so you can edit/remove/change order if you wish

and 3 color schemes:-

- Endless: Dark Blue

- Endless: Light Blue

- Endless: Purple Color

Also included is a number of different background images (320x320 pixel size) that can be used with the homescreen.

All the above can be used together to create an "endless" amount of different homescreen combinations

Installation instructions:-

1. Unzip EndlessUltimate.zip to your PC

2. Copy cab files to \Storage Card\My Documents on your device via ActiveSync

3. Open "File Explorer" on your device

4. Install "PhoneAlarm" plugin to your phone (not Storage Card)

(trial version v1.10.1 - 30 day free trial before registration is required

Visit http://www.pocketmax.net/phoneAlarmSP.html for later versions

5. Install "SmartMonitor.cab" plugin to your device

6. Install "EndlessUltimate.cab" homescreen pack to your device

7. Extract "EndlessBackgrounds.zip" on your PC, then copy background images to "\Storage Card\My Documents" or "\My Documents" on your device

8. Select required homescreen from Start > Settings > Homescreen

9. Select the required "Iconbar" skin from Start > PhoneAlarm Settings > Display Settings



Disclaimer: This homescreen has been designed and tested on an SPV E650 (HTC VOX) and should work with any Windows Mobile 5 or 6 QVGA Smartphone.

I'm afraid I will not accept liability for any problems that arise from installing this homescreen on your device.

You install this homescreen at your own risk.

Version History:


EndlessUltimateV0.45a.CAB - Fixed missing "Light Blue Icon bar" background

EndlessUltimateV0.45b.CAB - Included a transparent "Clear" iconbar (The display currently distorts on the last 80 pixels on the VOX Landscape switch)

EndlessUltimateV0.45c.CAB - For VOX Landscape users, the Signal, Battery and Memory Icons now replace the text

What's New in Version   See changelog


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