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File Name :: Angelina Jolie

Author :: namiran

Category :: People

Description ::













My first real Skin :) Im thinking about making a extended version with her voice too so let me know if you'd like that :D But you can let me know if you liked this one too :lol: Well...im off to make a Kenshin skin...

Updated Tue, Jan 25 2005 4:34 pm

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im sorry but i dont know if the plugins work for the e200...maybe you should look around for other e200 compatible plugins..

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since i seem to be first to vote, i suppose i should comment.

Firstly i love angelina, big fan.

Colour scheme, mostly nice. although the programs list is hard to read as the selected line is white and the background is white. Also Progress bar forground and background colours are .. COLOR_HIGLIGHT and COLOR_BTNFACE, which ThemeChanger tells me you have set to the same colour, so Progress bars won't show with your theme, for example in Sprite Backup. But i like the dark colours theme, such as used by smoothscreen and Alien Invention 2.

Grafix, the pictures are nice, but they all appear to be been scaled, appearing squashed in the x direction, grrr! Main background, like it, as with the prograns list. Volume: very fuzzy. Contacts, nice images, but, on my e200 i have icons/info over the image on the right. Warning: i'm a fan of this image, but i think the brightness needs to be increased, as its a bit dark, especially with the dark writing.

Other notes: not a fan of the X used for the currently selected applicaiton on the home screen, but thats just my personal opion

I have said quite a few negitive things, but they are all small things that could be easly corrected, in summary i like it, and would love to see a version 2 with some corrections, perhaps a couple new home screen backgrounds. I look forward to seeing your next creation.


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sorry guys, i completely forgot about this creation :oops: i use the scheme and the homescreen myself cuz it feels like it is more usable then most other screens i've seen around, and then again, i maid the skin to satisfy those needs...

but im gratefull for the critics, both positive and negative. I'll try to get to the next skin as soon as i get some spare time :)

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