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Windows Mobile 6.1 Blue for Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition

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About This File

Here is a theme based on the boot splash screen for Windows Mobile 6.1 and a matching HTC Home-like plug-in for Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition devices only! Note that this looks like the HTC Home plugin for WM6 devices, but it is not - clicking on the lower tabs merely changes the launcher and does not give you favourites, weather etc. Furthermore, screen rotation, while supported, is not stretched across the full width for these plugins. Please click on the screenshot above to see what I mean.

It is made up of the following freeware plug-ins which you will need to install first. They may be downloaded elsewhere:

1) Nakka tdClock

2) rlToday (for optional missed call alert plug-in)

3) cai systems cLaunch

To skin the task bars you will also need

4) WisBar Advance v2.x

The rar file contains:

1) Blue 6.1 tsk file

2) Wisbar Advance v2.x Windows Mobile 6 Blue skin

3) tdClock HTC Home skin (for clock)

4) rlToday skin (for missed call alert)

5) cLaunch skin (for launcher)

Unrar the archive, then:

1) Connect your device to your desktop by ActiveSync and explore it.

2) Transfer all the unrar'd files and folders the My Documents folder of your Pocket PC, except the rlToday folder which should be transferred to the Program Files folder.

3) Apply the Windows Mobile 6.1 Blue skin (Start>Settings>Personal>Today>Appearance).

4) Apply the Wisbar Advance skin (Start>Programs>Wisbar Advance>Theme>Use a Theme File): \My Documents\Wisbar Advance v1.x\Windows Mobile 6 BlueWindows Mobile 6 Blue.skn

4) Apply the tdClock skin (Start>Settings>Personal>Today>Items>tdClock>Options): height: 90; number bitmap: \My Documents\tdclock\HTC Home.bmp; Background bitmap: \My Documents\tdClock\HTC Home Numbers.bmp; Show date: Date format: dddd [space] dd/MM/yy; Position 8 x 6

5) Apply the rlToday skin (Start>Settings>Personal>Today>Items>rlToday>Options): Skin: HTC Home

6) Apply the cLaunch skin (Start>Settings>Personal>Today>Items>cLaunch>Options): Options>Main delete the names of all the tabs and tick five of them; Options>System cLaunch height 90, tick menu bar enable, untick all others; Options>Tab Tab set to fixed width, tab width 38; For each of the tabs click on Settings>Icon Icon size:32, untick icon name enable and name at bottom; Settings>Margin horzontal 7, vertical 1, left 4, right 1, top 28, bottom 1; Settings>Skin Background bitmap: \My Documents\cLaunch\HTC Touch 1.bmp (for first, 2 for second, 3 for third and so on)



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