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Palringo for Pocket PC (Professional) / Smartphone (Standard) CAB Install

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About This File

Palringo is an Instant Messaging program with push-to-talk functionality that runs on Windows Mobile phones, Symbian phones, and PCs. Palringo allows you to instantly exchange text, photos and vocal IMs with an individual contact or even a group.

The multiple platform support enables you to stay in touch with your contacts whether you are working at your PC or on the go with your mobile phone. Further, Palringo also lets you send photos, vocal messages and exchange text IMs with other IM systems such as AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, and more. Thus, its excellent IM interoperability ensures you can at least IM other popular IM programs. Signing into any one of these is a synch; you simply "Add Service" from the main menu, pick your desired protocol and enter your log-in credentials, it's that simple!

One of the coolest feature is the push-to-talk (PTT) feature, which lets you instantly VoIP your buddies like a walkie-talkie. Palringo supports IRC-like chat rooms known as "Groups" in which users can share photos, meet-and-greet new friends and converse about a shared interest. It's easy to create and join groups, and the groups you've joined stay in your groups list so you can remember and access them anywhere from your mobile phone, desktop PC or read group history/view photos on Palringo.com.

Sending a voice or image message is easy, you simply tap to the relevant tab and either tap the "Push to Talk" or "Capture Photo" button. The latter will switch to your phones camera application and let you take a quick snap to send to your contact list; this sort of integration makes chatting to friends and showing them things extremely easy and an awful lot cheaper and more efficient than video calling. Sent photos will pop up on your friends' screens as photo messages and can be opened on demand or viewed via the Palringo website later.

In a nutshell, albeit a large one, Palringo is a chat, instant messaging, voice and photo sharing application which allows it to save all of your conversation history, photos and voice messages for you to access anywhere in the world and anytime.

Oh, and it's FREE!

This is a CAB installer, for installing directly onto your device.

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