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Kaiser Notifications (for HTC Tytn II*)

Version 2.02

* This should also work on the HTC Touch Cruise, please let me know if you try it and it works okay. Works with Windows Mobile 6.1 and the .NET compact frame 2.0 or 3.5.

Version 2.02 - Fixes an error relating to date time parsing when using certain cooked ROMs. If you do not have this problem no need to upgrade.

Whats new in version 2.0?

Audio and vibrate reminder alerts for new items

Version 2 now allows you to add audio and vibrate reminder alerts for unread items. Most mobile phones do this and I started to miss this on the Kaiser. Mobile phones will intermitently beep/vibrate if you have new items but haven't seen them, whereas Windows Mobile generally sounds once when the item arrives but gives no additional sounds after that and leaves it to a flashing LED to get your attention. With this version your Kaiser will play a wav file of your choice and/or vibrate every so many minutes for new items.

To avoid battery drain and annoying those around you in your absence, the phone will increase the time span between reminders, the default is: Item arrives, phone alerts as normal. If after 5 minutes you haven't read the message, it will play the selected wav file and/or vibrate. If the message still goes unread it will then alert again after waiting for 10 minutes, then it will alert after a wait of 15 minutes, then 20 minutes, all the way up to 60 minutes, where it will then alert every hour. These settings are configurable.

Off schedule

You can now set a period where the Kaiser Notification program should not interupt you, typically this would be used for overnight. LEDs stop flashing, and no alerts are played for unread items. You can also select to turn the mobile phone off during this period which is great for saving battery power and knowing you are not going to be woken by a ringing phone.

What's fixed?

When roaming onto networks the LED will now flash normally.

What's still broken?

I've had no joy finding out how to flash the LED amber. You may still select amber as an option, however it will flash green. Hopefully I will get to the bottom of this soon.

As per a few requests I have not been able to adjust the flash rates for the LED, or have them light static while charging.

Installation Instructions

The program must be installed on 'Device' to work, it currently does not work if installed on storage card.

1) Copy the cab file to the device and run it. Install to device and not a storage card. If you have the first version it will be removed automatically.

2) From Programs click the new icon for 'Kaiser Notfication Setup'.

3) On first running the setup program the LEDs will automatically be set to the pre-defined defaults, change as required. Set up a schedule and reminder alerts as required.

A link is placed in the Windows/Startup folder during install that will ensure the tiny program that controls the LEDs is loaded automatically when the Kaiser is soft reset or turned off and back on.


Use Remove Programs to uninstall. After uninstall a soft reset is necessary to get the LEDs flashing as per the original HTC settings.

Other Information

Once this program is installed the LED will not light steady during a charge. This functionality will of course be restored after uninstalling.

Wi-Fi isn't indicated with this program as the device needs to be on to have Wi-Fi enabled anyway so you can see the connectoin status on the display.

Scheduling Mobile Phone to Turn On

(Update: On Windows Mobile 6.1 ROMs with Radio version this is no longer an issue) If you set a schedule and select to turn the mobile phone on at the end of the scheduled period, please note the Kaiser will come fully on before timing out and going back to standby. This behaviour I can not change and is triggered by the radio chip. Please be careful if using this as option as when the phone turns on it could be subject to accidental button presses, and of course I can not be responsible for any charges you may incur if the phone accidently dials out.

Alert/vibrate reminders

The alert/vibrate reminder is silenced as soon as you read one or more unread items. You do not need to read all unread items to silence the alert/vibrate reminder. The idea of the reminder is to get you back to look at your phone for new items that have arrived but you have missed, once you read a single item the reminders are cancelled as it has done it's job of getting your attention. Should any new items arrive afterwards, the alerts will start again.

Sound files

You may select any wav file for the alert sound. Only wav files that are in the Windows folder are supported. You may of course add a wav to the Windows folder to use your own sound.

Any problems let me know in the support forum. Enjoy.

What's New in Version 05/03/2008 08:42 PM   See changelog


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