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Yet another unit converter program.

Handyconverter is a really precise English Imperial/Metric converter. Has nine different types:

Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Force, Pressure, Energy, Power, Temperature.

Has a total of 101 different units to convert both ways.

Its not a graphical master piece, its simple and fast. That's it.

NOTE: I have not added Rankine due to confusion, i found three different sites saying three different ways to convert from Rankine and to Rankine, so if someone could give me the correct way, i'll gladly add it. I have not added mileage conversion yet, due to the same reason as with Rankine, so if you know the correct way, drop me a note at [email protected]


0.2 BETA

Removed the 'types menu' and added a 'types' combobox.

Changed the layout.

Hopefully fixed the mapping problems.

Some minor spellings fixed ;)

0.1 BETA

First release.


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