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v1.2.0.4 BETA

Lost your phone? It has been stolen? Worried about one of your family members?

- Send SMS with a predefine code to the lost/stolen phone or your family member that have SmartphoneTracker installed.

- SmartphoneTracker then wakes up connect to the GPS and receives current coordinate.These coordinates are the formatted to Google Maps format and send by email and/or SMS back to you.

Sample Email:



* Remote operation by SMS Code

* Send location by SMS/Email

* Background Mode

* Google, Yahoo and WindowsLive Maps format support

* SIM replacement detection and notification

User Manual

Basic Setup

After installing the Smartphone Tracker:

In the "Main View":

1. Make sure the "Enable Tracking" is check.

2. Define your "SMS Code". When an SMS containing the code is received, SmartphoneTracker wakes up and send the GPS coordinates.

3. Check the "Email" checkbox to receive GPS Coordinates by email. Choose the email account and fill the "Address". The email with the coordinates will be sent to this email address using the chosen email account.

4. Check the "SMS" checkbox to receive GPS Coordinates by SMS. The SMS will be send to phone "Number". A notification of SIM Card change will be also send to this phone number.

5. Press "Menu -> Save Changes".

At this point Smartphone Tracker is set and ready.You can Exit it.

When your phone will receive a SMS with the defined "SMS Code", Smartphone Tracker will automatically wakeup and send email or/and SMS with the GPS coordinates.

Advanced Setup

In the "Settings View":

1. "Map Template" - Select email map template - GoogleMaps, Yahoo Maps and WindowsLive Maps.

2. If the "Use simple template for SMS" is checked the SMS template is: latitude N/S, longitude E/W. Otherwise it will be the same as the Email template.

3. "Force immediate send/receive" - Send the GPS coordinate Email immediately instead of letting the predefine email account to send it. If not check email Email response may not be immediate.

4. "Background Mode" - In this mode the SmartphoneTracker is hidden when operates remotely by SMS.

5. "Notify SIM replaced" - when checked Smartphone Tracker will notify by SMS when a SIM card is replaced. Make sure to define the SMS number in the "Main" tab

5. Press "Menu -> Save Changes".


1. Open SmartPhoneTracker.

2. unckeck the Notify SIM Replaced in the Settings View.

3. Menu -> Save Changes.

4. Menu -> Exit.

5. On your device, Start->Settings->System->Remove Programs.

6. Select the SmartPhoneTracker and press the Remove Button.

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